Thursday, January 17, 2013

Email from READER-More Christian VISIONS OF GUILLOTINES & Martyrdom USA

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Email from Concerned Reader: 
and Christians Beheaded!

The following is an email I just received today from a concerned Christian reader. As many other Christians I have previously interviewed have revealed, she had a dream-vision of herself and her family being beheaded for their Christian faith in the future in America.

But many would say, HOW can anyone be beheaded for their Christian faith IN AMERICA???

I will state emphatically that THE MODERN MILITARY GUILLOTINES ARE HERE, and have been in America at least since the 1970's, according to one CIA source, when they were first clandestinely ordered and imported from JAPAN. They were then quietly distributed across America to military facilities nationwide primarily by truck.

According to reliable military sources I have personally interviewed who have actually worked with these guillotines,  the guillotines are now in military bases across this nation, in places like FORT LEWIS/MCCHORD, WA; Fort Hood, TX; Fort Bragg, NC; and even in military bases overseas as well.
This is Bible prophecy  about to be fulfilled before our eyes, regarding Revelation 20:4 referring to the Christians who will be beheaded for their faith under a satanic antichrist world government 
as described in Revelation 13.
The distinctly Jewish NOAHIDE LAWS, originating from teachings in the the Babylonian Talmud (a major source of spiritual "MYSTERY BABYLON" persecutions of the Christians as described in Revelations), are what will facilitate the use of the MODERN GUILLOTINES, and pave the way for mass genocide of the Christians nationwide and worldwide. 

Former President Bush Sr. signed the legislation for the NOAHIDE LAWS after it was presented by the Orthodox Jews under LUBAVITCH CHABAD, rushed by deceitful means through the Senate and House, and finally signed in to legislation by Mr. "NWO" Bush himself. 

Of course, being a member of the Bush Illuminati bloodline and a Lucifer worshiper himself, who also wants Christians removed from the world to make way for their NWO agenda, Bush Sr. had no problem signing this. He knew what it was really all about!

The Noahide Laws declare that anyone guilty of "idolatry" and "blasphemy against God" will be subject to EXECUTION BY DECAPITATION. Traditional Orthodox Jews declare that CHRISTIANS are guilty of both offenses, because of their belief in, and reverence of, JESUS CHRIST as "SON OF GOD" and "DIVINE". (And He is indeed BOTH.) This teaching is found throughout the Talmud and other rabbinical writings addressing Jesus and His followers.


Most Jews of today consider the NEW WORLD ORDER, as defined  by Jew Karl MARX and Jew Moses Hess and other originators of Communism,  to be THEIR global plan to achieve world dominance, to subjugate Gentiles under them and seize their land and possessions, and to get RID of the Christians and all others who stand in their way.

They attempt to justify all of this by twisting scriptures from the Bible regarding Jews ruling the world from Jerusalem, and Gentiles subjugated beneath them. They also use writings from the Babylonian Talmud and other rabbinical writings to justify their position regarding Marxism and the NWO agenda. READ the following quote:
"The Governments of the different peoples forming the world republic will fall without difficulty into the hands of the Jews. It will then be possible for the Jewish rulers to abolish private property and everywhere to make use of the resources of the state. Thus will the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled, in which is said that when the Messianic time is come, the Jews will have all the property of the whole world in their hands." ~ Baruch Levy, Letter to Karl Marx, 'La Revue de Paris', p.574, June 1, 1928
Did you realize that the Presidential Executive Orders, that will become LAW OF THE LAND under MARTIAL LAW someday, are  in reality the Communist/Marxist blueprint for seizing America? And that under these orders, ANYONE'S PROPERTY CAN SIMPLY BE SEIZED BY THE GOVERNMENT AND FEMA???  Your land, your home, your guns and food supplies...and even family members!

America, wake up!

