Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dangerous CIA Assassin Exposed-Jeff Swedenburg

Stalked By Confirmed CIA Assassin-Experiencing God's Power when Facing Death

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism with a Christian perspective

I have performed several years background research into the life of CIA asset JEFF SWEDENBURG, along with several other members of the Patriot community. Jeff Swedenburg is one of the better known/exposed CIA infiltrators into the PATRIOT (NWO resisters) community in America. Swedenburg has spent much time infiltrating the Patriot community in the USA, including in DENVER and MONTANA.

However, according to standards for the intelligence community, Swedenburg is not the sharpest tool in the shed. Swedenburg openly boasted to one personal contact of mine while infiltrating/fraternizing with local Patriot groups, "I DO WHACK JOBS FOR THE CIA!" He was very proud of this fact and could not keep this a secret.

People in the intelligence community who cannot keep secrets like this soon lose their jobs...or their lives. According to one couple I interviewed, Jack and Jeannie Stover, Swedenburg had rented a room from them in their home outside Denver, at the time they were working with patriot groups and investigating UFO's as well. I personally interviewed the Stovers, and they admitted Swedenburg's strange behavior at times reminded them of what they had read about CIA MIND CONTROL VICTIMS.

"We had children's toys set out for our grandchildren one day, which included a set of DISNEY CHARACTERS tea cups and plates. Jeff noticed them and began to act strangely, reverting back into a childhood voice and playing with them..." Disney characters, and Disneyland itself after hours is used to program children into mind control tactics of the CIA's MKULTRA program, according to many survivors and former victims. The Stovers knew this and watched him carefully. He also said strange things as well.

After monitoring his behavior at their home, they finally concluded that Swedenburg had been sent in by the intelligence community to spy of them (which he had, of course.)

Some years ago, during the time I was attempting to minister over the phone to CIA COINTELPRO INFILTRATOR Barbara Hartwell, Swedenburg had been paid thousands of dollars to become her personal bodyguard for a trip she was making to Denver, as Hartwell's devoutly Christian sister Irene Adrian had admitted to me one day. In fact, Swedenburg was there at Hartwell's home at the time I had called her.

I spoke to Swedenburg personally over the phone while he was with Hartwell, briefly, not knowing of his actual assassin/infiltrator roles in the CIA at that time. Not long after that, the truth began to become apparent to me and many others regarding the hidden role of BARBARA HARTWELL, and that she was in fact a COINTELPRO agent for the CIA, writing libelous misinformation against targeted members of the Patriot community.

Many good people, hated for various reason by the US government, began to be targeted by HARTWELL, on orders from the intelligence community (CIA.) I began to perform background research on her, and discovered many disturbing facts. It was then, once she knew I had discovered the truth, that she began to write venomous articles against me in earnest.

I began to also find out the truth about SWEDENBURG as well. In fact, one former CIA of over 30 years who I talked to many times, admitted, "Swedenburg is well protected by the CIA..." I have spoken personally to this former CIA officer near Denver.

Several years later, I was performing investigative research in MONTANA. Much of this centered around reports of BOXCARS AND SHACKLES being uncovered in the GLACIER NATIONAL PARK REGION, which includes COLUMBIA FALLS, MT. There is a COLUMBIA FALLS SUPER 8 MOTEL there.

I was surprised to find out that JEFF SWEDENBURG'S AUNT, SERENA STREETER, owned this motel! Serena Streeter herself is shrouded with mystery and intrigue due to the strange death of her husband. Following my stay at her motel with a Canadian film crew who came down to interview and film me while we performed research on the NWO, I noted "AUNT SERENA" at the front desk, and went up to her and said, "Oh, and give my regards to JEFF SWEDENBURG and his 'girlfriend' HARTWELL also!" (I was of course joking. Hartwell's boyfriend is actually Ray Stewart.)

