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Bert Cohen, My Jewish Communist Teacher


By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Many years ago, when I was still in high school (1966-1971) and not yet a true born-again Christian as I am today, I nevertheless was a very discerning individual. Even then God was working in my life, to finally lead up to my receiving Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior in 1971. There were certain things and events that God would often lock into my mind and memory for future remembrance and analysis, that God wanted me to remember and learn from.....
Former Fort Hunt High School, Alexandria, VA

For this reason, I still have clear memories of one particular teacher in my high school during the era of the Vietnam war and the hippy movement. His name was Bert Cohen. He was the "Ancient and Medieval History" teacher for former Fort Hunt High School in Alexandria, Virginia (now a middle school instead.) 


In those days, it was considered the "country club" high school, surrounded by posh neighborhoods filled with Congressmen, generals, and many people of prominence in the Federal government in Washington, DC. And thus were my surroundings that I grew up in during my high school years.

I can never forget Bert. He was one of the most popular teachers in the high school. The students simply adored him. 

He knew how to bring humor into the classroom, and to talk the "hippy culture" language to the students. He openly and without hesitation admitted on more than one occasion  in the classroom that he was Jewish, an atheist, and that he was a Communist as well.

http://fhhs1965thru70.com/forum_topic.php?topicid=6&posted=true (Scroll down to comment about BERT COHEN by Pete Eisen. This establishes his existence at that school.)

I can never forget the class field trip, the one I could not go on because of lingering illness throughout my high school years until I found Jesus. Bert took the students on a wild and rollicking field trip to not only legitimate places like Williamsburg, VA,  for historical studies, but would you believe, to an ACTUAL NUDIST COLONY AS WELL!

Oh, how the students loved him! "Mr. Cool of the in-crowd!" He was the life of the party in our classroom. He even seemed to encourage the kind of lifestyle that many students were living at home, that of promiscuity and drugs and partying and alternative lifestyles and religions.

As the school year progressed, subtle changes began to occur in his methodology in our classroom.

One day after reiterating the words we all knew, "I am Jewish and a Communist..." he followed with more ominous words: "...and Jesus Christ was ONLY A MYTH! He never existed!" He then used his position of influence as a teacher of ancient history, to attack the historical Jesus Christ, utterly denying Him before the entire classroom.

Many of us became uncomfortable immediately. I was stunned. I recognized instantly that this man was trying to turn these young and easily influenced students away from God and Jesus Christ.

I can never forget one brave Christian student, Alan, standing up and attempting to counter this false and misleading statement. He boldly challenged this teacher and tried to counter with the Bible and historical evidence. 

But all in vain. The teacher would not hear him out. And the students, searching for answers to life and for God, were left in doubt regarding "who IS Jesus?" I began to feel more uneasy in his classroom after that experience.

Interestingly, soon after that, Bert was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Although he attempted to retain his teaching position, he was unable as the cancer progressed. He was finally forced to resign. Many of the students who had loved his previous antics, were very sad about this. And soon after, he succumbed to cancer and died.

Somehow, God never let me forget these memories. And only after I became a born again Christian and attended Bible College to study the Word of God, did I finally understand why it all happened, and why God never let me forget.

Sometimes we as Christians forget that our God is a no-nonsense and Almighty God. His Word is truth. And Jesus Christ is God's eternal word manifested in the flesh.

When Jesus Christ warned against DENYING HIM BEFORE MEN, He meant it. Every single word.
"Whosoever shall acknowledge Me before mankind, I shall acknowledge before My Father in Heaven. But whosoever shall DENY ME BEFORE MANKIND, I shall also deny before my Father in Heaven." 
(Matthew 10:32-33)
People die and go to hell every single day throughout this world, because of someone who told them that God and Jesus do not exist, especially in the dark world of Communist nations and communist teachings in schools. 

A popular poster in Communist Russia was "BOGA NYET" or "God does not exist."


The same is true in Muslim and Hindu and other Christ-denying/oppressing cultures as well
Tragically, generations of Jews have perished eternally, because of the soul-damning lies throughout their heretical and blasphemous Talmud and other rabbinical writings, stating that Jesus was not the Son of God, that he was a sinner, a bastard, a deceiver of the people, and that He is now in hell, boiling in excrement.

As Isaiah their prophet once declared, "But this is a people robbed and spoiled..."They have been robbed of the joys of knowing and experiencing God's love and power, through Jesus their Messiah, because of doctrines inspired by demons that blaspheme their only Messiah and Savior, and thereby turn them away from the truth.

This is why Jesus Christ emphatically stated, that judgment and eternal damnation awaited all those who teach the soul-damning lies that "Jesus does not exist," and that "Jesus is not the Son of God." Both of these statements are DENYING JESUS BEFORE MEN.

Students in my classroom, struggling to find answers to life's problems and spiritual connections, were lied to and deceived. Most had no Christian or Bible based background. This Communist teacher knew exactly how to get their attention, win their favor, and then push THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO MESSAGE TO AMERICA'S YOUTH IN THE CLASSROOM.