I remember one email I received from a Jewish reader one day. He bragged, "..yeah, lady, your reporting is correct! And the ANTICHRIST you Christians fear, will be OUR NEW MESSIAH to lead us to world victory, and TO GET RID OF YOU CHRISTIANS WHO STAND IN OUR WAY!"

How deeply troubling, and how very sad. In a nation that has provided protection for Jews and their religious freedoms for hundreds of years, primarily because of the Constitution, coupled with America's Christian heritage and the teachings of Jesus regarding how to treat our fellow man, the Jews who believe in their NEW WORLD ORDER Communist agenda have been working for many years  to move against our  Republic and Constitution, and to ultimately destroy the Christians from our nation,  and finally impose a Marxist NWO tyranny on AMERICA.

It has become evident now to millions of concerned Americans, that the actual purpose of the "CORONAVIRUS SCAMDEMIC" was to create CHAOS and to ABOLISH OUR CONSTITUTION AND 

These are sad revelations to comprehend, especially for the many naive Christians across America who have been praying for the Jews and supporting Israel, not really comprehending exactly WHAT hidden Jewish darkness and Jewish plans for THEIR genocide they have actually been supporting. 

Should we pray for the Jews? Yes, and I do so every day. But I pray with knowledge based on the truth. I have been a Christian outreach worker living and working among Jews for many years now, I lived for a while in Jerusalem and Israel, and I know the truth first hand. I became personally aware of the pervasive influence of the occult and satanism among many of them. I became fully aware of the strong spirit of hatred and persecution against Christianity in the Jewish community.

One Orthodox  Jewish rabbi from Russia threatened to have me thrown into prison for daring to share Jesus Christ as Messiah among the Jews, as I ministered to Jews in New York City. I was visiting his synagogue in Brooklyn, during SIMCHA TORAH one year. But after the service, I found myself singled out and cornered by the rabbi and several other men. They looked at me threateningly.

The rabbi asked me, "Tell me, WHO IS JESUS???" I replied to him, "He is the Son of God and the Messiah of the Jews!" He became livid and angry and said, "AHA! Now we will have you arrested and thrown into PRISON, because you deceive the people!" I reminded him he was no longer in Communist Russia, where indeed Christians were arrested and thrown into prison under a Jewish Marxist government. He was a clear product of Marxist ideology and the hate it produces for THE CHRISTIAN.

I pray for God to bring such Jews to repentance and true salvation through Jesus Christ their ONLY Messiah. I pray for the many Jews involved in the Illuminati and satanism and Marxism/Communism(which is also rampant in Israel by the way) to be convicted and get right with God through Jesus Christ. 

I remember asking a Jew one day in Brooklyn, the question: "Tell me, HOW could so many Jews who have the promises of God through Abraham, and the commandments of Moses, ever get so involved in satanism?" I was truly puzzled many years ago. He turned to look at me and quickly replied, "Well, if JESUS IS NOT OUR MESSIAH, then who else do you have BUT...." Of COURSE! It made perfect sense. If you reject the TRUTH, then what else do you have, BUT A LIE TO BELIEVE IN!

All of this spiritual darkness in the Jewish community can be traced directly to the ONE KEY FACTOR: rejection of Jesus the Messiah as their Savior! And what good fruit can possibly come from rejection of salvation from satan's power and sin? None whatsoever. Rather, such people remain under satan's power and sin. And satan can then fully use such people for his agendas in the world today. And unfortunately for millions upon millions of dead Christians under Communism, satan HAS.

"And thou shalt call His name Jesus (Yahshua) for He shall SAVE HIS PEOPLE FROM THEIR SINS." Thus spoke the angel Gabriel to Mary, mother of Jesus. But when His people, the Jews, REJECT Him and His salvation, THEY ARE NOT SAVED FROM THEIR SINS. And satan freely works through all sinners, sadly including Jews who reject their Savior Jesus Christ.
And this is exactly what happened to form Marxism and Communism and it's blueprint for the destruction of nations and Christianity. Jews rejecting salvation through Jesus Christ, turning to the forces of hell called the Illuminati and satanism and the occult instead to seek corrupt power to bring forth their world control. And to get rid of the Christians who stand in their way. When Jesus warned His Church about the "Jews of the synagogue of satan, " He meant it.

