Thursday, January 24, 2013

WHY the "NEXT BIG ONE" Is Inevitable to Bring MARTIAL LAW


Unless, of course, there is sufficient fasting and prayer and grace from Almighty God on behalf of His elect in this nation to stop this terrible NWO agenda!

And this is exactly what former CIA and military insider sources told me was coming to bring America down under martial law and to ABOLISH THE US CONSTITUTION, beginning in 1995.

What just happened with Obama's gun legislation fiasco was also a LITMUS TEST. It was designed to measure the response from the American people as a whole, to the idea of strict GUN CONTROL LEGISLATION.

How did the American people respond??? 


All over America,  uproar occurred as military, sheriffs and  everyday American citizens shouted NO!

And what did they they use to defend their gun ownership rights???


Repeatedly all across America, people outraged with the very idea of tight gun restrictions legislation, referred to their SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS as the basis for their justification to resist any efforts to restrict this freedom to own guns.

And I can promise you, the NWO left has fully taken note of the overall response of the indignant American people and gun owners. They now see clearly that the vast majority of the American people will not peacefully surrender their weapons to authorities or compromise their rights to gun ownership and to defend themselves.

And I can furthermore promise you, that they anticipated this response, and have long ago  planned to ABOLISH THE CONSTITUTION by deliberately triggering MARTIAL LAW by staging mock disasters (false flags) that are designed to cause martial law nationwide to be irreversibly declared, effectively ABOLISHING THE CONSTITUTION.

I have written about this for years, based on revelations on former CIA insiders who worked for the NWO agenda under Bush Sr. at that time. 

And with NO Constitution, and NO Second Amendment to refer to any longer as justification for gun ownership, THE GOVERNMENT and MILITARY WILL THEN COME AFTER THE GUNS! 

They will trample all over previous gun rights with impunity. The disarming of the American people has been a major part of their agenda, as I reported many years ago.

My previous reports have included my interviews with the German military in America, who freely admitted they were here to arrest us, fire upon us if we offered resistance, to seize our weapons and to take us of to the FEMA camps under martial law. They have been trained for many years in this nation for the NWO agenda. I reported on this beginning back in 1998.

I have been praying with great apprehension about all these recent events in our nation, including gun control legislation. 

Today I could not stop crying, in fact. And I rarely cry. My emotions were shelved long ago, in order to continue on with this work. I would have died of depression and a broken heart long ago, if I had lived in the realms of normal human emotions. 

Many years ago, I had to seek God through prayer for a long time, for the grace to deal with all I have researched over the past 18 years. And I asked Him to set me free from depression and sadness that was threatening to destroy me when I first started investigating America's future. And He did so, with the result that I rarely ever cry any more.

And now when I do, it is because of the Holy Spirit deeply impacting me and moving me to weep. In other words, it is divinely motivated weeping. I have been asking God to speak to me clearly by His Holy Spirit about what we soon face NEXT in our nation, so I can know how to pray. 

I asked God finally today, "Father, why are you moving me to weep so heavily today?" I am spending all night in prayer awaiting divine revelation from His Holy Spirit. It is a Biblical principle to wait upon God for revelation and insight.

But as I prayed today, I sensed much more is to come of a disturbing nature in this nation, and soon.

I will share that God impressed upon me revelation concerning great disaster coming upon Washington DC. This concerns me, because there are many godly Christians and ministries throughout that region, besides the obvious crooks and criminals on Capitol Hill.

I immediately began to think about what a USAF source told me many years ago, about missiles in our own bases being diverted to internal targets, to help bring abut national disaster leading to martial law. Many of my readers will remember that article that I have reprinted several times. 

My USAF source admitted that missiles from Ellsworth AFB at that time had been redirected to 4 internal targets, including WASHINGTON DC. This would also confirm the act that the NWO as decided that the NEW CAPITOL OF AMERICA under NWO/martial law was to be DENVER COLORADO. I have also previously reported on this as well.

Please continue to intercede for our our nation. YOUR prayers are critical in bringing about God's will, to replace  the horrors and destruction that these NWO murderers and madmen have planned for America. Always remember: Satan's will for our nation, is never the will of a holy and just God! Stand with every spiritual gift and authority in Christ Jesus against the will and tactics of THE ENEMY.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert

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