Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Exposing "Globo-Communism" Goals in AMERICA

So many Americans remain blinded to what is REALLY going on behind the scenes, and why. That is why I re-publish articles like the following. And tragically, the dark tactics of THE COMMUNISTS  will succeed if not effectively countered by INFORMED AMERICANS. 

And that includes CHRISTIANS. Who else can God use to effectively fast and pray and intercede against their wicked tactics, except His people given His authority in Christ Jesus to tear down satan's plans and strongholds for our nation?

And guess which people group will get hurt the most in America, if we are not successful in STOPPING THEM ??? You got it....THE CHRISTIANS!!!

Whatever "truth articles" I must publish to motivate more Christians into PRAYER and ACTION, I will.

Because I don't like what the NWO Communists have planned for our nation...OR FOR YOU!-PRS
Globalist Billionaires like George Soros set ideological bait for unwitting useful idiots.
Libtarded college professors and their gullible students then swallow the Globalist poison.
The term “useful idiot” is thought to have been coined by communist mass murderer Vladimir Lenin. It describes naive communist sympathizers in the West (liberals). While Lenin and the Soviets held these stupid liberals in utter contempt, they also saw them as useful tools for dispensing propaganda.

You will often find useful idiots (aka libtards) lounging about in a Starbucks with friends, discussing the shortcomings of America over a frappuccino. Useful idiots are a mix of urban hipsters, brainwashed college kids, busy bodies, self righteous do-gooders, silver pony-tailed hippies, (now college professors), quirky wannabe-intellectuals, hysterical females, girly-men, and Michael Moore devotees.

They aren't necessarily bad people, and in many cases have high IQ's and hold advanced degrees. But when it comes to independent critical thought, they are very stupid .....and very dangerous! To paraphrase the late great Senator Joseph McCarthy, libtards are "the unwitting hand maidens of the Communists."

It is important to note that many "conservatives" are just as deluded as useful liberal idiots. They spend all of their energy attacking low level libtards, feminists, environmentalists etc, while refusing to confront the real power that pulls their strings.    

From lofty perches high above the cloud level, the untouchable Globalists laugh as the "right" and the "left" beat each other up.

The good news about useful idiots, is that when one of them finally figures out how he has been used, he becomes fanatically anti-Communist / anti-Globalist. There is hope for them...or at least some of them.

TomatoBubble.com is pleased to expose the intimate connection between the Globalists and their legions of "Useful Liberal Idiots."

Please share this information with the libtard in your life.
The Globalist/Communist: "Using the false pretext of public safety, we must ban guns so that the people can be easily dominated and any potential rebellion can be crushed by our Homeland Security agents."
The Useful Liberal Idiot: "No one needs an assault rifle and 50 bullets to kill a deer. We need to ban guns in order to save lives. Columbine! Virginia Tech! Aurora! Newtown! How many more? ...ENOUGH!" 
Useful idiots demand "gun control."

The Globalist/Communist: "We must impose heavy taxes upon the private economy so that we can sustain our massive central government and keep the masses dependent upon us."
The Useful Liberal Idiot: "If you have a successful business, that's fine. But you didn't build that on your own. Somebody else built it with tax dollars used for roads and schools. Everyone should pay their fair share of taxes so we can have roads, courts, schools, and a social safety net. Paying taxes is patriotic."

Useful idiots plead with government to raise their taxes!

The Globalist/Communist: "Through our well paid psuedo-scientists and wholly owned media, we must aggressively promote the false science of Global Warming. The fear that this generates will enable us to raise taxes on carbon, erode national sovereignty, stifle economic progress, and gain control over private property and industry. Global Warming is one of the greatest power grabbing scams we have ever concocted! During periods of colder weather, we shall use the term 'Climate Change'.
The Useful Liberal Idiot: "Man made Global Warming is a proven fact! The science is settled! Only uneducated, anti-science, right wing flat earthers continue to deny it. Scientists who deny Global Warming all work for Big Oil.We need to address this problem now or our children are going to suffer." 

Useful idiots brave the cold to protest "Global Warming" (or is it "Climate Change?")

The Globalist/Communist: "That which we cannot control or destroy via legislation, we will deal with via excessive regulation of private property and enterprise. This control is to be achieved under the humanitarian guise of "protecting consumers" or "protecting the environment" or "protecting workers" or "protecting minorities."
The Useful Liberal Idiot: "Regulatory agencies such as the FDA, EPA, EEOC, OSHA serve the public interest by protecting us against profit driven capitalists! You can never have enough regulation."