And as a result, Bert Cohen  was utterly DENIED BEFORE GOD AND HIS ANGELS by Jesus Christ!

It is a terrible thing to be denied before ALMIGHTY GOD by Jesus His Son! 

But that is exactly what happened that fateful day I have never forgotten, when my Jewish Communist teacher openly denied Jesus Christ before the classroom. 

There is nothing hidden before Almighty God. His searching eyes had seen the students who were turned away from Jesus Christ that day, only to later plunge even deeper into sin and drugs and cults. And many of them died of drug overdoses, suicide and other tragedies that plagued the hippy culture and era.

And if these student died without salvation through Jesus Christ, they perished eternally. Oh, what wrath of God is upon those who seek to turn people from vital spiritual truths that alone can save them for all eternity!

And as the Holy Spirit made very clear to me many years later, as I attended Bible College and meditated upon this past memory, I had witnessed the unseen hands of the manifest judgment of Almighty God, fulfilling the warning of His Son Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ tells us, 

"Fear God, Who after He has killed, has the power to destroy body and soul in HELL. I say unto you, fear HIM!"

Jesus further declares in His immutable word, "...the  unbelieving....and ALL LIARS shall have their part in the LAKE OF FIRE..." or eternal torment and damnation...

This Communist teacher was both an unbeliever, and a liar as well. He denied Jesus the Son of God before men. And although I do not like to think about it, this man is suffering eternal torments in hell today, all for refusing to believe in his glorious Messiah, and denying Him before others. How needless, and how very sad! 

But he made the choice, and every choice has consequences, and some consequences are eternal. You win or lose by the way you choose. 

Communism and denying Jesus Christ is a most deadly choice, with eternal consequences no one likes to think about...but it's all quite real.

An American University

Today throughout America's schools and universities, there are many teachers and professors who are both unbelievers and Christ-deniers. They are the Communist red teachers of today. And many of them, although not all,  are in fact Jewish as well, and by their own admission. 

Karl Marx was Jewish, and furthermore a satanist by admission, heavily influenced by Jewish Illuminati. The major planners of the Communist Revolution were Jewish. The major funders and leaders and key participants in the Bolshevik Revolution were Jewish. And heavily tied in with Jewish Communism, is ZIONISM'S present world goals as well. 

Many Jews believe that a world globalist government with themselves (Jewish Communists) at the helm, is the modern day fulfillment of ancient Bible prophecy alluding to a Zionist controlled world. And for this to be possible, they fully believe that THE ELIMINATION OF CHRISTIANITY from the world scene is essential as well. And Jews have told me so.

There is no place in the NWO Jews envision, for the Christians who believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and Messiah of the Jews. They are taught erroneously that all the woes that Jews have ever suffered over the past 2000 years, are due to CHRISTIANS. And hence, THE CHRISTIANS MUST GO. To the camps, gulag style.
I will never forget one email I received from  Jewish reader one day, who said"..yeah, lady, your reporting is correct! And the ANTICHRIST you Christians fear, will be OUR NEW MESSIAH to lead us to WORLD VICTORY, and to get RID of you Christians who STAND IN OUR WAY!"

I have noted that the Jews of this generation have been working hard to raise up their "new messiah." They want a "messiah" who will give them fulfillment in the "HERE and NOW" of a world Jewish Zionist kingdom, where Jews own and control the world, and non-Jews essentially only exist to serve them. 

Believing that Christians who honor Jesus Christ as divine and the Son of God are guilty of both "idolatry" and "blasphemy against God," Christians will become a major target for persecution and elimination from the world by these modern Zionist  NWO Jews.

The very existence of the modern military guillotines throughout North America and the world, coupled with distinctly Jewish "Noahide Laws" that makes every Christian an offender subject to EXECUTION BY DECAPITATION, bears mute testimony of the ongoing Jewish hatred towards Christianity and their determination to wipe the off the face of the earth. 

Tens of Millions of Christians have previously perished in nations wherein Jewish Marxist Communism took over. But for these Zionist NWO Jews, apparently this is not enough. Read the following words of Gus Hall, Jewish leader of the Communist Party USA:

"The Christians are always singing about the blood. Let us give them enough of it! Let us cut their throats and drag them over the altar! And let them drown in their own
blood! I dream of the day when the last priest is strangled on the guts of the last
preacher." (Jewish Chairman of the American Communist Party, Gus Hall)

And sadly, when the guillotines are finally brought out to begin the prophesied beheading of Christians who will not renounce their faith in Jesus Christ to join their NEW WORLD ORDER under Lucifer, THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT WILL HAPPEN. The Jews will indeed give them blood!

The Book of Revelation confirms that this world government under the Antichrist and his deceived followers will SHED MUCH BLOOD, in fact.  And for this very reason, THE GREAT WRATH OF GOD WILL FINALLY COME UPON THEM AS NEVER BEFORE IN ANY OTHER GENERATION.

