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Reflections in a Russian Church This Sunday

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Today I decided to enjoy a service at a nearby Russian Christian church. I had deep reasons for doing so. After you read this article, you will understand why. As America faces great tribulations and persecution to come, I find myself drawn to fellowship with other Christians who have already suffered through great persecution. 

I have observed that Russian survivors of Communist persecutions take their Christian walk very seriously, at times more seriously than some American Christians. These Russian Christians have no problem believing the words I share with them about America's future! And many have told me that they see this coming clearly. All the warning signals are here. Where America is going, they have already BEEN.

Previously I have spent years working among the Russian Christians and Russian immigrants as well. Russian Christians frequently shared with me their sobering experiences of life and persecution under COMMUNISM back in Russia, their former homeland.

Let me be blunt and to the point. American Christians have no realistic concept of the horrors of living under godless, Christian-hating COMMUNISM. Whenever Communists take over a nation, one of the first things they do is to begin to seize churches and arrest the Christians and their leaders. These satanic Communists know perfectly well that Christians will never accept their satanically based NWO agenda for their nation.

Few Christians seem to realize that COMMUNISM was originally founded by high level SATANISTS, called ILLUMINATI. Powerful Illuminati in the banking system, specifically Jewish at Communism's inception in New York City, created the Bolshevik Revolution and COMMUNISM as a means of eliminating CHRISTIANITY from the world today, beginning with Russia.
Karl Marx, Jewish Satanist and founder of MARXISM
"Religion is the opiate of the people."-Marx
Many Zionist Jews believe that they are the ones designated to rule the world, with ALL Gentiles becoming their servants. And they are taught that CHRISTIANS are their worst opponents, standing in their way of world Jewish rule. Therefore, these Gentile Christians MUST BE ELIMINATED. You don't believe this? Look at the tens of MILLIONS of Christians brutally eliminated under Jewish founded and funded COMMUNISM, in nation after nation that has fallen under Communism!

I have personally interviewed Jews willing to speak, who admitted this is all true Jewish doctrine (the need to eliminate Christians because they stand in the way of their future world reign, or NWO) based on the Talmud and various Jewish rabbis' teachings and writings. Communism was designed by these particular elements of Jews to be their answer to HOW to eliminate Christianity from the world scene.
Christians who died under COMMUNISM in the SIberian GULAGS

Note that I have carefully stated "THESE PARTICULAR elements of the Jews." Do ALL Jews hate Christians? No. Do ALL Jews believe in COMMUNISM and murdering Christians worldwide? Do all Jews believe in Lucifer and the Illuminati? No. I adamantly refuse to stereotype ANY people group, including Jews.

But tragically, there have been enough Jews, aided by  their Gentile recruits into Communism's satanic world goals, to already have had a horrific impact upon the lives and freedom of millions of innocent victims under COMMUNISM. And that includes CHRISTIANS.

Throughout my many years of working with Slavic Christians, I have sat down with individuals who told me of their personal experiences of persecution by the Communists. I have also read accounts of imprisonment and persecution of Christian resisters of Communism, not ONLY in Russia, but in other Communist nations as well.
CHRISTIAN MARTYRDOM unfortunately is commonplace under a Communist regime, often proceeded by TORTURE AND IMPRISONMENT.

Horror accounts of life in THE GULAG have surfaced by survivors such as ALEXANDER SOLZHENITSYN and more recently, Alexander Ogorodnikov, a personal friend of mine. I spent many years praying for Alexander Ogorodnikov when he was in the terrible gulag camp known as "PERM 36."

America is now facing her FINAL hour of Communist/Illuminati conquest. 
They have worked decades, often behind the scenes, to lay the deadly groundwork for a Communist/NWO takeover of this nation. While many Americans slept, unaware of hidden NWO agendas, America's FUTURE GULAG SYSTEM was quietly erected nationwide (and throughout this entire North American continent as well, extending into Canada, Alaska and Mexico.) Communist regimes must always have DETENTION CAMPS to send the political and religious resisters away to, either for "re-education" or ELIMINATION.

The infamous PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES that I have researched and documented for years now, have been quietly prepositioned across North America, to be used exactly like the Bolsheviks used the rail system to transport Communist resisters to the gulags, and later as Hitler and the Nazis used to transport resisters to the detention camps. Companies such as GUNDERSON INC of Portland, OR, have received MILLIONS of OUR taxpayers' dollars to produce these deadly boxcars, to be used AGAINST us someday.

And these NWO Communists cannot wait to get their hands on...THE CHRISTIANS! Former NWO planners within Bush Senior's CIA admitted to me they sat around discussing HOW TO GET RID OF THE CHRISTIANS WHO STAND IN THE WAY OF THEIR NWO TAKING OVER AMERICA.

