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Enjoying 38 years of Christian Ministry Nationwide/Worldwide

There Can BE NO GREATER JOY Than Serving Jesus Christ

by Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism with a Christian perspective-

I often marvel over today's generation of "Christians." I find so many young people today who are actually afraid to commit their lives fully to Jesus Christ, and to offer to serve Him. Many are afraid they will no longer have "any fun." And fear that Christianity will somehow prove to be "dull and boring and unfulfilling."

These are all lies from the very pits of hell. NOTHING can be more exciting and fulfilling than to KNOW AND SERVE THE LIVING GOD and walk with His glorious Son, JESUS CHRIST!

When we fully surrender our lives to God and His eternal purposes, His Holy Spirit is then released by our will aligned with His, to move us to those places of calling and ministry and training that will TOUCH THE WORLD for Jesus Christ.Serving God IS EXCITING! REWARDING! FULFILLING! And the fruits of one life fully surrendered to the glory and the will of God, can change the world and will be ETERNAL.

In my exciting 38 years of Christian training and ministries in many locations, I have watched as the power of God came into many lost souls I encountered as I shared my testimony with them. Often my testimony came in the form of working with the sick and elderly in home health care positions. As I shared love and hope with people about to die, many asked me to pray with them to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Some received Jesus only hours before they died.

In one amazing case, a Jewish grandmother I took care of prayed for Jesus to be her Messiah and to save her as I held her hand and ministered. She died a few hours later. The family asked me to attend her funeral. I encountered her grandchild, Marsha, a few days later. "Pam, what happened to MY GRANDMOTHER? I had a vision of HER IN HEAVEN! She spoke to me and said, 'Don't be sad, don't cry for me, because now I am HAPPY! I am in HEAVEN WITH JESUS!'"

Immediately I explained to Marsha how her grandmother had prayed and asked Jesus into her heart before she died. I shared how Jesus died for our sins, and how Marsha also needed Jesus Christ in HER life. Marsha prayed and asked Jesus into her life after that, and became a follower of Jesus from that time on.

I have spent years in fields such as volunteering in Christian outreach in several Native America reservations, like LOWER BRULE, SD and CROW AGENCY, MT.Tragically, the American Indian reservations scattered across America, are among the most oppressed locations in the nation. Child abuse, spousal abuse, suicide, alcohol and drug abuse, satanism and the occult...all are widely found on the reservations. As many I interviewed admitted to me, "life 'ON THE REZ' is hell..."

Wonderful people like PASTOR DWAYNE AND ANITA BULLCHIEF of OUR FATHER'S HOUSE church at CROW AGENCY Reservation in Montana, have invited me in the past to host their children's church crusade during annual SUMMER CAMPMEETING among the Crow Indians. I can never forget being the only white face among up to 25 little Crow Indian children, ministering JESUS and HIS LOVE to these precious children for three nights.

Anita Bullchief admitted to me that every year, at least one Crow Native committed suicide, CROW STYLE. "They simply went down to the railroad tracks along Interstate 90 here, and jumped in FRONT ON THE ONCOMING TRAIN to end their lives...." Talk about breaking my heart!

But then THE CONCRETE JUNGLES of NYC and CHICAGO can be just as oppressive. I can recall performing Christian outreach in Brooklyn, NY, among the Russian Jews, and at night hearing the gunshots and bullets whizzing in their air from gang related drug and turf wars. Gangland type shootouts and murders often occurred in "Little Odessa," the predominantly Russian/Ukrainian Jewish section of Brooklyn near Coney Island.

At one of my favorite Russian restaurants, I was shocked to read in the Russian journal "Novaya Russkaya Slova" of one such gangland type killing, where a rival Russian Jewish mafia gang had executed both father and son of a rival gang...right in RESTAURANT ODESSA!

And YET, such hearts are often OPEN TO THE LOVE OF GOD and the power of their Messiah, Jesus Christ. After years of oppression under godless COMMUNISM, such people are hungry for the truth and the reality of GOD!I worked with many other dedicated Christian workers in NYC, Connecticut and CHICAGO to bring the power and love of God to these precious Russian Jews.

While living in the southeast "Bible Belt" for many years, I enjoyed working with African American children in inner city outreaches. Often I found myself the only white face in predominantly African/American churches. But nothing could keep me out! I loved to hear their intense choirs singing with a passion I wish was more often found in many white churches, frankly.I would watch as dedicated preachers would walk across the stage, pulling out white hankies to mop the sweat off their faces as they preached from their very hearts the wonderful saving message of Jesus Christ. How I loved these people. But then, GOD IS LOVE. Have we forgotten this in many of our churches today, the very LOVE essence of Christianity?

At one point in my life, God called me to become involved with Christian pro-life outreach nationwide. Beginning with OPERATION RESCUE, I began traveling nationwide to various baby killing centers to both pray and to hand literature offering alternatives to abortion to the mothers about to enter these grim clinics of death. During a RESCUE, we would peacefully and non-violently block entrance to the clinic doors, hoping to buy time for out counselors to hand out literature to the women who were now detained from entering the clinic. MANY women in fact CHANGED THEIR MINDS as a result, went HOME and GAVE BIRTH TO THEIR CHILDREN INSTEAD!

And often, we Christian pro-life outreach workers were arrested, charged, put on trial, and frequently sentenced to both jail and prison. I was imprisoned in both several jails and prison at one point, all for the "CRIME" of saving the children.

But I can testify personally, to the power and the glory of God being found in those decrepit jailcells, as God used both me and many other imprisoned pro-lifers to SHARE JESUS CHRIST with very lost inmates and guards. It was exciting to witness the power of God vibrant and at work in these places of incarceration!

I began to experience first hand what the Apostle Paul wrote about in the Epistles found in the Bible. As Paul related from personal experience, I could also testify to: NOTHING COULD SEPARATE ME from the love of GOD found in Christ Jesus!Not the filthy jail cells, not the torn and ill-fitting clothing,not the often disgusting "food," nor at times abusive treatment by guards and wardens. NOTHING could separate us from the power of God in such places.All glory be to HIM forevermore.

And beginning in 1996, as I spent much time in prayer seeking direction for my life, God led me by His Spirit into INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM, to research the NWO and to warn His people in America of what is SOON TO COME, and to help prepare them to STAND FAST IN THEIR FAITH FOR HIM. I have endured many hardships and much persecution, much loss, threats from the US government and several death attempts on my life in this challenging ministry. But it is exciting to watch the POWER OF GOD IN ACTION, knowing that you escaped death ONE MORE TIME because of the MIGHTY GOD WE SERVE!

God is often MOST GLORIFIED, when we find ourselves most endangered and at risk, and on the front lines for GOD. This is where I have witnessed His power and glory the most. And that is frankly WHY I prefer to be ON THE FRONT LINES OF SPIRITUAL WARFARE AND OUTREACH with GOD.

Truly, serving God is exciting, fulfilling, and furthermore eternally profitable. I cannot even begin to count the number of souls that were brought to Jesus Christ through my witness throughout the years. And I continue to witness Jesus Christ to this very day.

In closing, I encourage YOU to TAKE THE RISK! GIVE your heart and life COMPETELY to Jesus Christ! TAKE HIS HAND and choose to walk with Him in a committed lifestyle daily. ASK Him to lead you and guide you into ministry that will touch the lives of others. OBEY His word, and step out in faith and love to reach others in various ways. And you will be surprised at the many amazing things God will then do IN and through YOUR life, given to Him completely.

-Pamela Schuffert

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