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What's The CIA Doing in The Churches of AMERICA?

-by Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalsim from a Christian perspective

Traditionally, America has always been a known as a nation of religious freedom. With decidedly Christian roots and a rich Christian heritage for centuries, America became known as a nation of refuge for those fleeing from religious persecution in many oppressed countries, especially communist nations. Christian churches and seminaries have flourished from coast to coast. Religious broadcasting has filled the airwaves both in radio and television broadcasting.

For many, America has long been recognized as a stronghold for FREEDOM from oppression and persecution for religious beliefs, especially for Christianity.

However, time and circumstances seems to slowly be changing what America once was from her original founding. Warning signals from many directions are indicating that Christian religious freedom that once flourished in this nation, may finally become threatened. For example...

The ACLU labors ceaselessly to attempt to diminish Christian liberties throughout America. It's letters could equally stand for "Anti-Christ Labor Union."

Legislation that somehow slipped under the radars of Christian watchdog groups was passed in the 1990's, making provision for Christians to actually be severely persecuted for their beliefs in the future, referring to THE NOAHIDE LAWS. This legislation was signed by George Bush SR after being presented to him by the radical Orthodox Jewish organization, Lubavitch Chabad. This legislation actually makes provision for Christians to be EXECUTED (!) for violating several of those laws, regarding prohibition against "blasphemy against God" and "idolatry.

The way the Noahide Laws legislation are written, makes Christians who believe the JESUS CHRIST IS DIVINE (Son of God) and "God in the flesh" to BECOME OFFENDERS WHO ARE DEEMED WORTHY OF DEATH. And their declared form of execution is BY BEHEADING.

Increasing documentation of the presence of many MODERN GUILLOTINES in the US military bases of America stand today as ominous mute testimony to the plan to actually attempt to enforce THE NOAHIDE LAWS on the endangered Christian population of America someday.

Frankly, I must marvel. WHERE IS THE CHRISTIAN OUTRAGE and OUTCRY over this?

More recently, we have the FAIRNESS DOCTRINE that presents the theory that OPPOSING VIEWS MUST HAVE EQUAL TIME on religious broadcasting networks, radio and television stations, etc. Opponents of Christian liberties in America are working hard to have this freedom restricting legislation passed quickly now.

However, so many well meaning American seem to be complacent and naive to this ominous trend we see moving throughout our nation. Perhaps we, the American Christians, have been spoiled and lulled into a state of complacency over 400 years of religious freedoms in our nation.

Perhaps we have taken for granted such precious religious liberties.

While Christians from other nations, especially in the twentieth century, have suffered extreme forms of religious persecution under COMMUNISM, ISLAM and other forms of oppressive governments in other nations, the Church in America has largely remained untouched by severe and obvious persecution.

During my many years of performing investigative journalism, I was disturbed to repeatedly uncover evidence of government intrusion into the Christian institutions of America today. The kind of suspicious intrusion I have uncovered reminiscent of communist oppression includes planting of Federal spies from the intelligence community (CIA/FBI) into the churches, posing as either "members" or "pastors" or other forms of leadership.

The purposes seem to be many, including presenting false/biased doctrines leaning towards more government control over the Christians in America. They also include monitoring individuals who may be deemed a threat to the US government because of more radical Christian convictions.

In one clear case, that of Jeff and Marsh of AMERINET BROADCASTING NETWORK at that time, the purpose of planting a CIA pastor in their church pulpit was to not only SPY on them, but ultimately TO TERMINATE JEFF BAKER as well. Why?

The CIA is one of most dangerous agencies known to the freedom of Christianity in America today. The CIA essentially is dedicated to ruthlessly bringing America under the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda, which can also be defined as WORLD GLOBALIST COMMUNISM complete with religious persecution of the Christians.

Jeff Baker was the founder/director of AMERINET BROADCASTING NETWORK in Tampa, FL. (Now no longer in existence.) Their purpose was to providing broadcasting designed to wake up the American people to the dangers of the NWO agenda in our nation.

In response, the CIA planted one of their own, well groomed for this role, into the pulpit of Baker's Pentecostal church. Unsuspectingly, they continued to attend this church.

However, one day the pastor's true intent became alarmingly clear. Jeff and Marsha attended a church "picnic" one day. The "pastor" handed Jeff and cup of "Kool Aid."And within hours, he became deathly ill and had to be rushed to a hospital emergency room.

Testing confirmed that HE HAD BEEN POISONED, and the agent of poisoning had been THE KOOL AID, deliberately contaminated with a deadly chemical evidently designed to TERMINATE.

Stunned, Jeff and Marsha explained to me at their office how they then began to perform background research on this "pastor" of their church.