"We finally decided on setting up detention camps to get rid of NWO resisters. And the very camps you are now investigating, I helped to even design. And although I greatly regret my role in planning them, THEY STAND TO THIS VERY DAY...and under martial law they WILL BE USED to kill CHRISTIANS and all other NWO resisters..."
-Elaine Knost, former assassin and NWO planner under George Bush Sr. and the CIA.

This same source that I interviewed in her home, further confessed that, "We satanists hated the Christians in America more than any other group, because we knew above all that THEY WOULD NEVER ACCEPT OUR NEW WORLD ORDER. We could not wait therefore, for MARTIAL LAW TO BE DECLARED, when we could FINALLY get our hands legally on those Christians in America, and SEND THEM TO THE CAMPS.

"And I tell you, it will be BRUTAL RAPE, TORTURE AND DEATH for the Christians in AMERICA, once they start arresting them UNDER MARTIAL LAW and sending them TO THE CAMPS..."

This should surprise no one, because this is exactly what Communists do to CHRISTIANS in every single nation that they have ever taken over! This is standard behavior for the Communists in every nation, and such behavior has many precedents throughout the world. Christians have suffered this same identical treatment when communism took over in RUSSIA, in EASTERN EUROPE, in CHINA, in CUBA, in KAMPUCHEA and beyond.

The only problem is, the American Christians have never suffered under Communism, and they are totally unprepared to face the coming persecution (even leading to martyrdom for many) that will unfold under a state of martial law, to be probably triggered now by nationwide revolt due to threatened GUN CONFISCATION.

" sheep led to slaughter..."
And WHO has prepared them??? Certainly not the cowardly 501-C-3, government-bought "pastors" who are leading the docile "sheeple" into the government's plan for their destruction. Certainly not the CIA front "pastors" who have infiltrated into many pulpits across America today. 
There remains only a REMNANT of faithful men and women of God who have continued to put their lives and futures at risk, by warning the Christians in America today of what is surely to come.

And I remain one of those voices who cannot be silent in this hour. How CAN I be silent? KNOWLEDGE EQUALS ACCOUNTABILITY. I know beyond any doubt what is coming to our nation, and the brutal plan for the destruction of the Church in North America under the NWO. Former planners have told me personally of the NWO plans for brutal persecution and murder of my beloved fellow Christians under martial law and the NWO takeover.

No one sees the many tears I weep in secret, alone, for my endangered fellow Christians in my nation, as I think about all my research has uncovered regarding the coming persecution. Burned forevermore into my memories are the graphic accounts by Russian Christians of what they suffered under Communism in Russia for many decades in the gulags and prisons. And for many of them, it was also "...brutal rape, torture and death" as well. Don't believe me? WATCH this graphic video outlining the sufferings of millions UNDER COMMUNISM:

Perhaps the saddest thing of all in my research, are encountering the many Christians who tell me, "I don't want to hear about it!" Or the pastors who tell me, "DON'T share your research with my congregation!" Would you believe that this happens frequently?

Or the Christians who tell me, "...we don't need to hear about it or worry, because we are going to get 'raptured out!'"

Oh, really? Can you give me even ONE chapter of verse in the Bible, that conclusively states that before Christians in North America can suffer for their faith, they will be "raptured out?"

And what about Christians  in EASTERN EUROPE? CHINA? NORTH KOREA? CUBA? KAMPUCHEA? Were they given promises of being "raptured out" before they could suffer and die for their faith? 


Then what EVER makes you think that somehow AMERICAN CHRISTIANS are more "worthy" or "better" than all the REST of the world's Christians, so that THEY exclusively will get "raptured out" before they can suffer PROPHESIED END TIME PERSECUTION prior to His return, that Jesus SAID would come to every nation FIRST in Matthew 24!

Oh, how the Illuminati and Communists LOVE the modern-day doctrine of "THE RAPTURE"! Their very own infiltrators in the in pulpits of America today LOVE to push and promote this fodder to the sheeple in the churches. Why???

Because this distorted doctrine causes the Christians to IGNORE THE WARNING SIGNALS of Communist/NWO takeover and coming persecution. "Hey...we're gonna get raptured out, so NOT TO WORRY!" It puts Christians in the "Alfred E. Neuman" state of "WHAT...ME WORRY?" Even at a crucial time in America when Christians SHOULD be alert and concerned!
Well known "Alfred E. Neuman" figure from MAD MAGAZINE

The Communists in China successfully used this "rapture doctrine" tactic against Chinese Christians. Prior to the Communist takeover in China, pastors (many of them Communist infiltrators) were promoting the "RAPTURE DOCTRINE." When nervous Chinese Christians came to them about the Communist threat, many were told, "Oh, don't worry...we're going to get RAPTURED OUT before the Communists can take over!"
But as history faithfully records, the Christians in China did NOT get "raptured out"...and many were caught unprepared when the Communists finally took over. And this is EXACTLY what the Communists HOPED would happen! Communists then began to seize churches, arrest Christians and their leaders, and to send them to "re-education" and detention camps or prisons throughout China.