Therefore, how can the NEW WORLD ORDER be anything other than a satanic Jewish Communist agenda? Karl Marx spoke of the destruction of the OLD order among nations, to bring forth THEIR NEW WORLD ORDER under Communism and the Lucifer behind it. 
Jesus declared that satan the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy. This is exactly how Communists operate as they greedily take over nation after nation, seize peoples' property, brutally murder and torture and kill all opposition, and march off political and religious resisters of their NWO to the gulags or detention camps for elimination.

The NOAHIDE LAWS and millions of modern guillotines to behead Christians "who stand in their way" can ONLY be a Jewish  anti-christ agenda from beginning to end. And Jewish politicians, Zionist in nature and frequently "dual-citizenship" with their FIRST loyalties to ISRAEL and to Jewish Communist goals in America, have worked hard behind the scenes to make such horrors REALITY someday in America.

And the Marxist agenda for the destruction of Christians in America and worldwide, to make way for Jewish rule over the earth, can be nothing else. And ONLY Lucifer or Satan the deceiver and destroyer and spiritual head of the NWO (as former satanists admitted to me) can be the ruling spirit of darkness controlling this. See the following article revealing this:

Yes, of course the non-Jewish satanists and Illuminati of the world are behind this as well. But in Karl Marx you find both JEW and SATANIST/Illuminati combined to make a deadly combination that has brought suffering to untold millions of Christians throughout the world, and costing up to 100 million victims their lives in the vain quest for Satanist/Marxist/Jewish rule over the entire earth.

The many NON-Jews you see involved in Communist and the NWO, are simply recruits and leftist "useful idiots" into their agenda. Every cult and religion has it's recruits, and Communism is no different. Just as Christians send out missionaries to gain converts, so the Communists work hard to proselytize and convert as many people as they can to serve them and their AGENDA.

The present push for the NEW WORLD ORDER  takeover in our nation IS Bible prophecy in fulfillment revolving around Revelation 13...finally coming to AMERICA at last. 

Pray for the lost souls so deceived by NWO lies and rhetoric. Pray for the Jews who are so sadly deceived by this, robbed of their salvation through their Messiah Jesus Christ, and doomed to eternal suffering and torment forever without salvation. How my heart breaks for these people! I never stop praying for them to repent and receive their one true Messiah at last.
But I also never stop praying for MY ENDANGERED FELLOW CHRISTIANS IN AMERICA as well.  For it is my people who are targeted by the NWO agenda, to be beheaded under NOAHIDE LAWS and brutally murdered in the NWO gulags in our nation under their Marxist NWO agenda for "AMERIKA".

By the way , Senator Diane Feinstein knows all this. SO does Carl Shumer, Joe Lieberman, Janet Napolitano, Michael Chertoff, Richard "prince of darkness" Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, and many other NWO agenda Jews in our government and key positions. Perle, in fact, helped import 20,000 Chinese prisoner boxcars with shackles to America, working with Senator "Scoop" Jackson, to be someday used to terminate NWO resisters (i.e. "Christians") in America under martial law.
These military guillotines to fulfill NOAHIDE LAWS have also been installed in the prisoner boxcars with shackles as well, confirmed by eye-witnesses and insiders I have previously interviewed.

These Jewish politicians and many others have quite evidently worked hard behind the scenes for many years to make their Jewish Marxist NWO agenda become bitter REALITY in America. And at the cost of hundreds of millions of innocent lives throughout America, I might add! But then, of course this has been the established pattern of Communist/Marxist takeover in nation after nation that has fallen to COMMUNISM. And CHRISTIANS are always  the FIRST TO GO TO THE CAMPS FOR EXTERMINATION!

