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By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

"Wake UP Christians of America...It's YOUR TURN to BE SENT TO THE CAMPS!"

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from Biblical perspective-

Her name is SAIDA. Saida is a Sephardic Messianic Jew whom I met and personally interviewed while visiting her Messianic Synagogue in Tulsa, OK. Her unbelieving Jewish relatives still live in New York City.

Saida was also one of the Sephardic Jewish children cruelly irradiated by Ashkenazi Jews in a bogus experiment to eradicate ringworm. But in fact ringworm was not the problem.

Both she and many other Sephardi children became victims of a cruel experiment involving human experimentation, and many believe GENOCIDE of the Sephardi's, considered to be "lower class Jews" by many of the Ashkenazim.(Yes, racism is alive among even the Jews.)

I interviewed her during the time when I attended her Messianic Synagogue in Tulsa, OK, a few years ago as I traveled nationwide to broadcast, lecture and research the NWO/Communist AGENDA across America.

The leader of this Messianic Synagogue asked me to lecture to his congregation after the service, on my subject of research: THE COMING NEW WORLD ORDER and AN AMERICAN HOLOCAUST.

As I began to expound on my many years of investigative journalism, involving years of travel nationwide/worldwide to research and gather information exposing the NEW WORLD ORDER, I noticed Saida began to nod her head vigorously indicating "YES I KNOW, I KNOW!"
I paused and asked Saida in front of the congregation, "Saida, you act like you KNOW all about what I am talking about...DO YOU? HOW DO YOU KNOW?"

She replied, "I know all about THE CONCENTRATION CAMPS and the BOXCARS and the GUILLOTINES. Every time I go home to my Jewish relatives in New York City, they tell me, 'You better COME OUT OF YOUR FAITH IN JESUS while you CAN, because IT WILL SOON BE the CHRISTIANS' TURN to be SENT TO THE CAMPS!"

Soon it will be THE CHRISTIANS' TURN to be SENT TO THE CAMPS...??? Have the Jews in America so quickly forgotten the millions of Christians their Jewish Communists of the Bolshevik Revolution sent to the camps?

I was stunned. I asked her further questions. She revealed that many in the Jewish communities in New York City KNOW ALL ABOUT THIS NWO/COMMUNIST AGENDA for North America, and the plan to eradicate the Christians under martial law by means of the camps, the prisoner boxcars and the Noahide Laws guillotines, to make way for their anticipated "world Jewish reign" under their upcoming "new messiah."

For those of you Christians who do not understand the tragedy of ongoing Jewish hatred of Christianity for 2000 years, most recently under decades of Jewish Communism and their tens of MILLIONS of tortured and murdered Christian victims, there are numerous research materials available on the Internet of a solid historic background (and not "anti-Semitic" but rather the truth.)The greatest victims of their hatred and unbelief in their Messiah JESUS CHRIST remain THEMSELVES, sadly.

And Saida's words further indicated that such Jews in NYC are actually rejoicing over the thought of "...THE CHRISTIANS' TURN TO BE SENT TO THE CAMPS."
I further pursued this shocking revelation, by encountering more Jews and asking probing questions.

Those that were willing to express their thoughts, confirmed Saida's revelations. One Jewish man  admitted to me that "...the ANTICHRIST YOU CHRISTIANS FEAR, will be OUR MESSIAH to GET RID OF YOU CHRISTIANS and bring in the world reign of messiah and the JEWS!" This ties in perfectly with end-time Christian Bible Prophecy!
Interestingly, the militant Orthodox Jewish sect LUBAVITCH CHABAD, who are the writers and promoters of the NOAHIDE LAWS that many Christians now realize are to be used to EXECUTE CHRISTIANS under rabbinical courts in the future, are ALSO the very group intent on raising up "THE NEW MESSIAH" of the Jews.

Apparently "the new messiah" that these Jews referenced, will be the one who will put us Christians to death under their Noahide Laws legislation. And how sad it is that many in the Jewish communities want this to happen to the Christians.

Since the failure of Lubavitch's last attempt to produce a lasting "messiah," Rebbe Menachem Schneerson, whose body is still lying cold in the grave at last report, they continue to feverishly work  to produce a "new messiah" to lead the Jews to world conquest over the Gentiles and Christians, and reign over their coming JEWISH WORLD GOVERNMENT. Many Jews believe that it is their NEW WORLD ORDER in fact. And they have told me so.

I recently questioned some Jews in Jewish chat rooms in and their responses were frankly boastful, arrogant, and chilling. They confirmed what Saida revealed in that synagogue to us that day...and what many of us investigators have suspected all along. (Download PALTALK, buy some SKYPE headphones, and talk free to other people worldwide. Excellent Christian and other chat rooms!)

All I can say is, thank you, my Sephardic friend Saida, for confirming to me and the Christians of America the painful and unsettling truth in this critical hour of America's unfolding destiny.

As a witness of the Messiah Jesus/Yahshua to the Jews for many years, loving and talking care of both Jewish elderly and children, I will admit that the pain in my heart is unmeasurable as I read the WRITING ON THE WALL for America's destiny and the coming persecution and martyrdom of many of her Christian population, tragically and undeniably linked to the Communist/NWO agenda elements of Jews in America, and worldwide.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert

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  1. Heavy Sigh.. I have known this for some time now and finding more and more information supporting it is UN-nerving to say the least.

    Christ help us...