And there, such persecuted and unprepared Christians were beaten and tortured for their faith, and many were murdered....eventually numbering someday into the tens of millions. 
And then, the sad reports began emerging from out of China, that many Christians fell away as they cursed both God and their pastors, saying:"Pastor, WHY didn't you warn us that we MIGHT NOT GET RAPTURED before these things happened? WHY DID YOU LIE TO US? WHY DIDN'T YOU PREPARE US FOR SUFFERING???"

The above is a true account. It was shared by a speaker at my Bible college, many years ago. This speaker had ministered to Chinese Christians.

My American Christian friends, I stand among you as a faithful witness to the truth. It is because I love you and am concerned for your eternal souls, that I have laid my life down to bear witness to the truth in this critical hour of America's unfolding destiny.
That which has come to Christians in many other countries, is soon about to be unleashed here in NORTH AMERICA. American Christians have NO chapter nor verse in the Bible declaring that they will be "raptured out" prior to suffering under worldwide end-time persecution. Jesus even warned us that many would hate one another and fall away under the worldwide persecution of the saints to be unleashed BEFORE HIS RETURN.

My fellow Christians in North America, Are YOU prepared? Have YOU sought God with fasting and prayer, that you might not enter into temptation when they finally come for YOU? 

"Keep watching and praying that you may not enter into temptation; the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak." Mathew 26:41

They will tempt you to DENY JESUS CHRIST and ACCEPT Satan's NEW WORLD ORDER. DENY CHRIST, and they will let you LIVE (or so they will say...but as history has proven, they will probably kill you anyway). 

CONFESS JESUS CHRIST, and they will kill you....and many of you will even be beheaded with the prophesied GUILLOTINES to fulfill Revelation 20:4. As I have long warned my readers factually, THE GUILLOTINES ARE HERE. 

But what does God's eternal Word say to us about all this? 
For the Christian who would remain SAVED ETERNALLY, there can be only ONE ANSWER to NWO COMMUNISTS when they ask you to deny your faith in Jesus Christ. And that answer comes directly from THE WORD OF GOD:

"He that DENIES ME BEFORE MEN, I will deny before my Father which is in Heaven." 

"For whosoever would seek to save his life, the same shall lose it. But whosoever shall LOSE HIS LIFE for MY SAKE and the sake of the Gospel, the same shall find it." 

"Be thou FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH, and I will give you THE CROWN OF LIFE." 
North Korean Soldiers
Let us learn from the example of one Christian family living in North Korea when the Communists took over. The father was a pastor, in fact. 

Communist soldiers came to his door one day. They said, "Look pastor....we will make you a deal. You can secretly DENY JESUS and work for US. THEN we will let you live. We will let you then continue to be a 'pastor.' But you will do what we say.  But if NOT, we will KILL YOU and your family!"

This pastor personally was not afraid to die for Jesus. It was his family, however, that he was worried about. As he looked at his two small children and his wife, he began to break down emotionally. Just as he was finally about to deny his faith to save his family and cooperate with the Communists, his wife sensed what was happening and immediately spoke up.
Taking up the cross to follow Jesus Christ

"Shut UP, foolish husband! TONIGHT WE WILL DINE WITH THE KING OF KINGS!" Jolted back into Bible warnings by his wife's timely words, he immediately changed his mind and told the Communists THEY WOULD NEVER DENY JESUS CHRIST!

Enraged, the Communists dragged them out into their front yard. Handing this pastor a shovel, he was forced to dig a grave for himself and his family. once the hole was dug, they were forced to jump into it. The Communist soldiers then began to shovel dirt on top of them slowly. Periodically, the Communists asked if they were ready to deny Christ: they could then get out of the hole and escape death.
But the only response from the Christian family was to raise their voices in Christian songs of praise to Almighty God. As the hole began to fill up, first the voice of the smallest child was silenced, then the older one, then the wife...and at last the faithful husband and pastor. But not once did they deny Jesus Christ to save their lives!

And that very night, the words of the Christian wife came true. 

They indeed dined in the Kingdom of Heaven with the King of kings, Jesus Christ!
Christian readers, ARE YOU PREPARED to face AMERICA'S FUTURE???

Are you preparing for ETERNITY as well?

To the many readers 
who have asked me 
HOW to prepare 
for what is coming 
to America, 
this is the greatest advice 
I can give you at this time.

"Father, Thy Word is Truth."
~Jesus Christ~

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

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