Monday, February 16, 2009

EXPOSED-False Prophet LINDA NEWKIRK And Doctrines of DEMONS

-False Prophet LINDA NEWKIRK Is Finally EXPOSED...Takes Credit for "9/11" Disaster-

by Pamela Schuffert, investigative journalist

Numerous people across America have come across the website of false prophet LINDA NEWKIRK, and are disgusted with her lies and books filled with God's alleged lavish praise and kudos to NEWKIRK.

In fact, immediately after 9/11, NEWKIRK and her New Age witchcraft posing as "Christianity" TOOK THE CREDIT FOR IT!

You can read all about this below.

Newkirk makes big bucks off the American people by publishing her alleged "prophecies" and also filling her publications with curses and "THUS SAITH THE LORD YOU ARE DEAD IF YOU CRITICIZE NEWKIRK" type rantings.

She has also brought false accusations against people like myself, Pamela Schuffert, and others.

I personally much time with her on the phone, sharing from The Bible how she was INTO GROSS heresy as she teaches REINCARNATION AND KARMA and ASCENDED MASTERS and that "JESUS IS JUST ONE MORE ASCENDED MASTER".

Newkirk then turned on me viciously when I would NOT accept her false doctrines, and began to publish lies masked as "prophecies" against me, joining with COINTELPRO accomplices Fred and Katy Sasse of MN and CIA Barbara Hartwell to character assassinate me.

In one email, she even went so far as to CLAIM "PAM SCHUFFERT IS DEAD" because she, Linda Newkirk, cursed me.

Quite obviously, I AM ALIVE. You ARE quite the liar, Newkirk! And those that go to you for your information, like Fred and Katy Sasse (CIA COINTELPRO accomplices), are also the deceived.

This type of false teaching undergirds the NEW AGE/NWO movement, and is utterly UNSCRIPTURAL and without basis.

Newkirk was thrown out of churches in South Africa when she tried to pass herself off on them as a "true prophet from God." Included in this post is one email from South Africa exposing her lies.

With the volume of her publications being sold on her website, filled with doctrines of demons and heresies and false prophecies that have actually hurt people by her false accusations in the past, it is time America understands the truth about such false prophets as LINDA NEWKIRK.

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(From Sherry)
...I met Linda Newkirk in 2001 as well as her husband. After we met, her true spirit was exposed, especially on 9/11/01 after the destruction of the twin towers in New York. We were to go grocery shopping together and instead I prayed non-stop for days, interceding for the victims.

Linda Newkirk got furious with me, for she said SHE CAUSED THE TWIN TOWERS TO BE DESTROYED, for she used the rod of judgement the day before on the phone on it as well as calling the wrath down on the Pentagon.

The day before, NEWKIRK was on the telephone with me and as I was praying, she picked up a broom and hit the floor of her trailer and said she was using the "rod of destruction."

I just thought she was being stupid and did not realize she was operating under occult power. I instead interceded for the innocent people of New York and told her that I don't believe she caused that destruction, and the Spiritual rod given to me was not used for evil like she claims hers was being used for.

I have much to say, but to make it short, I agree with what Pam Schuffert has written about her...


False Prophet LINDA NEWKIRK Creates HAVOC in South Africa!

Please read the following email I just received from my website reader, Dirk.

Many of you have asked me if alleged "prophet" LINDA NEWKIRK is indeed a false prophet, and I have repeatedly confirmed BY HER OWN WORDS that she indeed is a deceiver and teaching DOCTRINES OF DEMONS, sandwiched behind her smooth sounding words of alleged "END TIME PROPHECY."

She is in fact also a plagiarist, stealing the valuable in-depth research of journalists like myself, then rewriting them to sound as if "GOD HAS REVEALED TO HER THESE EVENTS TO COME TO AMERICA."

And of course, a FALSE PROPHET always writes false prophecy to glorify themselves, to mislead readers.

