Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The CIA Spy Who Became A HERO-Michael Maholy

-The CIA SPY Who Came In From The Cold to TELL AMERICA THE TRUTH-

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism with a Christian perspective-

Michael Maholy remains one of America's best friends and truly one of AMERICA'S BRAVEST HEROES. After 20 years of serving the evil NEW WORLD ORDER agenda from within the CIA and Office of Naval Intelligence, Michael decided it was TIME TO TELL AMERICA THE TRUTH.

Michael had been a major role player in the infamous CIA drug smuggling black ops in South America, (Columbia SA.)I would listen in fascination for hours as Michael told me over the phone about the wild escapades he and other men in the CIA experienced, as he worked directly under pseudo "Patriot" Ollie North and Bush Sr, then head of the CIA. This was also during the time that Clinton was President.

Many of Michael's shocking CIA insider revelations can be read in RODNEY STICH'S book "DEFRAUDING AMERICA."

Michael also wrote a series of articles at that time (1995-1996)entitled "THE PIPELINE," exposing names, locations and activities in the CIA drugs out of SA.While writing articles and performing investigative journalism exposing the NWO in 1995-1996, I was put in touch with Michael by Bob Harrell of "TELL IT LIKE IT IS" publications out of Kentucky.(Now out of publication.)

Michael began to call me during the time he was being interviewed by Stitch and Harrell, and share with me his personal account of the dark NEW WORLD ORDER agenda in the CIA.

I was frankly blown away with Michael's blunt revelations concerning the NWO and their MARTIAL LAW agenda. He shared about the FEMA CAMPS and their grim purposes, and confirmed many other reports I had been receiving regarding boxcars/shackles/ guillotines and more. I began publishing reports based on his insider information immediately, many of which articles remain on the internet to this day.

Michael Maholy provided America with one of the most shocking and detailed accounts of the shameful CIA drug ops out of South America, and ALSO paved the way at that time for the American people to begin to understand the reality of the NWO agenda for our nation.

Although not a born-again Christian at the time he initially began to contact me and share his revelations, God used this encounter for me to share the powerful message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with Michael, as he asked for prayer. The CIA, furious that Michael was revealing this kind of covert information while imprisoned under false charges in Leavenworth Prison, was constantly setting up Michael for vicious attacks within the prison system.

Michael would recount to me his ordeals that they put him through continually. Frankly, neither of us thought he would ever emerge alive. We knew their intent was to kill him to silence him. Finally I told Michael, "Michael, if you will GIVE YOUR LIFE TO GOD and Jesus Christ, He will protect you and GET YOU OUT ALIVE." Michael thanked me and told me he was finally ready to give his life to God completely and come out of the darkness he used to be involved with in the CIA.

I then contacted my local prayer group in NC, and we began to pray earnestly for Michael's protection and release. And soon after, a true miracle happened. MICHAEL WAS RELEASED FROM HELLISH LEAVENWORTH, to go to a minimum security facility, and THEN RELEASED INTO FREEDOM !!!

The last thing I heard from Michael was his message left for me through another investigator also interviewing him."Tell Pam to use everything I have ever told her, and expose the NEW WORLD ORDER. I am now going UNDERGROUND to fight the very same NWO I used to work for..."

Michael has remained underground now for 13 years now. I have prayed with tears for his safety and protection every one of these past 13 years, wondering if the CIA had found him and killed him (termination with extreme prejudice, CIA-style) or IF he were still alive. I never HEARD A WORD from him or about him, until a few months ago.

A man who had formerly worked with Michael contacted me, and passed on a message quickly. Michael was SAFE and still alive, he APPRECIATED my using every piece of info he had given me concerning the NWO, and Michael sincerely thanked me. He had been reading my articles on the internet that used his information and enjoying every one of them!

That was it. I never heard from Michael or this contact again either. And so it is in the covert and clandestine world of truth-telling on black ops of the CIA.

My dear friend Michael Maholy, wherever you are, I hope that you are once again reading THIS article. On behalf of the American people who deserve to KNOW the truth, I am publishing this in your honor, as truly one of America's Heroes, someone who told THE TRUTH to the American people even at the risk of your own life and all you held dear.

Thank you, Michael, on behalf of ALL of us Americans.

And Michael, keep trusting Jesus, the One you turned to 13 years ago, who got you out alive and will NEVER LET YOU DOWN. And may many of you still working for the NWO agenda in the CIA, also decide that IT IS TIME TO COME OUT and turn to JESUS CHRIST for forgiveness and peace within, at last.

After all, if in fact Jesus died for the sins of the WORLD, then He also died SINS OF THE CIA too.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert

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