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The HIDDEN WAR Against Christianity USA-Lubavitch Chabad

The Often Hidden Story of Jewish Persecution of Christianity USA

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism with a Christian perspective-

[Foreword-Although researching and writing for many years now, this is the kind of information I have personally suppressed until now. Because of a very deep love for the Jews,that I realize was placed in my heart by God for His purposes, I have never published this kind of information until recently. I simply could not bring myself to.

However, my heart was completely broken as I began to finally realize that many of the very Jews which Christians in America are being deceitfully encouraged to support by people like John Hagee and others in Christian circles, fully plan to betray the Christians who love them, in the end.

Under a very JEWISH agenda-based world globalist agenda (NWO/communist), American Christians are about to be betrayed into the hands of the enemy, who will arrest us and send us to FEMA camps to be tortured, beheaded under Jewish Noahide Laws, and terminated for our faith as "resisters of the NEW WORLD ORDER," (by CIA and military admission to me.)

The NEW WORLD ORDER is just another metaphor for world globalist antichrist communism. This is identical to what communists did to Christians in Russia, Eastern Europe, China and in other countries.

COMMUNISM historically originated with the Jewish community, was fully funded and brought into power by Jews in NYC, Russia and elsewhere (Rothschilds, Schiffs, and many others.)They made their "antichrist/destroy-all-Christianity" agenda very clear from the beginning. And tens of millions of innocent Christians suffered and died under this satanic scourge of communism in Russia and Eastern Europe, and also suffered in every other country into which communism/globalism comes into.

I speak Russian, have personally worked among and interviewed such Christian victims of communist atrocities in the former Soviet Union. I have suffered several attacks and threats from Jewish communists in Washington DC and NYC. And now that element of Jews of world globalist (NWO) persuasion, many with dual citizenship and planted in high places in our government, news media, intelligence community and military and politics, are prepared to unleash their identical globalist (communist)agenda on the Christians in America.

Welcome to their NEW WORLD ORDER! Through the damning evidence I began to amass, indicating the COMING AMERICAN HOLOCAUST, I began to realize that I had a holy obligation to tell America and my fellow Christians the WHOLE truth through my reporting. And so, here is one such report that I really never wanted to write, but now feel compelled to.

And no, the Divine love God placed in my heart for the Jews will never change, because God's love is never reactionary. It remains constant, in order to reach out to the lost and perishing. The Messiah's love for His people did not change either, even when nailed to that cross. "Father, FORGIVE THEM, for they know NOT what they do." I have no hatred for these people: I will not allow my Christian heart to be defiled with hatred. But my love is mixed with deep heartache and sadness that will not go away, because of the tragic truth I now know.-Pamela Schuffert]

Through years of Christian outreach performed in the Jewish neighborhoods of NYC and Chicago, beginning with our Russian Club set up under Slavic Gospel Association in Chicago, IL, to minister to Russian Jews, my eyes began to be opened to many truths hidden from the American public.These are the kinds of truths a largely Jewish controlled mass media will NEVER reveal, neither by print nor in television/radio. Therefore such inside revelations came as a shock to me many times, as the truth was manifested before my eyes.

I and other Christian outreach workers among Jewish communities rapidly learned what LUBAVITCH CHABAD was, and what it REALLY stood for, as we suffered various forms of religious harassment and persecution, both outward and covert, from them. LUBAVITCH CHABAD is that militant Orthodox Jewish organization with headquarters on Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn, NY, with branches and their "missionaries" (sh'liachim)all over the world. Their outwardly stated purposes are to BRING FORTH "MESSIAH" and to bring assimilated Jews back to TORAH and their Jewish roots. However, the full scope of their intentions are much broader.

LUBAVITCH CHABAD are in fact the authors of the now-infamous Noahide Laws Legislation signed by Bush Sr., making provision for severe persecution of Christians (and all others) who refuse to conform to it's strictly Jewish belief system dictates.

In fact, the NOAHIDE LAWS make full provision for Christians to someday, right here in America, be EXECUTED FOR THEIR FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST, by beheading. The fact that they authored this legislation and presented it to BUSH SR to be signed, should reveal their true sentiments about Christianity and our religious freedom in America!

I rapidly discovered while performing Christian outreach in major Jewish enclaves in NYC and Chicago and elsewhere, how intense the hatred is by Lubavitch Chabad Jews for the Christians in America ( and the world) today.

And how hated are the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Christian New Testament by them as well. Often our missionaries were assaulted on the streets of NYC, their literature seized and torn up, and our members beaten by groups of Orthodox Jews who followed them. Meeting places were often vandalized and broken into by militant anti-Christian Jewish groups, threatened with firebombing, even bullets fired into their buildings as well. I personally witnessed all of this and more.

While helping Russian Jews in our Russian Club in Rogers Park during 1979-1980 (established under The Slavic Gospel Association), my fellow outreach workers and I got a first hand glimpse of LUBAVITCH HATRED for Jesus Christ, and the deadly and illegal religious persecution they are capable of even towards their fellow Jews who decide to embrace Jesus Christ as THEIR NEW FOUND MESSIAH.