God Himself will avenge the shed blood of His saints and prophets during this time of darkness in the world.

Traditional Jewish hatred of Christianity, embraced by many Jews, is why, in every nation overtaken by Communists, they then rush in to seize or destroy Christian churches and round up Christian leaders and citizens, take them to the GULAG or detention camps, and then proceed to coerce them to deny their faith in Jesus Christ and JOIN THE REVOLUTION...or die a terrible death filled with torture and abuse of every kind. 
Tens of MILLIONS of my fellow Christians have suffered and died worldwide under COMMUNISM. And their "useful idiots" controlling Communist governments presently, are torturing and murdering Christians to this very hour.
None dare take the 
Communist/NWO threat 
in America lightly!

They have a distinct agenda, clearly explained in the Communist Manifesto and outlined in the major planks of COMMUNISM. They are working hard to destroy the faith of America's youth in an Almighty God and His Son. They are working hard to destroy morals among youth. They are working to destroy the American family.They are indoctrinating youth with Marxist ideals and Communist world goals.

Just like Bert Cohen did. 

And some of my former classmates have perished eternally in hell, because of his strong influence on their choices in religion and morality in that classroom. They were turned from God and the truth by his message. They were encouraged to be immoral, including by a class trip that ended up in a nudist camp. They were encouraged to question God and His very existence.

DO NOT BE DECEIVED. Such teachers and professors frequently have a lasting impression on student's minds...which is why Communists train them and send them into the classrooms of America in the FIRST place.

My personal response to all this?  

God-inspired PRAYER and ACTION. 
For years I have worked with Christian survivors of the Communist holocaust against Christianity in various nations. I know first hand of their terrible sufferings under Communism and in gulags and detention camps. I pray for those Christians still suffering under it's deadly scourge in various Communist countries of today.

The ONE POWER able to completely defeat and overthrow COMMUNISM in the world today, is the POWER OF THE TRUTH: 

Jesus said IT IS THE TRUTH that sets mankind FREE! And Jesus Himself declared, "I AM the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE, and NO MAN comes to God the Father BUT BY ME!"

This is why the Communists hate the Bible so intensely, and seek to burn them and forbid their reprinting in every nation they overthrow. I worked for many years to help provide BIBLES to be smuggled into communist countries, to set people free from the soul damning doctrines of COMMUNISM.
I have personally labored among the Jewish people in various capacities and locations, to share the love and compassion and salvation of their ONLY Messiah God will ever send to them, Jesus the Christ. Don't think for a moment that because I feel compelled to write revealing articles like the above, I somehow am "anti-Semitic" or "hate the Jews".

Nothing could be further from the truth. At night, I spend many hours in prayer for these people so sadly deceived and robbed of the joys and fulfillment they could experience in their lives, if only they would come to their Messiah! In fact, I weep over these people.

I remember my years of lovingly holding little Jewish children on my lap, sharing with them the joys of Jesus their Messiah, and watching them excitedly experience visions of Jesus dying on the cross for them, or miracles of healing, as I prayed with them.
For years I worked with Russian Jewish children out of NYC, in fact, to share Jesus with them and to give them Bibles and the truth. Many of them are thankful to this very day for this work among them many years ago. And many remain Believers in their wonderful Messiah, Jesus, and some still have the precious Bibles I gave them so many years ago. To this very day, I love these Jewish children as deeply as I would my very own.

In my personal battles again soul-destroying COMMUNISM, my weapons have been those of love and compassion, mercy and truth, labors of love and lots of patience as well. Thank GOD that many lives have been rescued from COMMUNISM and it's destructive doctrine and deadly world agendas, especially through dedicated  and loving CHRISTIAN OUTREACH!

For years I have worked lovingly among Jewish and other Communists to share the unspeakably glorious TRUTH about the power and fulfillment in life to be found through JESUS THE SON OF GOD AND MESSIAH. As the Bible clearly states, "Faith works by LOVE." And they have ONLY experienced my love, compassion and prayers.

But I also love my fellow Christians in America as well. 
And through years of intense research, I now see clearly where America is being taken, and understand clearly the players behind this NWO/COMMUNIST AGENDA for my nation. 

And once again, the same people types and groups have been playing a major role in the preparations, and are preparing to murderously attack the resisters of a Communist takeover, ESPECIALLY THE CHRISTIANS, and treat them as they do in any other country they invade and take over.



The MODERN MILITARY GUILLOTINES to behead Christians ("NWO RESISTERS") are here.

The MILITARY trained to enforce the NWO  are here.

The NEW WORLD ORDER AGENDA for my nation is in place.

And for this reason, I CANNOT KEEP SILENCE. 
The TRUTH must be told:

And we must ALL 
weep and pray
for what is planned

May God give true 
Patriotic Americans everywhere
 the grace 
to rise up
and overthrow 
Communism's plan 
of destruction and control 
of our nation!

-Pamela Rae Scuffert-

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