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What THIS MINISTRY Believes and Stands For.....

Christian Truth and Compassion At Work in a Dark World Today

By Pamela Schuffert, investigative journalism with a Christian perspective

People often ask me as I report, what do I believe?
First of all, I am a born-again Christian who believes that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, the promised and ONLY Messiah, and the only way to the Father, God. I believe in the infallible WORD OF GOD and in Bible prophecy. I believe in the Words of Jesus Christ. "Heaven and earth shall pass away, but MY WORDS shall never pass away."
I believe in walking a straight and sanctified life-style in obedience to His commandments.
"He that keeps my commandments shall never see death, " declared Jesus. And if we love Him, He said, we would keep His commandments.

I believe in a vibrant CHRISTIANITY that is passionate, life-changing and radical. TRUE CHRISTIANITY is born of genuine repentance from sin and believing in Jesus Christ, the ONLY One Whom God has sent into this sin-depraved world, to bring SALVATION to all those who believe in Him, and also into a FULL RELATIONSHIP with the LIVING GOD the Father.

This is embodied in TRUE DISCIPLESHIP CHRISTIANITY, which is, in fact, the ONLY kind of "Christianity" that Jesus Christ ever demonstrated and taught. And when we as true born-again Christians seek God for the grace to fully know, emulate and follow after Jesus Christ, we then receive and possess the POWER TO CHANGE both our own lives and THE WORLD for His glory.

"But as many as received Him, to them gave He the POWER to become the SONS OF GOD...."

For 38 years now, I have been following after this amazing Savior called Jesus Christ. I am utterly captivated with this Divine manifestation of God cloaked in holy flesh, Who miraculously rescued me from years of incurable illness, from the hell of having a father who got recruited into satanism and sought to bring it's darkness into my childhood home....and most importantly Who rescued me from the GREATER hell of NOT KNOWING GOD until the age of 18.

At the age of 18 (1971), my Park Avenue (NYC) physician, Dr. Kugelmass, had given up on my ever being cured. I had uncontrollable seizures and many other problems physically that no medications could seem to help. My other doctor, Samuel Getlin of Trenton, NJ, had also given up after 5 years of treatment. Both concluded I was going to die.

But then there entered into my life A THIRD JEWISH DOCTOR, the Great Physician, Jesus the Christ, whose diagnosis was entirely different. He made a free house call. He diagnosed my problem: SIN. And He provided the antidote: HIMSELF. ALL free of cost, purchased by HIS EVERLASTING GRACE. And within a few months after receiving Him as my Savior and Lord, I was completely healed, verified by testing conducted by my doctor in NJ.

He said, "What have you DONE? I have just finished tests on you, and they came back completely NEGATIVE! You are now normal and completely cured...and I HAVE NO MEDICAL EXPLANATION FOR THIS!" I looked at him and replied, "Sir, with all due respect, I know you are a JEWISH doctor,but JESUS CHRIST healed me...." He quickly responded, "I don't care WHAT you have have experienced a miracle! I give you a complete clean bill of health."
After being on 12 drugs a day, plus over 200 vitamin/mineral supplements daily for 5 years with no results, Jesus Christ had done what two of the finest doctors in our area could NOT do. (This is not to discredit fine Jewish doctors, however! They saved my life until the THIRD JEWISH DOCTOR would forevermore change my life.)

THIS is the power of the Living God in action! THIS is the grace of His Son, Jesus Christ! Halleluia! I believe in a radical and life-changing God and Savior. One Who CARES, One who LOVES, One Who GIVES and gave HIS ALL for the lost in a perishing world around us. And in One Who is there when you need Him, in your hour of deepest crisis and pain. And IF as Christians we profess to be HIS DISCIPLES, Jesus declared that THE DISCIPLE is to be AS THE MASTER. We are called to ABIDE IN HIM. And by abiding in Him, we are going to bring forth much fruit. Fruit that will touch LIVES and change the world around us.

TRUE DISCIPLESHIP CHRISTIANITY is never passive. It refuses to sit on the sidelines of world events and simply watch as the world goes to hell. We as His disciples are called to BE INVOLVED with the people around us! We are called to LOVE as Jesus loved, and HIS love is always LOVE IN ACTION. "Faith without works is dead," declares God's word. The Bible also declares we are to love in DEED and not in WORD alone.

The Bible says, "For God so LOVED the world, THAT HE GAVE His only begotten SON, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life." (John 3:16) In this we see that GOD'S LOVE is NEVER passive, BUT ACTIVE: He LOVED and therefore HE ACTED. And the same is true of Jesus Christ. "My Father works always, and so must I, " Jesus declared.
And therefore WE, as true Disciples, must abide in Him and ACTIVELY manifest His words, His love and compassion to a dying world. And by abiding in Him fully, we CAN change the world!

