Saturday, February 28, 2009

America's Unknown Martyrs-Sacrificed for Refusing to Deny Jesus

"I CANNOT deny Jesus...I am a Christian!"
by Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Christian perspective-

America is stained with the blood of the unknown Christian martyrs.The government censored news media will never admit to you what satanic crime investigators, good police officers, former CIA and FBI, professional therapists and counselors and former satanists ALL know. Innocent victims are dying across America at the rate of into the upper hundreds of thousands of victims murdered through satanic/cult rituals.

And many of those victims are CHRISTIANS, abducted BECAUSE they were Christians, and murdered for this same reason. Satan HATES Jesus Christ and he hates His people, the Christians of the world. And satanists/Illumnati know this also. Therefore satan's lapdogs are always on the prowl seeking to abduct Christians for human sacrifice.

I can never forget the moving account given to me by Paula, a woman whose family raised her into satanism in the mountains of North Carolina. Her therapist and counselor, Sharon Syputa, brought Paula one day to me to interview for my reporting. Paula revealed much to me about the inner workings of the satanists in the mountains of NC, notably the ASHEVILLE, NC, area.

Paula could never forget any of her experiences watching as abducted victims were tortured to death and finally killed. But the experience she remembers the most is centered around another America martyr for Jesus, a young Christian woman they abducted one day.

"My father drove the satanist van they used for abducting victims. In the back was our abduction team. I was sitting in the front with my father, to help him appear innocent and non-threatening. It was almost dark outside, as we drove along a country road. But suddenly, my father noticed a woman walking along side the road. It was that Christian woman the satanists here hated, a person who would always pray against the satanists in her church. Our van pulled up quickly next to her, and our men jumped out and abducted her. They used duct tape to bind her hands and feet, shut her mouth, and injected her with a knock-out drug. My father then drove the van to the satanist caverns of the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee."

The satanist caverns of the Smoky Mountains in TN are well documented in the world of satanic crime investigation. Also called a grotto, such locations are used for major sacrifice events. This one even boasted a video recording camera installed in the walls, to record acts of human sacrifice which were then quickly turned into pornographic snuff films and sold on the black markets.

Paula continued. "I watched as they unloaded her and took off her clothes, and chained her to the satanist altar in the cave. She came out from the effects of the drug. They told her, "Look: if you will get RID of Jesus Christ, worship satan and work for US, we will let you live! You can keep pretending to be a Christian, go to church, but help us infiltrate and recruit and work for us. And if you will NOT get rid of JESUS, we will KILL YOU!"

"All I heard her say was, 'I CANNOT DENY JESUS CHRIST.' And then, I watched as they started to torture her. They did things like drive a rod through her head...I heard her groan...but never did she deny Jesus. Finally, they took a handgun, inserted up her vagina, and pulled the trigger. The bullet exited the top of her head, and she was finally dead..."

And the grim true life accounts go on and on. Christians nailed to crosses and tortured to death. Victims chainsawed into pieces while alive on their altars. Christian children not spared as well.

Cisco Wheeler, well known across the Internet for her reports exposing CIA mind control and what she was forced to endure in that dark world, admitted to me that they had recruited her into satanism as well during that time. I asked her what finally brought her to Jesus Christ.

She replied, "It was while I watched one Christian man being tortured to death by our coven. As they were cutting his eyes out, he didn't even seem to feel the pain...he was obviously under the power of God and praying in other tongues! I prayed inside me at that moment, 'Jesus, if you are GREATER than satan, I want you now!' And Jesus instantly came into my heart that day. All because of this Christian who died on our altar."

It seems that indeed, "the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church." No matter what satan's tactics are, God is always greater!

However, I would ask my Christian readers to please begin to pray for God to protect His Christian people from satanic abduction and sacrifice. Satan comes only to steal, kill and destroy, as Jesus tells us. The Bible also tells us that "Jesus Christ was manifested to destroy the works of the devil."Won't you consider becoming one of God's mighty intercessors against the horrors of SATANISM IN AMERICA TODAY? Your prayers have the power to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the lives of so many innocent victims threatened by rampant satanism in our nation. We are called by God to stand against satan's dark kingdom, and promote God's glorious kingdom instead.Purpose to MAKE THE DIFFERENCE today.

-Pamela Schuffert

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