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Audio clip – 
NC Police Lieutenant: 30-45 days until
Martial Law
Posted By: Watchman
Friday, 4-Jan-2013 00:19:09

summary of audio clip below:

-Law enforcement is being trained to 

confiscate, disarm, and take down the American Patriots!

-Law enforcement is training with Military 
The Police Officers who are volunteering to
train to kill Patriots are young and use steroids.

Predicts it will take 30-45 days for Law

Enforcement to be prepared to disarm and 

declare and maintain 


Predicts that in the next 2-3 months
individual patriots will be killed, arrested, 

and have their weapons and preparation gear 

His advice: get close to God, be prepared, store 
up food and water, buy an AR15 rifle, and 
protect your family.

Comments from Pamela:

What this courageous Christian police officer from NC did NOT tell you, I  will. 

Here is a martial law recap:

You can expect EVERYTHING I have ever documented over the past 18 years to finally begin to happen under martial law.

-YOUR CONSTITUTION WILL BE FINALLY RESCINDED. Look for the tragic "false flag" events artificially created by the government to trigger MARTIAL LAW and the Constitution rescinded.

Poof! Their goes your freedom of speech, 
freedom to assemble, your gun rights, and ALL 
CHRISTIAN FREEDOMS will be restricted or gone. 
"Sorry, but you can no longer enter this church!"

-We will then come under PRESIDENTIAL EXECUTIVE ORDERS turning America into a police state at last.

-Foreign troops (UN/NATO/Pfp, Russian/Chinese) alongside US "traitor troops" to patrol the streets of America under martial law...
German Bundeswehr troops
"We are here to SEIZE YOUR WEAPONS!"

to seize your food supplies and weapons and emergency gear...
to march you to the infamous prisoner boxcars 
with shackles...
 to be then taken to the FEMA/HOMELAND DETENTION CAMPS for either forced "re-education" or TERMINATION for "NWO RESISTERS."

-Deadly release of US military chemical/biological warfare substances over pockets of resistance, to make Patriotic Americans too sick to resist.

The FEMA COFFINS are all in place across America for when they scoop up the dead bodies in their mop-up operations following their CHEM/BIO releases nationwide.

-MILITARY DRONES patrolling the skies over "AMERIKA."

-PLANNED FAMINE to force Patriotic Americans to their knees and submit to the NWO agenda for the USA. It will then be either "COMPLY...OR DIE! NO FOOD!"

-Massive shutdowns of the transportation systems across America. Roadblocks and checkpoints and vehicles searches for WEAPONS and people "ON THE LIST" for arrest and termination.

-Door-to-door search, seizure and arrest.

-You will witness with your own eyes the manifestation of the MODERN MILITARY GUILLOTINES as a terror control tool for public spectacle beheadings and executions. 

-Furthermore, CHRISTIANS can expect to be tempted to DENY JESUS CHRIST and join their NWO...or be publicly beheaded or sent "to the camps" for termination.
IN AMERICA by former CIA NWO planners and former satanists alike. 

Both groups admitted, "We couldn't WAIT for martial law 
to be declared, so we could get our hands ON THE CHRISTIANS and send them to the camps...because no other group in America has stood more in the way of our NWO than them!"

For you dubious Christians who will say, "Oh, no, you 
NWO Communists/satanists will NOT persecute us here in AMERICA," they will reply..........
NWO Communism has slaughtered tens of millions of innocent Christians in nation after nation that has fallen to their AGENDA. Guess which nation they are going after NEXT???
Famine victims under Communism in Russia

-Deliberate AND PLANNED famine and hunger will sweep across this nation...dead bodies will pile up...the FEMA/HOMELAND SECURITY camps will also fill up...and it will all become the PLANNED TIME OF CHAOS FOR AMERICA by these NWO madmen and their leftist/satanist "useful idiots".

AND I SAY to those Christians in America who have mocked my reporting, who said "a rapture will come to take us out and we don't need to listen to your warnings," I have nothing but the deepest sympathy for you all as these events are about to unfold. 
You have trusted in false and heretical doctrines that pleased your flesh but have no solid foundation in the Gospel, and as a result many of you have not prepared your hearts to both suffer and die for Jesus Christ in that hour. 

Not one of you can give me chapter and verse wherein it states conclusively that " before Christians in America can suffer for their faith in end-times tribulation, they will be RAPTURED OUT." 

In fact, what Jesus DOES tell us in Matthew 24, is that BEFORE HE RETURNS, ALL NATIONS will hate THE CHRISTIANS, and THEN deliver them up to tribulation and to be put death for His sake. He warned that at that time many would hate and betray one another and fall away.

He then stated, "But HE THAT ENDURES TO THE END, the SAME shall be SAVED."

Many Christians have not made practical preparations as well, and you are about to SUFFER THE TRAGIC CONSEQUENCES AS A RESULT.

And many "Christians" will even DENY JESUS CHRIST and PERISH ETERNALLY, because you did not get your hearts right with God, you mocked His messengers warning you, and YOU DID NOT PREPARE!!! Yes, this has already been prophesied to this nation by the Holy Spirit through many Godly sources.
"...And He shall show you THINGS TO COME."
~John 16:13~

Personally, my heart is prepared. I have heeded God's warnings and His messengers for many years now. God has taken away all my fear. I have perfect peace in spite of all I know is to come upon our nation.

"Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid." John 14:27 

I have no reason to be afraid of death. My sins are forgiven and I have eternal life. I have fought the good fight. I have embraced the cross to follow Jesus Christ for 40 years now. I have kept His testimony and witness. I have sought Him for the grace to remain faithful unto death, and to confess Him unto the end. 
For me as a CHRISTIAN, I have no greater purpose 
and honor at this time in America, than to 
proudly proclaim 
and to declare to these NWO forces from hell, 

If it must come to this for the Christians in America, then let me die for my faith and confession of Jesus Christ! Revelation 12:11 is about to be fulfilled now in AMERICA.

"And they overcame him[satan] by the blood of the Lamb, by the Word of their testimony, and because the did not love their lives unto death." In other words, Christians must maintain their salvation unto the end by being FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH.

"Be thou faithful unto death, and I will give you the CROWN OF LIFE.He that overcomes shall not be hurt of the second death." 
~Revelation 2:10-11~


What a glorious privilege, to stand before these 
modern military guillotines, in fulfillment of ancient 
Bible prophecy, and to secure your martyr's "crown of life" and your resurrection body, by faithfully confessing 
JESUS CHRIST before men and refusing to deny Him! What a testimony to an unbelieving world!

"Then I saw thrones, and they sat on them, and judgment was given to them. And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded because of their testimony of Jesus and because of the word of God, and those who had not worshiped the beast or his image, and had not received the mark on their forehead and on their hand; and they came to life and reigned with Christ for a thousand years."

~Revelation 20:4~

Christians of America, QUIT FEARING PERSECUTION AND MARTYRDOM! Cowardice never glorifies the God we profess to  represent and serve. God has successfully brought His people through 2000 years of persecution and testing, and He will bring us through safely as well.

Embrace the cross to follow Jesus Christ to the end! Our home and our eternal reward is NEVER in this world!

Use PRAYER and stand on the Word of God to get RID of that demon called FEAR and craven cowardice in your life, and seek God for His mighty grace to STAND FIRM FOR JESUS CHRIST TO THE END.

"God has not given us a spirit of FEAR, but of POWER, LOVE and a sound mind." II Timothy 1:7

"But he that ENDURES TO THE END, the same SHALL BE SAVED." Matthew 24:13
"If anyone would be My disciple, let him deny himself, take up his cross, and FOLLOW ME. For whosoever would seek to save his life, the same shall LOSE it. But whosoever would seek to love his life FOR MY SAKE and the sake of the Gospel, the same shall find it."
~LUKE 8:34-36~

"“And I tell you, everyone who acknowledges me before men, the Son of Man also will acknowledge before the angels of God.But the one who denies me before men will be denied before the angels of God."
~Luke 12:8-9~

At such a time as this, I never know when each post MIGHT BE MY LAST. 

But if anything should happen to me, or this blog should disappear, YOU, beloved fellow Christian, must continue to march on with Jesus Christ to victory and to eternal glory in His might and power! 

I am not concerned about what may happen to me in THIS world. MY NAME IS WRITTEN IN THE BOOK OF LIFE. 

And I remain safely IN HIS HANDS. 

And my beloved fellow Christians, SO DO YOU!

"Because I live, ye shall live also."
~John 14:19~


Pamela Rae Schuffert


  1. Not that I automatically assume people to be liars, but I wouldn't jump to conclusions about this. ie: the world did not end in 2012...
    Also, I don't think it is Christ-like to go buying guns etc for protection. We are to "resist not evil, but overcome evil with good."
    as far as getting prepared spiritually, that is a very good idea, and I know I need to work on that as well. I believe the Holy Ghost will be poured out during the tribulation in even more abundance than Pentecost...let's seek Him!
    Thanks for your concerns!

  2. Hi...I'm commenting again. I read a bunch of missed posts, and I am deeply impressed how much you pray for the people and situations that you write about. You warn us to pray that we enter not into temptation, and that convicted me that I'm not taking this stuff seriously. Keep going until they stop you, and on my side, I'll try to take action through prayer, etc. It's very hard trying to convince people that the end is near, for so many from my very conservative Christian circle don't want to hear. That places an even larger burden on me to pray for them.
    But the only thing I think you're in error about is self-defense. Jesus said, "Those who live by the sword shall die by it." May that be the fate of the NWO, and NOT Christians! I kindly ask you to consider why you need a gun. Almost all modern-day Christians don't take the doctrine of non-resistance seriously, as laid out in the sermon on the mount. "Bless them that persecute you." Is shooting them...even to save the lives of loved ones... blessing them? We can overcome by the spiritual weaponry given us by God, not by fleshly weapons. Yes, the coming torture and horror may seem just reason to do ALL possible to stay out of trouble, but wasn't Jesus' death a similar atrocity? He was a sheep before slaughter, and we as Christians need to follow His example.
    God bless you as you seek to warn sleeping America even as the fire is starting under her bed!
    ~Joe from PA

  3. I need to know how we can find out when the police are in our city or neighborhood going door to door seizing our guns. Will it be on the police scanner. Will the only sign be when communications are out?Please advise!

  4. I don't own a gun and am not really sure about that issue. Peter did bring his weapon and used it also. Im not sure of the significants of that was but I do know that our Lord didn't use violence or say a word. I believe He is the shining example of what we must do when our time comes... and it Is coming. Still, Peter wasn't forbidden to bring his weapon, but to use it. God bless