Monday, February 23, 2009

Beware of Heretic/Lesbian Sherry Shriner-New Age CULT

DECEPTION ON THE INTERNET-When A Cult Poses as A "Ministry"

by Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism with a Christian perspective-

I recently visited the cult website of Sherry Shriner, who had posted some malicious disinformation regarding me on her site. This also included the libel posted by the dysfunctional couple, the Sasses, working with CIA COINTELPRO agent Barbara Hartwell. I have known Sherry for several years now, and became involved while trying to minister to her many problems. I was sad to see the libel she posted against me on her site, but not surprised.

The reason Shriner posted this libel against me is simply because I uncovered the embarrassing truth about Sherry Shriner several years ago. She pulled the tired old tactic of COUNTERACCUSATION to cover up for her sins. I had spent time in fact ministering to her in the past when she had some problems, because I cared. I often minister to people with many of the following problems. Heresies are very serious. People who promote heresies are forming a cult around those heresies. According to God's Word, they can lead to hell. A HERESY is essentially A LIE. And Jesus Christ declared, that ALL LIARS shall have their part in the LAKE OF FIRE.

I fear greatly for this present generation that does not believe nor fear God's Holy Word. His Word also declares that the sexually immoral shall not inherit the King of God. Do we really BELIEVE that God's Word is truth? I do, and I live by it every single day. I fear God.

I began receiving many emails from various people who were wounded by Shriner's false doctrines that have no place in the Bible, regarding her BIBLE CODES abuse among other serious errors. Shriner was using Bible codes to try to say many heretical things contrary to the Bible, even trying to somehow prove that PAUL THE APOSTLE and his writings were invalid. She also tried to also justify her lesbianism, and when anyone dared to disagree with her, she tried to use Bible codes to "prove" that this person was somehow "A REPTILIAN!" How utterly demonic. How utterly unScriptural. And how utterly unChristian.

And when I tried to minister to her, she sent me a complete transcript of her YAHOO cyber-lesbian chats with several cyber-lesbians, Kris from Texas and another woman as well. They were frankly disgusting. I never knew such things went on previously. Cyber-porn I knew about; cyber-filthy love chats I did not. Shocked, I asked her about this, and she admitted that because she had such a difficult time with her husband, she had turned to cyber-lesbian relationships on the Internet for solace. I even called Kris her cyber-gal pal in Texas and tried to minister Jesus Christ to her as well.

The moment Sherry realized I was taking the side of the WORD OF GOD and what the Bible says about lesbianism and sexual immorality, she began to do what many people when confronted with their sins do. THEY COUNTER ACCUSE to cover their own sins and try to somehow falsely accuse (hence invalidate if they can) the person sent by God to correct them.

Shriner attempted to use the lies of the SASSE FAMILY against me. (The Sasses have been disproved and exposed for the sick and unChristian couple that they are, working with Hartwell of the CIA to falsely accuse and discredit me.) And then Shriner added to this sin her own twisted slander as well. I was not surprised, however. Shriner has hurt many other good Christians who have tried to correct her from the Word of God.

I must point out form the word of God that anyone living in sexual immorality (which includes cyber-lesbianism) and then denying the word of God on this subject (what the Apostle Paul had to say about homosexuality/lesbianism) and THEN attacking good people who try to point her to the word of God, by calling them "reptilians" (meaning, of satan) is certainly disqualified from ANY VALID FORM OF CHRISTIAN MINISTRY. Sherry Shriner is attempting to hide her sins and heresies behind nice sounding words on her website. But more and more people have been discovering the truth and staying away from her site.

There are many other heresies contrary to the Word of God on Shriner's website. The sad reality is, that both her behavior and her lies stated above certainly serve to discredit any claims she may have to use the term "MINISTRY" in any Christian or Scriptural sense.

If people choose to live outside God's commandments and Word, in sexual immorality, that remains their choice. You can choose to reject God's love and His word and go to hell. But anyone claiming to be "A CHRISTIAN MINISTRY" must of necessity CONFORM TO THE WORD OF GOD. Or be proven to be a liar, false and a deception. There is no middle ground.

-Pamela Schuffert


  1. This woman hates the apostle Paul and his correct doctrine of salvation through grace and faith in Christ alone. She contradicts Acts 15, where the apostles and the Holy Ghost decide Gentiles don't have to live under the Law of Moses. Wish the two of them could stage a televised debate. Guess which one of them would win!

  2. Also.....she is quite an angry grump for someone who "has God" if ya know what I mean. She seems more like satan is within her if you listen to her. She is very gruff speaking and I am not surprised to find she is a lesbian.
    I also don't believe she went to Kent state. If you read her books you will think a kid wrote them. Surely they teach better writing skills than that at KS.
    She is always talking about sew n sew is a mouth piece for satan but she is his mouthpiece! Don't be fooled! She always predicts gloom and doom yet it never happens. She blames it on "them" being in disagreement or that her time line could be a year off. When the only thing that's off is HER! God help us all!

  3. I posted a link to this article on her facebook page and it disappeared.
    'I stumbled upon an old article from 07/2000 by MIT Technology Review magazine. I believe the article to be relevant, have you seen this? Seems very disturbing indeed...since it was written well before 9/11. I will copy and paste as well as provide a link to it.'

    Lying With Pixels
    July 2000
    Seeing is no longer believing. The image you see on the evening news could well be a fake - a fabrication of fast new video-manipulation technology.

    By Ivan Amato

  4. she likes Samantha Fox you her youtube...