Friday, January 18, 2013

My Letter To Rabbi Cahn, Inaugural Prayer Breakfast Speaker

I recently received notice that a wonderful Messianic Rabbi, Rabbi Cahn, has been invited to speak the Inaugural Prayer Breakfast this month. The following is a copy of the email I felt inspired of God to send him immediately. 

PRAY FOR RABBI CAHN for grace and inspiration and 
courage to speak 

-Pamela Rae Schuffert

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, Speaker

Shalom, dear one, b'Shem Yahshua Ha'Mashiach (In the Name of Jesus the Messiah).

I am praying for your participation in the Inaugural Prayer Breakfast. 

My heart is heavy as we face this New Year. I have been an investigative journalist for 18 years now on behalf of the Believers in this nation, to wake them up as to what is actually happening behind the scenes, and where America is being taken. You may have in fact read some of my articles throughout these years in fact.

The Believers in America are in fact facing AN AMERICAN HOLOCAUST, and Believers in Mashiach (Messiah)are  to become the sacrifices of the NWO as the Communist patterned agenda is brought down on the American people, under a state of national emergency/martial law.

The Communist patterned gulag system is all in place...the prisoner boxcars with shackles are prepositioned all across America to take religious and political resisters of the NWO to the camps...the modern military guillotines to facilitate Noahide Laws demands upon believers in Mashiach (death by decapitation for all who are guilty under the Noahide Laws of "idolatry" and "blasphemy against God" for believing that He is both Divine and to be worshiped with God).

The NWO (Communist) agenda people in this government are attempting to use the gun control issue to foment insurrection nationally to justify declaring martial law and beginning the NWO agenda takeover and arrests across America.

What a time to be alive in this nation! And what serious times we all face now! And Barack Obama is absolutely in full support of this entire NWO/Communist agenda for our nation...and we the Believers in Messiah, Jew and Gentile alike, are destined to suffer deeply under this as well.

I was born at the headquarters of the USAF in Washington DC. My father was formerly famous in the USAF, my mother worked at one time as a secretary for a Congressman on Capitol Hill,  and I have my contacts in both government and military and intelligence who have confirmed and supplied me with such information as I publish regularly regarding what is planned for our nation.

The words that we speak in this hour of America's perilous destiny, can have a lasting impact on individuals and on our nation. Messianic Jews will suffer right alongside Christians as the hour of darkness descends like a flood upon this nation under martial law and gun confiscation time.

My prayer is that you may be inspired and filled with courage to speak what must be spoken in this hour in the presence of Barack Obama, and not what the media and men would have you speak as a "man pleaser." 

Seek to please The Almighty Yah of the Mashiach (The Almighty God of the Messiah)instead...even as Elijah HAD to speak the words of Yah to Ahab and Jezebel in his day...people who were destroying Israel by their sins and wickedness.

"By your words ye shall be justified, and by your words ye shall be condemned." "Men shall give an account in the day of judgment for every word they have spoken." Sobering words from the Mashiach.

Please let the Ruach ha Kodesh strengthen you and give you the words that HE would have spoken in this hour.

You only have this opportunity ONCE, and America is ABOUT TO FALL...and the direct cause is corrupt leadership leading this nation down the slippery slope of destruction. 

May your words make a difference and have a great impact in this hour on America's destiny. Do not fail God nor His people in this critical hour. America has enough hirelings in the pulpits of their houses of worship today. 

Speak what must be spoken in the sight of God and His holy word of truth,  even as Messianic Jew RICHARD WURMBRAND was compelled to speak publicly under COMMUNISM. 
Pray for Rabbi Jonathan Cahn

He knew he would suffer for his words of truth, but as a Believer in Mashiach, he realized he had NO OTHER CHOICE. And neither do we today.

Sincerely, Pamela Rae Schuffert


  1. I watched the video. The people I saw walking, were they walking out on the Rabbi? How rude! I want to see some video of that man's face as he sat there. Why hasn't Glenn Beck mentioned this? He's interviewed the Rabbi. I'm worried that Beck has become complacent and pulled into his own media empire. I may be wrong, but he has been such an inspiration to me. Where can I find out more about this issue? I've read the book, "Harbingers" and couldn't put it down! Are there more books?

  2. We watched the video and wondered if we can find it in audio over the internet?
    We would not see the president seal if that is the problem?

  3. WOWOWOW! What could be a better description of the Greatest President Inaugural Prayer Breakfast message I have ever heard. Rabbi Johnathan Cahn was appointed by God to preach this timely message to THE AMERICAN PEOPLE who needed to hear this PROPHETIC WORD from God through His Servant. It was amazing to hear the audience reaction as the Rabbi spoke this Anointed message...AWESOME!

  4. God bless, it was a pleasure hearing you pastor tell them the truth. They need to hear what God has to say, yes its true the people of America need to wake up, especially the Christians. I was touched by this powerful message. I am surprise they didn't stop you. Keep on bringing your message forth to this country. You are a powerful man of God and I loved the way you told them according to Gods word that this country needs to straighten up and get back into Gods way. Thank you for that tremendous prophetic message I know that God was speaking through you. I see your TV program I live in Staten Island and I love to hear men of God used by God who do not compromise the word of God. May the Lord continue to bless and use you in a powerful and anointed way. God bless you Richly Pastor.


  6. wow amazing........