These Jewish politicians know about, and secretly approve of, the Noahide Laws/guillotines agenda to destroy Christians out of North America. 

They know about, and secretly approve of, the prisoner boxcars with shackles and FEMA/HOMELAND SECURITY detention camps to deal with all resisters of their Marxist NWO agenda for America.

Senator Feinstein knows the truth: America cannot be seized by their NWO IF the good and Patriotic people are armed and able to defend themselves and their Republic. 

Armed Americans protecting themselves and their family from being murdered by the military GUILLOTINES, and preventing them from being taken to the prisoner boxcars to to be terminated in the FEMA camps, cannot be effectively be destroyed by the Marxist NWO agenda.


This is the true underlying reason for Feinstein's role in gun control, and the roles of many other Jews in key political positions in America as well. 

It is time that the American people understand fully what GUN CONTROL and the NWO agenda for  America is REALLY ALL ABOUT.

May God have mercy on us all....on the Jews and Illuminati who will someday go to hell because of all this if they do not repent, and the Christians who will be brutally beheaded, murdered and sent to the camps because of all this as well. Satanism, Marxism and unbelief in the Living God and His Son the Messiah is a lethal destroyer of ALL  that it encounters.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert

Hi Pamela,

I have been reading numerous sites talking about the guillotines on American soil.  I just read some on the blog site American Holocaust and The New World Order.  

I also had a dream which I called a vision about 30 years ago where I saw myself, my daughter (who is now 21) and my mother sitting in white robes in the church that we used to attend with other people waiting to be called out and asked to denounce the name of Jesus Christ.  

In the parking lot manned by our military were guillotines.  

Each person who refused to deny Jesus was marched down the side stairs into the parking lot and beheaded.  

I remember exactly how I felt knowing I would soon be next and thinking this is what it all comes down to.  

There is no way I can deny Jesus! And I will soon be in His presence.  

I woke up before I got there.  It was the most vivid and real "dream" I have ever had and it is still just as vivid in my memory.   I can feel it drawing very near when that day is here.  

It is interesting to know that so many other Christians have had similar dreams or visions, my mother told me she had one also.

Thanks for all your efforts to make people aware of what is already here.  All I can say is, people get ready!

In conclusion, read the ominous words of GUS HALL, former Jewish chairman of the Communist Party USA:

"The Christians are always singing about the blood. Let us give them enough of it! Let us cut their throats and drag them over the altar! And let them drown in their own blood! I dream of the day when the last priest is strangled on the guts of the last preacher."

And their guillotines will certainly cut our throats someday, but only IF all goes as they have planned.

And ONLY if good and Patriotic Americans 
 sit back and 

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-


  1. Belinda seems to be describing the scene from "A Distant Thunder", which came out about 30 years ago. Little did they know, it was prophetic (except for the Rapture part.)

  2. Control Hollywood, Not Guns!

    Instead of gun control, why not Hollywood control?
    Gun triggers are touched by fingers. But Hollywood, guided more by profits than OT prophets, poisons the minds that pull the triggers.
    Hollywood likes hiding behind the First Amendment more than abiding by the Ten Commandments, one of which says "Thou shalt not kill."
    Even more insidiously, some of the most powerful Hollywood moguls quietly embrace the most unspeakably evil forms of child abuse. Google or Yahoo "The Talmud" which says that Jewish adults are allowed to have sex with children as young as three years old!
    Also Google or Yahoo "Pedophilia: The Talmud's Dirty Secret." (There are those who even want to normalize and legalize pedophilia!)
    Why do some of us focus only on "mopping up" the aftereffects of Hollywood's overflowing sex-and-violence "faucet" instead of trying to shut it off? Let's control the big "guns" of Hollywood - and NOT guns!

    [Hi Pamela. Saw the above on the net. Ruth]