Tuesday, January 22, 2013

How to Protect Christian Communities Under Martial Law

The Urgency of Christian Preparedness 
To Preserve Our Future
in America
Because of the times in which we live, Christian homes, communities and institutions in America need to take more precautions and to prepare for potentially dangerous situations. Security measures should be taken to protect innocent lives from danger and persecution, and to secure possessions such as houses and land from attack and theft. 
Emergency food supplies

People within the Christian communities across America should consider obtaining long term emergency food supplies, plus medical and other essential supplies as well. Under a state of  martial law, there will be a  need to protect and defend one's home and family from marauding groups attempting to break in and steal from their homes.

Emergency medical supply kit

Under a state of national emergency, any attempts to break into your home, seize family members, or steal possessions including emergency preparedness supplies, must be considered a hostile and illegal criminal act and responded to accordingly. 


Christian families should plan to attend training courses in basic self-defense that may be offered locally or online, and should train family members in how to handle a firearm for both subsistence living and also for self-defense.

There is always the potential for terrorists to plot to attack churches and Christian homes and various Christian institutions, if America sinks into a state of instability through various crises. Such times of crisis provide the opportune time for criminals and terrorists to take advantage of the situation, and attack.

With the destabilization of any nation, the potential for persecution against Christians therein is always present. Christians in America must consider preparing to face prolonged times of persecution and attempts to restrict their religious liberties, should a state of national emergency and martial law arise.

 Since religious liberties ultimately proceed from Almighty God and never man's institutions, Christians must understand this principle and never allow anyone hostile to their faith (who  essentially becomes a terrorist, committing acts of hostility and repression) to restrict their religious freedoms given to them by God, or hinder their Biblical obligation to feed and protect their family members. This includes during times of crisis in America, a time when people including Christians are most vulnerable to attack.

During a state of national emergency, Christians must coordinate together and  must prepare to defend their homes, their churches  and other religious institutions such as Bible colleges, Christian radio and television facilities, and all others as well from all acts of terrorism, vandalism, violence and destruction or seizure by people hostile to the Christians.

Because of America's dangerous and aggressive political and military foreign policies in the Middle East, the very real potential for WAR to strike America continually remains. Nuclear strikes on American soil in fact are anticipated by the government and the US military. This is the purpose for deep underground military bases, many containing up to ten years worth of emergency food supplies due to the threat of a prolonged nuclear exchange.

Christian families and Christian institutions should also consider storing up long term emergency food supplies to feed their families and their people in the event of a prolonged nuclear war. 
The Christians should also seek to acquire quality  firearms suitable for war time situations, to defend themselves and their families and the Christian community as a whole from attack. Training in how to properly handle firearms and handguns is also essential, especially during times of instability or even war. Proper firearms for subsistence living through hunting, etc., will be very important for the coming times when there will be no food on the shelves in America.

With the potential for war against America to be prolonged, as the US military believes it will be, obtaining long term supplies of ammunition and related materials must be considered and purchased in advance, BEFORE disaster strikes.
All across America, aware and concerned Americans are quietly ordering pre-fabricated nuclear fallout shelters and having them installed in their backyards or various  properties. They are typically purchasing property nestled between mountains which provide shielding from nuclear bombs, and they are having their homes built and nuclear fallout shelters installed in the basements, according to one construction company.

Christians and every Christian institution needs to consider doing the same, and soon. As American aggression continues unabated in the Middle East, and dark martial law agendas loom over the horizon, time may be running out for our nation.

Local RED CROSS centers, located nationwide,  provide excellent materials and books for training in EMERGENCY FIRST AID procedures. Classes training in CPR and FIRST AID are frequently available. Contact your local RED CROSS in your area and sign up for both FIRST AID and CPR classes. This is an excellent step in emergency preparedness for the future.

Christians need to become aware of, and on the alert for, those potential terrorists who are hostile to them and their beliefs. Such people are also often hostile to the very principles of religious freedoms and liberty as found embedded in our Constitution and throughout American history. 

Unfortunately, there  are radical fringe groups opposed to Christianity, that oppose your religious freedoms and the Constitution. Such factions and cults can become dangerous if they decide to act out their hostilities against Christians, and should be viewed as potential terrorists who may seek to attack Christians and their institutions in the future in a state of national emergency. 

In fact, some of these dangerous radical groups reportedly are already preparing to violently attack Christians, should America come under a state of national emergency/martial law, even using deadly force. I have previously reported on this potential based on years of research.

One major group I uncovered through research is reported to have even gone so far that they have planned the mass genocide of America's Christians under martial law. 

These are the most dangerous and radical kinds of fringe groups there are in America today.

For this reason, Christians must prepare to defend themselves from such threats to their families, their peace and security. And for the good of society, such deadly threats must be identified and ultimately removed from society and isolated where they pose no more threats to the American people and their liberties and safety.

Beware of such people or groups, and prepare to defend your families and religious institutions effectively from all such attacks. Learn to identify the groups and organizations that pose a threat to Christians and their liberties, to our Constitutional Republic, and to our religious freedoms in America.

If you become aware of anyone who is openly a part of such groups, and is acting suspiciously, report them and all suspicious activities to local authorities, and state why.

Such people or groups who are threats to Christian liberties and safety in our nation must be made to understand clearly that Christians in America will not tolerate infringements on their God-given rights, nor any attack upon themselves, their homes or their communities.

Encourage people in your church and Christian community to become informed and become prepared NOW.


Learn now how to protect
and defend yourself
and the Christian Community

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

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