From the time I received Jesus as my Savior, my life has been wonderfully and radically changed. By His Holy Spirit, I have been led to numerous Christian training facilities, ministries, and performed Christian outreach to many different groups. I love being active for Jesus Christ! I have especially ministered to families and children through years of professional child care and elderly care, bringing Jesus and His love into every household I worked in. Also I have touched the lives of countless children from different backgrounds, as I worked in various Christian outreaches through long-term camping programs, children's church, and inner city outreaches.

My missionary work has included outreach to THE RUSSIANS and their children in Chicago and NYC and elsewhere. Also, on various Native American reservations at times, such as Lower Brule in SD and Crow Agency in Montana.

Through Jesus' example , we learn that it is more blessed to give than receive. And out of hearts of true love, genuine giving is borne. To me, one of my greatest joys is GIVING. I remember when my father died in 1998. I received a modest inheritance. And it was my greatest joy at that time to pray for God to show me WHO to give this money to, and which ministries to assist. The greatest use of our finances is whenever we invest them into God's work in the world today.

I was led to give $5,000 immediately to a wonderful Christian minister Pearl McLain. She wept when she received it. Another ministry, Bradenton Christian Retreat in Florida, was in crisis at that time, and so I contributed another $5,000 to help with their outreach, and additionally purchased thousands of dollars worth of musical equipment and loudspeakers for their street ministry out of a stage truck in underprivileged neighborhoods throughout Bradenton, FL.

The couple who assisted in the publishing of my first book, Bob and Amy Taylor, found themselves in a housing crisis, and so I gave them a $17,000 RV trailer to live in. Eric, a young man in ministry, totalled his car one day, and so I contributed another car for his use in ongoing ministry.
When the satanists bombed the home of John Bruce and Becky near Asheville, NC, I had our local church sponsor them, collected $500 for their needs, and personally gave them a car to replace the one destroyed by the satanists there. (You can read my investigative journalism exposing satanism in NC by going to: )

I can never count the many bags of groceries given to the hungry, the many personal coats and bags of clothing given to the homeless, and the countless dollars given away throughout the years I have been in ministry. And frankly, this is typical of many others who know the joys of true Christianity lived out to the fullest. But I will say one thing: it is sheer JOY to give to others in Jesus' name, and to love as Jesus loves. And those who love as Jesus loves, CANNOT count all they have given, because their giving and the loving can never end, even as HIS LOVE NEVER ENDS. "For God so loved the world, THAT HE GAVE!" And we are called to give also.

But NOT just our money, not just possessions, but most importantly WE MUST GIVE OURSELVES to the work of God and His purposes as well. Remember, even a sinner in church can easily write a check for a thousand dollars, and still die in sin and go to hell! We are saved by grace and not by works. However, righteous works SHOULD follow them that believe.

Jesus wants our very LIVES given to HIM, first for salvation, and then to use to spread HIS GLORIOUS LIFE throughout the world. As true DISCIPLESHIP CHRISTIANS, we cannot sit on the sidelines and watch as the world perished around us. We MUST purpose to make a difference as we bring the love and compassion of Jesus to the people and circumstances around us.

These past years of performing investigative journalism on behalf of the American people and my fellow Christians, has remained a sacrificial labor of love. Only God can measure the depths of my sorrow, as people coming out from within NWO agenda planning revealed to me the level of darkness and hatred that the NWO people have towards my fellow Christians.

In fact I experienced much of this very NWO hatred for many years in my home, after my father was recruited into this evil NWO agenda. He brought it's hatred and it's darkness into my home for many years, until he finally gave his life to Jesus Christ in 1998. Knowing what I know after many years of research, I CANNOT remain silent, not even to save my life, with the kind of crucial information I now possess. I am held accountable before God for all I know. I KNOW what these NWO agenda planners plan to do to my fellow Americans, and
especially to my fellow Christians whom I love.

God's Holy Spirit called me
many years ago to this task. And when He asked me if I would accept this assignment, to warn His people of what is to come to our nation, I said yes. And for them I have laid my life down completely to tell America the truth. There can be no greater love, said Jesus, than to lay down one's life for others. I love Jesus, and I love His people, and that is how this ministry of investigative journalism was born.

The Christians of America today stand in grave jeopardy as the NWO forges relentlessly on with it's agenda that includes brutal persecution and ultimately termination of all of it's opponents, mainly THE CHRISTIANS. For this reason, I cannot, and I will never remain silent. And frankly, you cannot remain silent either.
AN AMERICAN HOLOCAUST is about to take place.
-Pamela Schuffert

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