NEWKIRK is infamous for doing this, painting glowing words "FROM THE FATHER" in her prophecies that seek to glorify her, how great she is, etc.

But even Jesus Christ Himself declared that He came to to SEEK THE GLORY OF THE FATHER! Every true servant of God will seek to GLORIFY GOD and NOT THEMSELVES!

And as I have shared previously, NEWKIRK teaches the DOCTRINE OF DEMONS of REINCARNATION AND KARMA, referring to Jesus Christ as "MASTER JESUS". This is an occult, eastern religion "ASCENDED MASTERS" teaching, going right along with REINCARNATION AND KARMA.

When I personally confronted NEWKIRK on this heresy by telephone, she became livid with anger and insisted that REINCARNATION IS TRUE! And that "Master Jesus" told her so!

Sorry, but NEWKIRK'S false doctrines have been proven unscriptural and to be lies again and again. And her many false prophecies that have never come to pass also condemn her. "By your words you shall be justified and by your words YOU SHALL BE CONDEMNED."-Jesus Christ.

For example, her "due date" of WINTER SOLSTICE of 2003 for when I was SUPPOSED TO DROP DEAD for daring to call her a FALSE PROPHET, of course NEVER CAME TO PASS! Yet she declared "GOD TOLD HER" He would kill me by then!

Linda is truly of her father Satan, the father of liars and lies. And her end shall be in the LAKE OF FIRE, as with ALL liars and false prophets that seek to deceive the elect.

Sincerely, Pamela Schuffert

* * * * * * * * * * * *

From: "koerier"
To: Pam Schuffert
Subject: RE: Linda Newkirk
Date: Fri, 1 Oct 2004 13:01:27 +0200

Dear Pamela Schuffert,

My name is Dirk van Vuuren and I am from South Africa. I was involved with the Afrikaans translations of the books of LN, from the Mountain. Therein she (LINDA NEWKIRK) curses you to death and said to me personally that you are now dead.

Could you verify that you still live, please, it is very urgent, because this woman is now in South Africa and is creating havoc with our people. We are presently compiling a file of her false prophecies and downright lies.



  1. Linda Newkirk is posting comments under assumed names on you tube, directing people to her blog of deception. The site in question is, I think its necessary to expose as many of these evil people as possible.

  2. People only want to believe that God is love. They don't want to believe that he brings judgment also. I think of John the Baptist when he walked the earth. He wore camel skin for his body and ate locust for food. What if he was here today living in that manner how many of us would say "He's crazy!" Preaching and trying to save people. No one would believe him or his God. People think they have God all figured out but in reality no one really knows the power of God. No one knows how he thinks or what he will do or when. In 6 days he spoke this world into existence, created man, animals and everything in it. If you believe he destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because of sin he will do it again and again until we turn from our sins and run into his loving arms and repent. This country has turned their face from God. Just because God and his mercy has not destroyed this world does not mean he will not bring judgment, your just kidding yourselves. Remember, God can use anyone to bring his word, he doesn't need anybody's approval whether they fit our criteria or not. I have read the scriptures he has destroyed city after city because of sin. Who in their right mind will stand against Almighty God and say this person is not your prophet or that person is not a prophet? I would be careful what you say God is not mocked. I have read the same bible as you have and the God I know has a loving side but also an angry side.

    1. We know exactly the "true power of God" as it is told to us through his "Inspired Word of God" It is very simple to understand the Bible when the Holy Spirit teaches it to us. It is sad that people believe teachings from people like Linda Newkirk and those people will need God to open their hearts and show them the real truths of their misunderstandings. Those people will be in my prayers and with many others prayers. God bless all who have been mislead in these end times and I sincerely pray that the Holy Spirit intercedes and teaches all those that are truly wanting to know the truth but only being taught the wrong things. I have had some things in my life make me question the bible but through logic and prayer and reading have I learned and been able to grow and know for a fact what I believe is to be true beyond any shadow of a doubt. Only the Bible will have the answers.