Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Amazing Video! Rabbi Cahn Speaks at Inaugural Breakfast

(NOTE-Special thanks to the great photographer, ANA URIBE, who took the excellent photos of Rabbi Jonathan Cahn in this article.-PRS)

TO MY READERS: I was just contacted by Rabbi Cahn's secretary. She was so thankful that I had posted this YOUTUBE LINK of the video of Rabbi's Cahn speech at the Presidential Inaugural Prayer Breakfast on my blog! 

But she told me that they had been contacted about this video, about legal implications with the Presidential seal included in the video among other things, and stated that they were told THE VIDEO MUST COME DOWN!

And SO, I have honored her request and DELETED the link formerly posted above to this excellent YOUTUBE video.  But you CAN go to their websites below, and get introduced to Rabbi Cahn and his book and his message! 

I encourage all my readers to do so..
including my dear Jewish readers as well.

Thank you. -Pamela Rae Schuffert
Thank you Rabbi Jonathan Cahn!
What chutzpah...oy vay!
Baruch Ha'Shem!

I cried when I watched this incredible video! 

Now here is a true spiritual Jew according to the Bible's definition! 

Here is a true man of God! A man after God's own heart, even as King David was before him.

And even as 
Yahshua Ha'Mashiach 
when He stood before Pontius Pilate 
and the religious leaders of His day to
declare THE TRUTH without compromise. 

Oh, how proud I am of YOU, Rabbi Cahn!
And to God be all glory as well.

You did not spare anyone, 
but spoke 
in the presence of Barack Obama
exactly what the word of God declares 
about any nation sinking 
into sin and depravity.

You obviously did not care about pleasing MEN, but only pleasing the Mighty God!

You spoke from the authority of the eternal word of God, 
and not from from men's wisdom.

You called this nation to REPENTANCE!
And the Ruach Ha' Kodesh (Holy Spirit)of God was clearly upon you and every word you spoke!

Thank you for glorifying Almighty God
in this desperate hour of
America's uncertain destiny.

Thank you for daring to SPEAK THE TRUTH!

God bless you, and continue in your mighty testimony to this nation.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-


  1. WOW!! Thank you for sharing, Pam.
    He is not ashamed of the Name Above Every Name--Jesus Christ!!!

  2. I searched around, but I don't think Obama or anyone very high up attended that "Inaugural Prayer Breakfast." Obama attended and spoke at the Presidential Inaugural Prayer Breakfast, but the one Cahn spoke at was more of a "sideline" event, viewed as radical and dangerous by the "Right Wing Watch", etc. I doubt Obama heard his sermon, but what Cahn said was very true!

  3. The Left and the Right cannot ignore these harbingers any longer!! If this nation will not turn to God in repentance and if believers in the Lord Jesus Christ do not pray and fast for revival it's all the way if they do ignore the warnings there most likely won't be a [new] President in 2016 -