Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Why IS the Wrath of God Upon SOME PASTORS in USA Today?


by Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism with a Christian perspective-

This is not an easy article to write, but it must be written in this hour. The Pastors of America have a heavy accountability in the sight of God to be "watchmen on the wall," to prepare God's people to stand fast in their faith. This is especially true should sudden judgment or persecution come to the Church.

What happens when pastors fail in their God-ordained roles to His people? What happens when Christians are not adequately warned and prepared to face an onslaught against their faith in Jesus Christ?

We can learn from the lesson of THE CHURCH IN CHINA when communism was imposed and persecution began. A lecturer came to my former Bible College to share with the students one day. He warned of THE DEADLY DANGERS OF THE RAPTURE DOCTRINE as it is being taught in many churches in America today.

Christians were increasingly becoming nervous as they watched the warning signals increase of an imminent communist takeover in CHINA. But pastors, fearing they would only drive the faithful away from the churches, retreated into "safety-comfort-denial" zones rather than confronting this problem head on.

Many Chinese pastors resorted to false reassurance to their flock with preaching the soothing words of, "Oh, no need to worry! Jesus will RAPTURE YOU before the Chinese communists can persecute you!" And according to this lecturer, many Chinese Christians believed just that. NO NEED TO need to PREPARE! No need for extra prayer or strengthening one's self to face persecution and martyrdom "...because JESUS WILL RAPTURE US!"

But of course, there WAS no convenient RAPTURE to take the Chinese Christians away from the ensuing persecution and martyrdom imposed by these Chinese communists. Instead, both pastors and flock were arrested. Chinese Christians faced torture, deprivation, imprisonment, exile, and cruel death by these brutal and godless communists.

And as the reports began to gradually circulate in public from within the Chinese prison systems, the tidings were not glad. Many Christians had begun to hate and betray one another to communist authorities! Some had renounced their faith in the face of severe persecutions and sufferings and agreed to work with the communists. And others cursed God and their pastors openly, saying things like, "Pastor...HOW COULD YOU DECEIVE US! You TOLD us WE WOULD BE RAPTURED before the communists could persecute us...!"

In fact, it is reported that many fell away from their faith in Jesus Christ. This was tragically due to the false doctrines presented to many by the pastors in the pulpits of China.

Today we have in America the same kind of scenario. Many Christians are increasingly hearing or reading reports of coming persecution and testings coming to the Church in America under a future police state, martial law and a coming NEW WORLD ORER. The NWO is simply world globalist communism repackaged, with the same program of crushing the Christian church wherever it goes.(And these reports are correct.) Some Christians are waking up and becoming concerned. And some are going to their pastors with this concern.

And heard throughout the pulpits of America today, you have the same perilous RAPTURE DOCTRINE being preached from the pulpits to the people of God! "Oh, you don't have to worry about this information...NOTHING will happen..Jesus will come for you BEFORE this could ever happen! Relax!"

Of course, none of these pseudo-pastors can present the faithful with even ONE chapter or verse stating conclusively, that BEFORE PERSCUTION and MARTYRDOM can come to the Church USA, YOU WILL BE RAPTURED! Voila! I know this is all true, because I have heard this from the lips of so many Christians as I travel across America with my materials and radio broadcasts.

Such Christians, lulled into deadly apathy by such false rhetoric, will NOT take the time to FAST or PRAY about the disturbing reports coming increasingly to us about economic collapse, or potential famine, the possibility of martial law being declared and Christians being arrested, churches seized by FEMA, and martyrdom by guillotines to fulfill the requirements of the NOAHIDE LAWS now signed into legislation.

As they tell me confidently, "We don't have to worry about what you're reporting on, because WE WILL BE RAPTURED!" But in reality, the Christians in America are being prepared to be led as SHEEP TO THE SLAUGHTER by the NEW WORLD ORDER and their "hireling" pseudo-pastors (FEMA, CIA, etc.) planted deliberately throughout the church systems of America today.

When I first began to receive this heavy kind of information from CIA and military sources about the coming AMERICAN HOLOCAUST and the persecution o f the Church, I created a book filled with documentation and began to travel across this nation to present the evidence to pastors. I traveled as far away as CANADA and ALASKA to present my investigations and reports.

Here is the response of just ONE pastor, whose attitude was typical of many other pastors I encountered.

"Look, lady, we KNOW these things are true! But we don't DARE MENTION THEM from behind THE PULPIT! We might lose MONEY...we might frighten off people...we might lose MEMBERS...." and so on. (And in the churches of America today, remember: MEMBERS translate into MONEY!) These fearful, carnal pastors were in fact terrified about losing their "501-C-3" tax exempt status for their churches. They were MORE afraid of losing MEMBERS and MONEY, in fact, than they were about LOSING THE ETERNAL SOULS that God had committed into their care!

And therefore, they were NOT preparing God's people to face the coming holocaust of Biblically prophesied persecution and testing coming to America. Instead, in order to NOT frighten people away, they were bringing in more false prophets with more soothing words designed to lull people into a "safety-comfort-denial" zone of "peace and safety" mentality.

Yet the Bible declares, "...when men shall cry, 'PEACE AND SAFETY,' then sudden DESTRUCTION shall come upon them like a flood!"

This is sadly the case for MANY Churches across America today, in fact.

I therefore state without apology, from the written and eternal Word of God, that the very WRATH OF GOD will be revealed from Heaven someday (and even now is) against those false pastors who KNEW the truth about what is coming to our nation and it's churches, and YET denied the truth and FAILED TO ADEQUATELY PREPARE the people of God to endure faithful to the end. The Bible states that the person who KNOWS how to do good, but does not do it, to him IT BECOMES SIN.

The pastors of America today will give an account before God in the day of judgment for EVERY SOUL committed to their care, who KNEW about these coming events, and yet FAILED to adequately prepare God's people to stand fast in their faith, even unto death.

Never forget the bitter lessons learned from THE CHINESE CHURCH.

-Pamela Schuffert

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