Thursday, February 26, 2009

Testimony From INSIDE The CIA: Miracles of God

-How God Touched ONE MORE LIFE Inside the Dark World of the CIA-

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Christian perspective

I am in love with our mighty GOD OF MIRACLES and His glorious Son, Jesus Christ! My new life was birthed during a Christian miracle crusade many years ago, as Jesus Christ reached down and touched me when I was dying of epilepsy, brain damage and other complications. After two doctors gave up, Jesus Christ stepped IN. And subsequently, I was totally healed of all my illnesses, and confirmed through later testing by my doctor in New Jersey, Dr. Samuel Getlin. My healing was declared to be a MEDICALLY UNEXPLAINABLE MIRACLE by my doctor!

Often we get a greater glimpse of His greatness, when God steps into seemingly impossible situations filled with tragedy and hopelessness. It is at times like this that we SEE THE GLORY OF GOD, as Jesus Christ then brings HOPE and MIRACLES into the darkness when ALL ELSE FAILS.

I love it when God does this.

I was fascinated therefore, to sit in the living room of a former CIA assassin, Steve Campbell, in his condominium in SC. Steve had become a born-again Christian after years of serving in the CIA as an assassin. And all throughout those years of performing hits for the CIA, Steve was also a satanist. The CIA, in fact, often hires satanists in America to become assassins/assassin teams. They CIA realizes that hardened satanists will not flinch at such deadly assignments, since their satanic rituals involve killing innocent victims without mercy by night anyhow.

(Please go away, pain in my heart, as I write these words. Because sometimes the pain of this kind of knowledge becomes unbearable. Oh, GOD...WHY do these people have to KILL? America is filled with their tragic victims everywhere...WHEN will the killing stop?)

Steve's life is truly a testimony to the wondrous grace and mercy of the Lord God the Almighty, and the power of His Son Jesus Christ. He explained the events that led to his salvation experience.

"I was raised in a satanist family in the foothills of NC. And when I became an adult, I was hired by the CIA for assassin jobs. They are always hiring satanists for assassin positions. I had done 17 hits and was out with my partner on what I thought was another assignment. But soon, I discovered it was not a normal assignment: I was being set up to be TERMINATED! The CIA was finally through using me, I now knew too much, and it was time to be TAKEN OUT....."

"I found myself with my back to the wall in an alleyway, and my partner aiming a handgun at my chest at close range. Terrified, I watched as his hands began to squeeze the trigger, and I prepared to die as he started to empty his clip at close range while aiming at me. Blast after blast came out of that barrel at close range, BUT NOT ONE BULLET TOUCHED ME...NOT ONE."

"My partner became shocked when he saw that I was not hurt, and threw down his gun and began to run. He knew I was still armed and could come after him and kill him now...." But that is not what Steve did. Stunned, Steve immediately recognized this as an awesome and unexplainable GRACE MIRACLE OF GOD. Steve SHOULD HAVE BEEN DEAD!

Growing up in the Bible belt, Steve had heard about Jesus Christ many times. He knew what Jesus Christ could do. He definitely knew he was a sinner heading to hell. But he never made that commitment to Jesus, to repent and become a born again Christian, until THAT VERY DAY that the grace of God and a divine miracle spared his life.

Steve totally committed his life to Jesus Christ as a result of that incredible miracle of God's mercy and grace, and came out of the CIA and quit all assassin jobs after that. Not satisfied, the CIA forced Steve to undergo painful brainwashing by electronic devices designed to erase all his intimate knowledge of CIA black ops, etc. He admitted it was a terrible experience, but also told me that he was glad to forget many of the things he had done while working in the CIA.

I will never forget Steve's true and awesome testimony while sitting in his living room that day. What a glorious account of the undeserved mercy and grace of God upon his life! But then, NONE of us deserve God's grace and mercy. We have ALL sinned, and we are ALL worthy of His judgment.

And that is why we ALL need the mercy of God in our lives. And it is through believing in JESUS CHRIST that our sins are finally removed forever from our lives, and peace comes as we receive His salvation in our hearts.

If you are working for the CIA or the intelligence community, perhaps you are struggling with sin like Steve's in your life. You may be facing serious decisions. But God's Word is eternal and it promises that NO MATTER WHAT YOU HAVE DONE, Jesus Christ died for YOU and He knows our deepest secrets and He is ABLE to forgive our darkest sins. And bring you into God's peace and love and forgiveness at last.

"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall NOT PERISH, but have eternal life." (John 3:16) Please, won't you try Jesus Christ?

"I have come that THEY MAY HAVE LIFE, and LIFE MORE ABUNDANTLY."~Jesus Christ

-Pamela Schuffert

(Postscript-I remember growing up just outwide the Washington DC area. As I became involved in the world of investigative journalism, my eyes began to be opened to what was hidden from me during my childhood years in that area. When I first began to hear sordid accounts of CIA black ops from former operatives turned whistleblowers, I was frankly overwhelmed. As a Christian, I felt that something had to be done to bring GOD into this dark picture.

I can remember driving from my home outside Alexandria, VA, along the George Washington Parkway, taking the McLean exit and parking across the street from the CIA headquarters. With a heart filled with the revelations of former CIA officers of what really goes on inside the CIA, I remember bowing my head, folding my hands and letting the tears fall as I prayed from the depths of my soul. I prayed for both CIA operative and their victims as well: Jesus died for ALL. I cried out to God for His love and mercy to touch their hearts and lives throughout the CIA. And for God to save and heal their many victims as well.

And though now living far away from the Washington DC area, my tears and my prayers continue non-stop for these people. Can you find it in your heart to join me in this kind of prayer? And remember: nothing is IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD. And no matter how great the sin, GOD'S MERCY IS GREATER.-Pamela Schuffert)

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