Thursday, February 19, 2009

CENSORED Newsbriefs-German Troops & Martial Law USA

The following newsbrief is important for America to understand the role of the FOREIGN/UN troops in AMERICA UNDER MARTIAL LAW, including GERMAN. It was made while living 6 months in Germany to explore the role of GERMANY in coming MARTIAL LAW in America, while investigating in 2001. The following information remains important, because this remains their NWO strategy to this day.

Pam Schuffert, radio journalist, reporting from Germany-

I have been researching in Germany for 5 months now, and everything indicates rapid training of our troops to work side by side with cooperating foreign troops for the coming conquest of AMERICA UNDER MARTIAL LAW. As I read the European edition of STARS AND STRIPES almost daily, numerous military publications plus European news journals and newspapers, and interviewing actual military here, I am coming to realize the extent that THE AMERICAN PEOPLE HAVE BEEN DECEIVED AND BETRAYED INTO THE HANDS OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER BY HER VERY OWN GOVERNMENT AND MILITARY!

One military publication shared about a major operation involving three branches of the US military in which they were learning to work intensely together IN A CONTINGENCY EXERCISE. CONTINGENCY means MARTIAL LAW. Here in Europe, Americans are being rapidly trained through the Balkan crisis to work side by side with Russians, Germans and other foreign troops ALL UNDER THE UN BLUE AND NATO.

They are being trained in various exercises as: weapons seizures, intimidating resisters to surrender and lay down their weapons, how to operate prisoner detention camps holding resisters of this UN/MNTF "peacekeeping" effort complete with guard towers, and more. JANE'S DEFENSE magazine has published pictures of German Bundeswehr (military) looking over large caches of weapons seized from "insurgents, militants, etc.," all in this obvious training exercise in the Balkans designed to prepared American and foreign troops FOR THE HOUR OF MARTIAL LAW IN AMERICA.

I interviewed three German Bundeswehr MP´s fresh from Kosovo, pistols strapped to their sides and white MP armbands on their arms. Here are their revealing comments (This interview took place at the train station in Munich.) I asked their spokesman, "Do you KNOW there are GERMAN MILITARY in America now?" He replied,

"Oh, yes, we know about our German troops in America. Fort Bliss and Holloman AFB..." I asked, "Do you know WHY they are there...for the hour of martial law, to help arrest Americans and seize their weapons and fire upon them if they resist?" The spokesman for the group said, "Yes, we have heard all this, AND IT IS TRUE." Yet so many of my fellow Americans DO NOT!

Looking at him intently, I asked him this question: "IF martial law is declared in America, could you fire UPON ME???" He would not reply as he looked at me. His cold, steely eyes reflected the position of a professional soldier hardened by German military training and experience in Kosovo. Stiffening, he abruptly excused himself and his two companions and hurried off to their train. We understood each other perfectly. NO HE WOULD NOT! Nor would his companions in America under martial law.

US military are also being hardened through their experience in the Balkans. [And now of course through experience in IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN as well.]They are being conditioned to serving under UN BLUE and NATO, much as they will do in America under martial law. They are being conditioned to deal with "militants, insurgents, resisters, " which is exactly how all Patriot resisters under martial law will be labeled as by the US government and military.

Fellow Americans, it is truly time to wake up to the reality of the coming quest for America...and to realize the extent to which we have been betrayed and deceived in this matter. As Chuck Colson once admitted, "It is not inconceivable that, in the future, the US military will be used AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE." I tell you, here in Germany I am watching with my own eyes the preparation and conditioning of our American troops for that very hour.

As one military soldier (whom I interviewed in Germany at the MARSHALL CENTER in Garmisch), a previous trainer of foreign troops in MOUT exercises at Fort Polk LA, admitted to me when he read through my book, PREMONITIONS OF AN AMERICAN HOLOCAUST (regarding coming martial law,)

"Ma´am, everything in your book IS TRUE, and I am leaving America with my wife and child as soon as I can...because MARTIAL LAW IS COMING...AND IT WILL BE TERRIBLE WHEN IT COMES." What the US news media is desperately trying to hide from the American people, I am watching firsthand here in Europe as so many joint military exercises take place one after the other, and each one points to preparation for COMING MARTIAL LAW.

-Pamela Schuffert
America, WAKE UP!

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