"We discovered that this man was in fact AN ACTIVE CIA OFFICER! He was apparently planted in OUR church, to SPY on us and to KILL Jeff, " they explained that day.

Finally, government attack became so intense against them and their radio network, that they were forced to leave America and fled to HONDURAS at that time for safety.

When I traveled to Jerusalem, Israel, in 1998 to lecture during FEAST OF TABERNACLES and to gather more information regarding the unfolding of the NEW WORLD ORDER, I met with a former fellow Bible College student alumni of mine, Devorah Goldsmith.

In her apartment she shared many things with me. I was not prepared for her shocking revelation of what happened in our hallowed Bible College, however.

"I was called one day into the office at the college by Palmer Johnson, and asked to sit down. Spread before him were transcripts of all my grades. He looked at me and said,'You are obviously a brilliant person! How would you like to COME TO WASHINGTON DC and work for us in THE INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY...........???' As I began to realize what kind of person he was, a spy infiltrated into our Bible College, I became furious," Devorah recounted to me. Anger was still evident in her voice as she recalled this situation.

She shared how she then left that office in anger that day, feeling a sense of betrayal that even this Bible College had also been infiltrated with government intelligence. YET SOMEHOW this man sat among honored leaders and elders in this well known Bible College in New York state! And how many OTHER students had he attempted to lure into working for the Federal spy machine in Washington, DC, perhaps to be trained to be FEDERAL INFILTRATORS into the churches of America themselves?

Obviously, the "ELECT" had been deceived. However, this particular real life account had a very strange, and perhaps Biblically justified, ending.

I later contacted my former Bible College to speak to a friend there. I was told, "Something terrible has happened...Palmer Johnson just dropped dead for no apparent reason here! Everyone is upset. They are preparing for his funeral and I can't talk to you now...."

Frankly, I was not shocked when I heard this. The Bible declares, "Be NOT deceived: GOD IS NOT MOCKED. Whatsoever a man SOWS, that shall he reap." For here was a government plant, deceiving Christian leadership and students, pretending to be "one of the faithful," whose REAL intent was to spy on the staff and students and to recruit them to work for the Federal spy apparatus in Washington DC!

Knowing how the grace of God works, I personally concluded that God had called him to repent repeatedly, and finally decided IT WAS TIME FOR JUDGMENT. And time for holy housecleaning as well. "Judgment begins in the house of God, " declares God's word. Well, obviously it worked. (Intelligence community monitoring this anti-NWO blog, I sincerely you take note of this, for your OWN eternal good......)

Through ongoing research, I slowly began to recognize a pattern of intelligence community infiltration into Christian churches and organizations across this nation. I interviewed retired CIA officers, including one man with over 30 years experience in the CIA, living in the Denver area. We became casual friends. I pressed him for the truth one day.

"You know, so many Christians are in denial when I tell them what is coming to America in my reporting. Admit it...isn't it TRUE that every church and Christian organization in America is infiltrated by the CIA and the intelligence community?"

He replied, "Yes, it's absolutely true." In fact, I already KNEW these things to be true, but I wanted further documentation from a long term CIA insider.

I further asked, "And isn't it true that there REALLY IS a NEW WORLD ORDER agenda for this nation...and that Christians will be persecuted under this in the future...and that there really are prisoner boxcars with shackles and FEMA camps and modern guillotines that will be used against them in America as well?" He said again, "Yes, this is ALL true....."

Further confirmation came as I was circulating my book, PREMONITIONS OF AN AMERICAN HOLOCAUST, in Israel and Jerusalem. My book outlined the coming NWO TAKEOVER OF AMERICA. Devorah, my former fellow Bible College student, wanted to give a copy to her Orthodox Jewish friends who were interested in my materials. She presented it to them, and they read it.

They later told her, "We wanted to make sure this information was factual, so we sent this book to our MOSSAD contacts in Jerusalem. They responded by telling us, 'we KNOW that these things are true...the problem is that in America most people DON'T know this is true!"

It is time for the Christians in America to make adjustments to their understanding of where America is slowly being taken, and what is in fact happening in the Christian institutions of America today, and to take appropriate measures to be on guard against Federal intrusion and spies in the pulpits of today's America.

One of the greatest dangers I see to the American Church today, is the simplistic naivete and general ignorance of such tactics by the majority of American Christians.The Christians under communist regimes KNEW that their pulpits were infiltrated with KGB spies and took appropriate precautions. However, most American Christians remain ignorant of the rampant Federal spying throughout their religious institutions and their churches today.

For reasons that should be apparent, this needs to be changed.

-Pamela Schuffert

Such reporting as the above is critical for the people of America to comprehend what is happening to them. All of this reporting on behalf of the endangered American people is reader supported. You can send support to:

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