Useful idiot demanding more expensive and unecessary regulations over food production.

The Globalist/Communist: "We must undermine the moral foundations of the western societies that we seek to ruin. Our promotion of homosexuality and "gay marriage" makes a total mockery of both traditional morality and the nuclear family.
The Useful Liberal Idiot: "Discrimination is wrong. There is nothing wrong with being gay. Why shouldn't gays be allowed to marry?"

Culture War! Homosexual libtards are used as tools of moral destabilization.

The Globalist/Communist: "With it's strict limitations of government power, the US Constitution has always served to slow down our progress towards an omnipotent centralized state. For this reason, we must use slander to undermine the people's respect for America's founders while at the same time condemning their Constitution as outdated."
The Useful Liberal Idiot: "Many of America's founders owned slaves. I saw on the History Channel that George Washington may have died from venerial disease, and that Thomas Jefferson had a baby with a slave girl. The Constitution served its purpose for those days. But for today's modern world, it doesn't meet our needs."

Thomas Jefferson falsely portrayed as a sexual deviant who fathered a child with a black slave.

The Globalist/Communist: "To further corrupt the concepts of beauty, objectivity and truth, we must promote senseless and ugly abominations as 'modern art'."
The Useful Liberal Idiot: "Picasso was a genius! Just look at his use of color and his portrayal of man's inner conflict in the contemporary world. Simply sublime! (as the neurotic libtard stares in wonder at a piece of junk hanging from a NY City museum wall.) 

We went from this.........
Da Vinci
....to this!

The Globalist/Communist: "We must destablize families by setting wives against their husbands. By way of high taxes, inflation, and ridicule of homemakers, we will force mothers into the work force and their children into day care centers."
The Useful Liberal Idiot: "Housewives are oppressed women. They are forced to cook, clean, and raise kids while their husbands get to go out and work. Women should focus on careers instead of changing poopy diapers.Ewwwww! Gross!"

Useful idiot feminists have turned many men into wimps and many women into miserable hags.

The Globalist/Communist: "We must promote sexual promiscuity as a means of destroying the traditional family unit via adultery and unwed motherhood. This will financially ruin millions of divorced men and force millions of unwed mothers and their children to be dependent upon our centralized government."
The Useful Liberal Idiot: "Sex is natural and fun. Everyone should do it. The old fashioned hangups over pre marital sex and monogamy were forced upon society by the Church as a way of controlling people."

A "dad" at 13? Stories like this are the result of useful idiots and their obsession with sex.

The Globalist/Communist: "We must promote massive immigration from Third World nations into the western nations. Most of these immigrants will flock to our left wing political banners as they dilute the conservative European white majority which stands in the way of our eventual World Government."
The Useful Liberal Idiot: "Xenophobia is wrong! Diversity and multiculturalism are our greatest strengths. We are a nation of immigrants. We should always serve as a beacon of light for those who want to come here from poorer countries."

Useful idiots demand open borders and unlimited immigration.

The Globalist/Communist: "Our regulatory policies and promotion of frivilous lawsuits will deliberately drive up health care costs to the point where the public begs for government help. Our State run health care system will give us total control of over 15% of the nation's economy, while forcing the masses to depend upon us for one of their most vital needs."
The Useful Liberal Idiot: "Insurance companies and doctors are greedy profit takers. Free health care is a right! People shouldn't have to die in the streets because they can't afford medical insurance!"

Useful idiots demanding more government control over their lives.

The Globalist/Communist: "In order to subvert any foreign government which guards its sovereignty and resists our New World Order, we must target that government with 'human rights' propaganda, while at the same time funding internal subversive groups via the CIA and NGO's."
The Useful Liberal Idiot: "As Americans, it is our moral obligation to promote democracy and human rights worldwide by imposing sanctions upon, or even bombing, countries with bad human rights records. Syria, Iran, Russia, and Venezuela need to be punished. We cannot go back to 'isolationism.' That's how World War II started."

Useful idiots wrongly believe that Syria's Assad (shown with Russia's Patriarch) is a mass murderer.
Useful idiots hate the Presidents of Iran and Russia. They don't know why. They just hate them.

