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By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

The following prophetic revelation, inspired by the Holy Spirit, was given recently to a Messianic Jew to share with God's people. I am publishing this timely word on my blog for ALL to read and comprehend and act on.


This confirms what I (and many others as well) have been saying all along!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

Prophetic Word from Yahweh 
to His People in North America
The Spirit of the LORD speaks expressly on this 6th day of the first month of 2013. There are but 15 days, and there will be a shift in the spirit realm, a shift like you have never seen before.  

Even greater darkness shall be released 
upon this land and upon this world.  

For they have turned their backs on me and they have worshiped other gods and they have worshiped idols.  I will have no other gods before me, says the LORD.  

You must be set apart.  You must be holy as I am holy, for it is written: "Be ye holy even as I Am holy."  

Do not focus on the circumstances around you.  Remain focused on Me.  Remain in My Word.  Remain on My narrow path. 

Make sure your lamps are filled, and do not be as the foolish virgins.  Prepare! For thus saith the LORD, woe to those who are lukewarm, for I will vomit you out of My mouth.Continue in My will and I will direct you as you submit unto Me, fully trusting in Me.  

Do not lean on your own understanding, for My ways are higher than your ways and My thoughts are higher than your thoughts, for I AM that I AM.  I am He who sent My Son to come in the flesh and He died on a tree.  He was buried and He rose from the grave and conquered death.  He is seated at my right hand and He makes intercessions even now.

You must begin to intercede even more. I will direct you I will tell you what to pray and who to pray for. Continue to pray in the Spirit, My Spirit.

Be careful and keep watch, for the enemy 
seeks whom he may devour and 
he is out to destroy you, each one of you.  

Do not look left or right, but straight ahead focused on Me, for the enemy will try to distract you.  He will try to entice you and he will toy with your emotions if you allow him.  

Gird up your loins. Put on My full armor.  A shaking is coming, a quaking is coming.  

I will do what I must to wake My people up, for My mercy endures.  

Even in the midst of their iniquity My mercy endures.

The anti-messiah (Anti-Christ)is at center stage waiting to be revealed.  Waiting for the curtain to be drawn back so all may see, for his desire is to be worshiped; but he is mistaken, for I AM THAT I AM!  I am the Creator of all, and there will be none above Me and every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Yahshua is Lord, He is King and there is no other.  

Do not rely on man's ways and man's thoughts, but seek Me.  Seek My Word, for in it you will find the answer for everything you ask and everything you need. I hold all in the palm of My hand and I am in control. 

Fear not! Fear Not! Fear not, for I am in control and My will shall be done on earth as it is already done in heaven.  It shall be completed.  

The enemy has many new tactics that he will try against you.  Stand guard!  Be fervent in your watch, for his arrows are pointed at you each of you.  Do not let him in!  Stand guard! I say stand guard!  

Use the authority I have given you.  Use the power I have given you.  Use My Word and use My armor. 

Woe to those who give suck, for their milk shall be dry as a desert.  

Woe to those who have not prepared although they were warned!  

They will not even be able to get water from a rock.  Warn My people to stop making excuses.  Warn them!  Warn them while it is yet day for soon the night comes!  They must repent and turn to Me.  They must come out of these religious assemblies that are teaching lies.  They must seek My truth, for without My truth there is no hope.  

My people have become complacent.  Warn them!  
Warn them that they have become complacent!  The hour draws near!  The very hour draws near when it will be too late; you must warn them!  

They must have a final warning!  

They must get their house in order!  They must get their children in order!  There is not much time and there is absolutely no time for playing games, for 'playing church'.  How many times have I said that you are to be THE BODY OF CHRIST, and "Church" is not a game. Church is not an entertainment!  

It is not some place to go to watch some hireling on the stage! They must repent!  They must turn, for My Kingdom is at hand! 

My Son weeps!  My Son weeps and He weeps, for He knows what is about to come and He cannot intervene.  He paid the full price so man could be redeemed and they throw it back in His face and trample His blood.  Yet His mercy is great and His love is even greater that is why He weeps. 

He would have that none be lost; no not one, but most do not care.  They would rather seek the gods of this world and the lusts of the flesh and they are filled with pride and it shall all be torn down to nothing.  If it were not so I would not say it, for I am that I am.  

No one shall escape My judgment.  No one can hide, for there is no safe place outside of Me.  

The just shall suffer with the unjust.
[This does not sound like a rapture is coming to take the Christians 
out of coming tribulation...does it?-PRS]  

Again I say do not fear.  Do not be afraid of what comes, for I am with you and I will never leave you nor forsake you.  Be anxious for nothing, for I am your ever-present help in time of need. 

My cup of judgment for North America overflows even now.  And the way has been prepared for its outpouring.  It shall overflow through this land, through this world; for the harvest is ripe and what has been sown they shall now reap.  

They that have sown death, will reap death.   They that have sown iniquity, will reap iniquity.   They that have sown hatred will reap hatred.

Remember that I told you that I hold the little ones in My hand. And no matter what may happen, they are with Me.  Always remember that they are with Me and I wrap them in My arms and comfort them.  You must remember that they are with Me and you are to count it joy because they are with Me.  

Do not let sorrow overtake you.  Trust in Me fully!   Do not lean on your own understanding.  Trust Me fully!  

Trust Me fully, for I Am that I Am! 

Prophetic revelation given through Da'voreh, 2013

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