Sunday, January 27, 2013

"OCCUPY UNMASKED"-Don't MISS This Shocker Movie!

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Last night, I took the time to view online the fascinating and disturbing movie, "OCCUPY UNMASKED." I have AMAZON PRIME and could watch it free online at


I sat with my eyes riveted to the screen as this documentary exposed the dark and dangerous Marxist/Communist roots of the OCCUPY movement. This movie also discussed the questionable people behind the OCCUPY movement, and their motives.

In one article, journalist Lee Stranahan states that: 

"...Occupy Unmasked is a dense film. It’s packed with ideas, images, sounds, and stories that were suppressed by a media culture all too eager to embrace the deeply un-American, radical ideas that lay at the heart of the Occupy movement and the modern left. "
"Prepare to be stunned. Bannon’s film is a gut punch to the liberal myth carefully built up by the mainstream media, academia, and forces of the institutional left."
"In preview screenings, the audience was left rocked back on their heels by the sheer amount of information and imagery. Occupy Unmasked demonstrates the power that a cinematic experience can have over just reading a blog post or watching a short YouTube video." 
"First you’ll be shocked, then you’ll get mad, and then you are going to start replaying parts of the film over in your mind. That’s the point that you’re going to want to head back to the theater for a second viewing." -Lee Stranahan
This excellent documentary certainly confirms what I have telling my readers repeatedly about the NWO/martial law plot to takeover America for satan's followers and their Marxist agenda.
I encourage you to find a way to watch this moving documentary soon! An INFORMED America is an ALERTED America and a PREPARED America!
What is the CHRISTIAN RESPONSE to such violent threats to our liberty by Marxism? The answer can always be found in the Word of God. The kind of people behind such destructive agendas, are clearly SINNERS. Satan is the inspiration behind Marxism and Communism. People under it's influence are clearly under satan's dark control. 
But God sent Jesus Christ to save mankind from satan and his influence, and to save mankind from sin. PRAY therefore for the salvation of these people tragically deceived by the demonic rhetoric of MARXISM and Communism. PRAY that God will bind such Marxist darkness from this nation, and stop all of satan's dark purposes in American through such activities as OCCUPY and many others as well.
While many Christians are concerned by activities such as the above, which are threatening to erode our nation's freedom and stability, I must ask them the following question: 
"Christian, what are you DOING to counter the darkness??? Are YOU praying? Are YOU becoming informed? Are YOU then acting to COUNTER THE DARKNESS IN AMERICA? And are you actively supporting those who are trying to do something?"
The truth is, in THIS world, you clearly get what you work for. Many Christians are concerned about what is coming. Many Christians are even afraid. But what have they DONE to counter the darkness that threatens each one of us???
The blunt truth is, Christians and good people in America will only have themselves to blame in the end, if the enemy succeeds in taking over in America and they are then persecuted and killed.
People who do nothing to effectively stop the evil, will only be destroyed by it IN THE END. 
Christians, think about it. And pray. And then ACT.
-Pamela Rae Schuffert

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