The Globalist/Communist: "By tugging at the heart strings of compassionate Americans, we must spend trillions of dollars on every type of welfare scheme imaginable. In the short run, this massive spending will make many millions of people dependent upon us. In the long run, it will enable us to raise taxes, debase the currency, bankrupt the nation, and ultimately bring on a the monster crash that we will exploit."
The Useful Liberal Idiot: "The Government safety net is there to help people in need. We shouldn't balance the budget on the backs of the poor."

The Globalist/Communist: "To erode the common morality which serves as the foundation of Western Civilization, we must strip God from the public mind by ridiculing the practice of religion and promoting atheism. When the link between the people and their God / church is severed, they will degenerate, ultimately coming to depend upon us for guidance, instruction, and charitable support."
The Useful Liberal Idiot: "There is no God! The Big Bang created the universe from nothing. We began asbacteria swimming about in 'primordial ooze', that then evolved into fish, that eventually grew legs and came ashore. Those creatures then became apes, while others swam back into the sea and became dolphins. Finally, the apes became human. Go read a biology book! Religion is just a way for child molesting priests to control people. Morality is a relative concept. I believe in separation of church and state."

Useful idiot feminist bears her breasts and attempts to assault Russia's Orthodox Patriarch.

The Globalist/Communist: "From time to time, the manipulations of our wholly owned Central Bank and Federal Government will cause bubbles to burst in real estate, stocks, or even the currency itself. The blame for our economic disruptions must always be shifted upon the system of free enterprise - so called 'capitalism'."
The Useful Liberal Idiot: "Greedy capitalists need to be more closely regulated by the government. They profit off the backs of the working people. It's the 1% that caused the problem." 

Instead of blaming the counterfeiters at the Fed, useful idiots protest "corporate greed."

The Globalist/Communist: "We must never allow another Senator McCarthy or another J. Edgar Hoover to publicly expose our plans as they did. In order to discredit Anti-Globalism and Anti-Communism in the public mind, and to send a fearful warning to any politician who would even think to expose us, it is essential that we forever tarnish the names of McCarthy and Hoover."
The Useful Liberal Idiot: "I learned about Joe McCarthy in school. What a evil drunken bastard! He ruined  innocent people who disagreed with him by labeling them as Communist. And they said on History Channel that the paranoid J. Edgar Hoover kept files on everyone while wearing womens' clothes."

Useful idiots foam at the mouth at the mention of J. Edgar Hoover's name.
Though they have never read any of the testimony from his hearings, useful idiots despise McCarthy.

The Globalist/Communist: "A massive Global conspiracy such as ours has always been impossible to completely conceal. We must at all times heap scorn and ridicule upon the brave few who can see us and dare to expose us. Through our media mouthpieces we shall label our enemies as 'conspiracy theorists' and 'extremists'. In the minds of the sheep-like masses, this ridicule will totally discredit them.
The Useful Liberal Idiot (and some conservatives too!):  "That's a crazy conspiracy theory! You don't really believe that nonsense do you? You better put your tin foil hat on. Ha ha ha! I suppose you believe that Elvis is still alive too! Ha ha ha!" 

Useful idiots love to mock that which their shallow minds cannot comprehend.

The Globalist/Communist: "In order to destroy the small business community and consolidate their market share into the hands of our preferred corporations, we must play to the envious nature of people by pointing out discrepancies in wealth. The masses will never figure out that wealth and income disparity is the intentional result of the policies of our government and Federal Reserve. The mob will follow us blindly, cheering us on as we attack the job-creating small to medium size businesses which employ them."
The Useful Liberal Idiot: "Tax the rich! They aren't paying their fair share. Warren Buffett's secretary pays a higher tax rate than he does. Pass the Buffett rule now!" 

Envious useful idiots protest in favor of raising taxes on their own job creators!

The Globalist/Communist: "Having skillfully destroyed Black communities with our CIA sanctioned drug trade, our job outsourcing, our degenerate entertainment industry, and financial incentives for having children out of wedlock, we then win the Blacks over to our political side by agitating them over slavery, segregation, and discrimination. They will then mistake us, their predators, as being their saviors! At the same time, this will instill a guilt complex among the weak minded elements of the targetted white majority, who will also flock to our banners."
The Useful Liberal Idiot: "Blacks are at a disadvantage because of the legacy of slavery, Jim Crow laws, and ongoing racism. It's the government's role to make things right. Give Obama a break. People who hate him are racist!"

Useful idiots protest the "racist" shooting death of the violent burglar/thug Trayvon Martin.


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