Thursday, February 19, 2009

CENSORED Newsbrief-AMTRAK FACILITY A "Termination" Camp Also?

-Information Continues to Filter In About Mysterious AMTRAK Facility in IN-

-by Pamela Schuffert, investigative journalism with a Christian perspective

For many years , I along with many Americans had been hearing reports about the AMTRAK REPAIR FACILITY of BEECH GROVE, IN, being refurbished/renovated in some areas to be used someday as a FUTURE TERMINATION FACILITY for America under martial law. While it remains true that part of this facility is actively being used to repair AMTRAK trains, it is also true that various parts of this facility have also been renovated to include newly installed gas lines, airtight windows (etc) with huge exhaust fans installed on top of certain buildings, prisoner turnstile entrances installed, etc.

Obtaining documentation is important, however, and so I decided to pursue this information. Confirmation began to come in through such sources as LINDA THOMSPON of the American Justice Federation. AL CUPPETT, formerly of the Pentagon, visited the facility and came away convinced it would be used for such purposes as well.

I interviewed a CIA intermediary, Michael, about this subject, standing in Ben Yehuda Square while investigating in Jerusalem, Israel during Feast of Tabernacles one year. Michael responded immediately.

"My personal CIA contact in Tulsa, George O________ comes over to our home all the time to talk about these things, just to get it off his chest. He told us that UNDER MARTIAL LAW, this AMTRAK facility will be used to TERMINATE 26,000 POLITICAL and RELIGIOUS RESISTERS of the NWO agenda EVERY 24 hours...."

Another former CIA source, Elaine, told me the same thing. She was from Indiana and her father had worked on the railroad also. My personal friend, Michael Maholy, former CIA/ONI for twenty years, confirmed the NWO deathcamp presence in America.

"Oh, ALL OF US in the CIA know about the camps in America and their purposes. We ALL KNOW they are to TERMINATE the future resisters of the NWO in America under martial law...."

I have personally visited this location many times to observe it, and even performed one live broadcast from it's location as well. Even the locals interviewed in Beech Grove openly admit, "This camp will be used to kill people under martial law...."

YOU TUBE has many videos on it. Beware, however; some videos are posted by government/military COINTELPRO misinformation ops, to try to deny the evident truth about this facility.

Do a little of your OWN research, and come to your OWN conclusion. I am personally satisfied, however, based on much background research (not all included in this newsbrief) that this facility CAN BE USED under martial law, to terminate prisoners just as information sources have indicated. In the future I will pubish a full report on this facility and many other suspected facilities as well.

-Pamela Schuffert


  1. They have received BILLIONS from the government and have a terribly suspicious Annual Report.