I sat enthralled one night in our RUSSIAN CLUB as I listened to a Russian Jew, Grisha Grazhutis, give his shocking recent account of how HE WAS KIDNAPPED FOR HIS FAITH by members of LUBAVITCH CHABAD one night.

It seems that Grisha had only recently discovered the joys of JESUS being THE MESSIAH, and he embraced the New Testament and the teachings of his newly discovered Messiah with gusto.

This alarmed his Jewish mother, who finally contacted LUBAVITCH CHABAD headquarters in Brooklyn, NY. Lubavitch has long had a clandestine program of "DEPROGRAMMING" designed to abduct and forcibly turn Jews who receive Jesus as Messiah, back to the Jewish faith. Many of us Christian outreach people working among Jewish communities began to hear of such deprogramming efforts by Lubavitch and other Orthodox Jewish groups. Often such deprogramming was quite forceful, harmful, and quite illegal as well.

Such forced and often violent "religious deprogramming" is total the antithesis of our Constitutionally guaranteed religious freedom in America, in fact. And yet, it has continued to go on for decades by the Jewish community in America.

Grisha shared with our group one night at the RUSSIAN CLUB, how one night after receiving Jesus as his Messiah, he heard a knock at the door.

Several men stood there and asked to come in. He opened his door and let them in. They claimed to be friends of his band and told him his "gig" was playing in another state and they wanted him to join him, and so they had brought the airplane tickets to get him there. (Grisha played the guitar and in fact belonged to a band that often performed across America.)

These men also brought some alcoholic beverages to share among themselves while talking to Grisha for a while.And soon Grisha joined them.

What he did not realize at the time was, there was a knock-out sedative drug placed in his beverage that night.

He shared, "I remember feeling a little dizzy and spaced out. The men then told me to come with them and they would put me on the plane to come out my band and play. I couldn't resist them at that point, and willingly went out the door. I remember getting on the plane, and then passing out.And this is the last thing I remember, until I WOKE UP ON THE FLOOR OF LUBAVITCH HEADQURTERS!"

Grisha recounted how he found himself lying on the floor, with many people standing over him in Orthodox Jewish black garb. He continued.

"They were bending over me and saying, 'YOU ARE NOW AT LUBAVITCH HEADQUARTERS, and JESUS CHRIST IS NOT THE MESSIAH!" They put him through much mental and emotional torment, attempting to shake his new found faith in Jesus Christ. They even tried a deadly tactic as well.

Grisha explained, "They said to me, 'Here...if JESUS IS THE MESSIAH, DRINK this bottle of LIQUID DRANO, because it says in YOUR Bible, that if you drink any harmful thing, it WILL NOT KILL YOU!' I prayed within, thought about this, and answered, 'if JESUS told me to drink it, I would, but since HE DID NOT, I won't!"

Finally exasperated with Grisha's refusal to renounce Jesus, they locked him a room at Lubavitch headquarters and went to a religious service. Grisha said, "I knew I had to escape and get out of there before they could do anything more to me. Their building was an older facility, with the large keyhole locks. I found a bobby pin and used it to finally open the door. I ran out the side entrance and down the streets until I found a subway entrance. I ran down those stairs and spent my last dollar getting away from there as quickly as I could. They did not even tell me what city I had been kidnapped and taken to. I finally realized I was FAR from Chicago, and in NEW YORK CITY..."

Grisha found a phone finally and called my personal friend OLEG KIS, another student at that time at Slavic Gospel Association and a worker at the RUSSIAN CLUB. Grisha knew him, as did I. And Oleg made the journey to NYC to personally rescue Grisha from LUBAVITCH kidnappers and to bring him back to Chicago.

After Grisha safely returned, he spent one entire night in our RUSSIAN CLUB sharing his harrowing experience with Lubavitch Chabad persecution for his faith. Grisha later died under mysterious circumstances in Chicago, I heard from one of my co-workers later. Personally, I believe Grisha knew TOO MUCH about dark Lubavitch tactics, and was therefore eliminated. We may never know the full truth about his death.

Lubavitch Chabad persecution of both Christians and Jews who believe in Jesus continues to this very day. The deprogramming continues to occur everywhere. Some people were not so fortunate to escape, as Grisha did. Many have had their new-found faith in Jesus shattered by such illegal and unethical communist police state tactics, and their health damaged as well.

In fact, I had this confirmed when I called one Jewish organization in Brooklyn and spoke to one worker. Feigning to be a supporter, I then stated, "Hey, how's the deprogramming going nowadays!" The man quickly replied, "Oh, it's going GREAT...over in BORO PARK!" Boro Park is a known enclave of Orthodox Jews, chassidim and Lubavitch members as well in Brooklyn, NY.

Another survivor, who was abducted by a Jewish deprogramming team the night before his marriage, even wrote a book exposing their tactics called "KIDNAPPED FOR MY FAITH." It was a horrifying account of what he endured before he would finally escape.

So when you hear of people in Jewish circles demanding separation of church and state, and demanding protection from religious persecution to freely exercise THEIR religious beliefs without interference in America, realize THERE IS ANOTHER SIDE TO THE STORY as well...the HIDDEN TRUTH about JEWISH PERSECUTION OF RELIGIOUS FREEDOM IN AMERICA TODAY.

-Pamela Schuffert

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