Sunday, January 27, 2013


I can bear witness that this prophecy is from the Holy Spirit referring to the challenging hour of testing Christians in America face.
I know well what we are to face: 18 years of research has made this truth abundantly clear to me. This prophecy speaks of the time Christians in America will be in hiding, much as in Communist countries throughout the world. That time will surely come.
However, the American people do not see me hiding. I refuse to run and retreat like a coward. Cowardice does not glorify the Living God we serve. Nor does it glorify the lofty title of "Christian" that we bear!
My blog is an open book. Everyone knows where I live. I will speak without apology what God lays on my heart to say to my nation and fellow Christians. I have spoken this way all of my life for His glory.
The place I have chosen to live, is fully surrounded with the tools of NWO oppression, persecution and genocide of Christians. Prisoner boxcars with shackles, modern military guillotines, underground bases and detention camps, foreign troops training in these mountains, and Federal spies everywhere. It's all HERE, well concealed but coming REALITY, in my region of AMERICA.
And I choose to remain here as a Christian intercessor, standing in the gap for my nation and fellow Christians, and to hopefully be a bright light to counter the darkness to come while I yet live.
If all good Christians yield to FEAR, or run away and hide from the battle, who is then left to stand up for Jesus Christ in this nation? 
Who is there to hold up a standard against the enemy? 
Who is there to rescue the helpless who are endangered in the times to come???
And what business does a Christian have BEING AFRAID OF DEATH??? Do we not have eternal life? Did not Jesus Christ die and rise again to CONQUER DEATH???
Do I face GUILLOTINES for His sake? Good! Then LET me give my life for His glory in the sight of God and my people! 
Do I face prisoner boxcars with shackles for His sake? Good! Then LET me suffer and die for the One I love, Jesus Christ! 
The ancient Christian martyr Polycarp, Bishop of Smyrna, once stated that CHAINS become the "fitting jewels" for Christ's children, and an honor WHEN suffering for His sake!
WE as Christians are ALL in this battle for the GLORY OF GOD! And the WORLD IS WATCHING.
And God is watching too. 

And He is asking:
WHO will be FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH? WHO will boldly confess Jesus Christ before men? WHO will inherit the MARTYR'S CROWN OF LIFE?
 WHO will overcome by the Blood of the Lamb by the word of their Christian testimony, and by remaining FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH??? (Revelation 12:11)
IS Christ worthy of our ALL? Or has our Christianity become a game, a method just to "get" from God?
The genuine Christian is BORN FOR THIS HOUR OF ADVERSITY AND TESTING! And in this testing, God WILL be glorified by His true servants who refuse to be defeated by FEAR
Here is the word of prophecy:
"I am calling. I am calling because the time is short. I am calling for your faithfulness. The time is coming and is at hand where your comfort zone is to be removed." 
You pray for good things. You pray for comfortable things. You pray for wealth. At one time these things would have been added to you if your heart were Mine, but now you hold your heart as a ransom for things.
You say, "But I have loved You." But have you? 
You say, "I have served You." But have you? 
You say, "I have given to You." But have you?
The Fallen One has called for your testing. Skin for skin, bone for bone. Remove the material comforts and we will see who serves The Lord or who serves me. We will see.
I have granted that testing. I will test you and many will fail, only to be given over to that final test. I am moving and time is Mine. I will call My faithful and remove My lamp stand. Then those who have been deceived, fooled, will be left behind. 
The day is fast approaching when My people will no longer want to be a lamp on a stand, a city on a hill. They will be in hiding, waiting for my return while Death waits at their door.
To my faithful I say this, your love for Me has been proved, and continues to be proved. 
Stand fast and stay the course. 
I will soon return to call you up to Me.


  1. Hello Sister,

    I admire your courage but I disagree. I am a Gulf War veteran and I am sicken to what America has become. I believe sAmerica is babylon the Great and we are instructed to flee from her. It could be simply in a spiritual way or actual physical. I have 2 beautiful children and this war monering nation that has murder the innocent of its own and other nations will be severly judged. In one hour it will be destroyed.
    You can stay here if you wish. Perhaps, you do not have small children as myself. The majority of the people, even the Church, are corrupted to the core. I lost faih in this country long ago. The climax came during Clinton´s impeachment process. I called Congressman Bob Bar and spoke with his top assistant and he told me there is nothing he or the congressman can do when 5 out of 6 REPUBLICAN voters called them and told the congressman 'leave Clinton alone because the economy was good'. That is the GOD of this country, sister! From then on I prepared to leave.
    About a year and half ago, there was an opening with my company to Germany. I took that position using my Greek passport( I have a US passport). Germans are not so friendly to outsiders and the language is difficult, but it is worth it.

    We all have to make our choice and I prayed about this and it was in my spirit to make the move, eventhough it was a bit of a paycut.

    My spirit tells me either this year or next the unrest will begin. Every 70 to 85 years there is a BIG crisis in America. 1775, it was the battle of Concord. 1860 was the election of Lincoln and the war of State rights and freeing Slaves. 1929 was the beginning of an economic collapse. Add 85 years (give or take a year) in 2014 is the beginning of all these previous events folded into one-The collapse of Babylon and the commencement of the civil war. The economic, state right, minority unrest and wars with China and Russia will be rolled into one final collapse.
    The election of Communist Obama has confirmed the moral collapse of the American people. All his decision point to tyranny and martial law.

    God's peace