Serena let out a shocked "OH!"
and almost fell over when I mentioned Swedenburg's name to her! What was to then follow, fully confirmed my research on SWEDENBURG. I spent much time at the local library sending out email reports to my radio listeners. I was shocked to discover I was being followed by Swedenburg. One day I heard a noise behind me as I sat at the computer. I turned to look at who was behind me in the WHITEFISH (MT)LIBRARY, and IT WAS SWEDENBURG! Swedenburg stood right behind me in the local library there, laughing a sinister "grade B movie" villain laugh, getting my attention quickly.

Swedenburg had openly announced his presence to me, indicating he had been tracking me! And letting it be known he was on assignment against me in that region. Assassins often do this, figuring that their intended victim will not live long after they have exposed themselves to their intended victim. Unfortunately, Jeff does not know the power of the Living God I serve.

SWEDENBURG then began to make life in that area hell for me, breaking into the home I was staying in as a guest THE DAY AFTER I went on radio exposing the NWO activities here in this region. He stole MY NEW LAPTOP and my notebook ONLY, scattered my underwear all over the room for good measure (sorry it wasn't "VICTORIA'S SECRET" brand undies, Jeffie), and THEN that very night immediately after, began to email HARTWELL'S CIA SLANDER ARTICLES SHE HAD WRITTEN AGAINST ME directly to this person's INTERNET and EMAIL ACCOUNT immediately after we got back to this home!

Swedenburg made it clear he was the one who broke into the house to steal my laptop and notebook. And THEN, not happy with that, he tried his WHACK JOB (CIA assassination)tactics on me and apparently severed my brake line the night before I was to meet with a Canadian film crew to film a hidden concentration camp in SAND POINT, IDAHO.

I almost died, and along with me a state trooper, and several firemen blocking the road to fight a field fire...I COULD NOT STOP going over 60 MPH on a narrow two lane highway with NO shoulders to turn off on...and only rocks and trees and brush. MY BRAKES WERE MASHED TO THE FLOOR...and WOULD NOT STOP!!! (And I had just gotten BRAKE WORK DONE only a few months previously!)

ONLY MUCH PRAYER that morning, prior to my leaving, provided the grace for me to utter up a prayer in nanoseconds as I barreled towards the terrified state trooper whose car blocked the road...and God took over my hands and directed the car AROUND THE TROOPER and firemen, AROUND the trees and boulders, until it finally came to a shuddering stop AFTER HITTING A DIRT HILL and BECOMING AIRBORNE...HOLLYWOOD MOVIE STYLE!!!

My car was towed to a local garage, and after a week of diagnostics and repair, the owner admitted, "...Yes, ma'am, among other things, YOUR BRAKE LINE WAS SEVERED!" I questioned him about this. Yes, he meant deliberately cut! Hmmmm... Tell me something I hadn't already figured out!

At the time this article was written, I was continuing my intense research in the very region of Montana in which his aunt's motel is located, and not far from where my brake line was severed and the home was broken into by Jeff. Local people in the Patriot community appreciate my work and have asked me to remain here to help educate them regarding the NWO agenda and related matters. I spend time also going on local access television in this region exposing the NWO (MCAT in Missoula, MT.)

IN CASE I DISAPPEAR or end up "terminated," or "suicided" (where the CIA stages "a suicide" but in fact they have already terminated the victim)remember the previous information above when wondering who the culprit just MIGHT be behind it...but then again, there are many assassins in the CIA.

My fellow Christians, please pray for God to deeply touch the heart and life of Jeff Swedenburg. Jesus Christ loves and died for all sinners. Because there is no greater battle than for a soul to be saved, I have chosen to forgive (long ago) these kinds of people and to pray for their salvation and for God to have mercy on them. May God take what satan meant for evil, and turn it into HIS GLORIOUS PURPOSES for their salvation instead. Our prayers CAN make the difference. This same Jesus Who died for MY sins, also died for HIS as well. We are called to be merciful, to forgive, and to pray for our enemies.

-Pamela Schuffert reporting from Montana

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