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The Day God Released Me to Carry A GUN...And WHY

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

There is a time and a place for the justifiable use of  reasonable force to stop those who are intent on harming innocent victims. 

Those who are breaking the just laws of Almighty God, must  also reap the consequences thereof, if the innocent are to be protected and God's laws upheld. 

According to Black's law dictionary, ALL law must proceed from God's laws, if they are to be considered valid. And God's word is filled with both commandments and examples of protecting the innocent, and examples of His just judgment, administered through men, upon those intent on breaking His laws.

AS A CHRISTIAN, first and foremost,  I basically believe in  peace and non-violence. 

I believe in forgiving those who have offended me as Jesus commanded us to do. The idea of using violence in any form is repellent to me as a peace-loving and law abiding Christian and citizen of this nation. 

This is why I have remained unarmed for most of my life. I would rather pray and see the hands of God move to resolve a serious crisis, than to have to resort to even justifiable violence to resolve it. I would rather love my enemies, pray for them, and see God's hands move to change their hearts and lives. This is what Christianity is all about.

However, in 1992 I was to learn a serious lesson about this. There is ANOTHER side to the coin. 

Ashville, NC, where event below occurred

At this time I was helping families in the mountains of North Carolina, who were under attack from local satanist cults in their region. Satanism is very prevalent in the mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee, unfortunately. I was to discover this firsthand while living in that region, and writing my book, "Satanism in America Today."

I actually found myself working with various concerned Christian individuals in law enforcement, as I worked with families under attack, and began to turn in information gathered from informants regarding names of satanists in that region.

One day a satanic crime investigator encouraged me to get into contact with a young woman who had recently been terrorized by one local coven. They were brazen enough to call her and declare that they were going to abduct her for human sacrifice! This began months of being stalked, pursued down highways and roads, attacks on her home, and continuing threats to her life.
Mountains of North Caorlina

I called her, and for five hours she poured out her heart to me on the phone. I agreed to come to her home and remain there for awhile to pray with her family and to observe firsthand what these satanists were doing to her. It was to become an eye-opening experience that I would never forget!

You can read all about this account in my reports posted on the internet:

I can never forget the night that she received a phone call from the head of this coven. I watched as she picked up the phone, and began to tremble all over as she listened to the ugly words of this man. He was using vulgar language to describe to her what they would do to her, once they abducted her for sacrifice. Terrified, she collapsed on the floor, screaming. I ran to pick up the phone, and spoke to this man.

"Look buddy...I am praying for you...I care about where you will spend eternity...BUT CROSS THESE LINES OF DECENCY AND HUMANITY TO BREAK INTO HER HOME AND ABDUCT HER, and I will have NO PROBLEM reducing you to BLOODY HISTORY all over her sidewalk! Do you understand???"

And I meant every word I said.

By the time this event occurred, we had already gone through many frightening and harrowing experiences with these people. High speed road chases on lone country roads...a poisoned needle planted in her car seat, sending her to the emergency room...electricity cut off from the outside and even cell phones blocked from calling the word from an informant who was secretly in love with her and risked his life to come and share with her what their plans were.

He admitted to us one night that they were so angry that they had not gotten her previously for Halloween sacrifice, that they planned to use a small explosive charge, blow the door off her trailer, and then proceed to enter and shoot me to kill and THEN abduct her at last for sacrifice.

"Pam, they HATE you because you have been standing in their way..." Gary said as he looked at my friend and me sadly. Things had even gotten so bad by then, that two police officers who had promised to stand with her in this case, withdrew. I confronted one officer one day and asked him why? How could he abandon her in a time of crisis?

He hung his head and could not look me in the eyes as he replied, "Well, I withdrew from this case because I feared for my life and the safety of my family...." SO where does this leave the innocent victim, if everyone is too afraid to stand in solidarity with them??? I knew in my heart I could never abandon her at this point.

This was the one time in my life, that after much prayer, I knew that God had released me to carry a firearm, and to be prepared to use it if necessary. 

We were dealing with murderous satanists with a track record of violent attacks on families and individuals in this area.

Once their victims are abducted by these satanists, eye-witness accounts of former satanists I interviewed from that area made it clear what kind of horrific death these victims could expect at their murderous hands. Brutal rape and torture. Nailing to crosses. Chaining to altars and being  viciously sacrificed. Even infants are not spared such horrors as being skinned alive and dismembered and cannibalized.

In a situation such as this, I came to the conclusion that there is indeed a time and place for justifiable use of reasonable force required to effectively stop a murderous criminal from destroying the life of an innocent victim.

Some people have interpreted certain Bible verses related to this, to mean that we are simply to sit back and let wicked people have their way unchallenged. But no where in the Bible does God indicate this! 

Rather, verse after verse through the Bible instructs us to respond to evil  with "...resist the devil and he will flee from you." "Having done all, STAND." We are not to tolerate the works of darkness, and we are to rescue those whom Satan and his followers are seeking to destroy.

This is the original intent of armed police officers in America today. They are authorized to use reasonable force to restrain and stop those who intent on breaking the law and hurting their victims.

There are those who say it would be sin to use force to stop the wicked from killing innocent victims. But I believe that this is misinterpretation of various Scriptures and their original intent. They forget that God Himself and His word are against those who do such things and break His commands to murder the innocent.

In fact, I believe that it would have been a far greater sin in the sight of God, to merely sit back, and allow these murderers to proceed as planned in their attack against this woman.

"Rescue those unjustly led to slaughter! Oh hold them back and do not let them die!"

(From Proverbs.)

Which one of you as parents with children, would believe that they should do nothing when someone apparently is trying to abduct your children? 

Would God approve if you sat back and did nothing to protect them??? Of course not! You know you would be justified in performing whatever reasonable action it takes to protect these precious children God has given into your care.

Which one of you husbands would simply sit back if a stranger came up to your wife and attempted to abduct or rape her? Or attack one of your daughters?

God's word is against people who commit such crimes, and stands in defense of the innocent.

Finally realizing all of this, after deep prayer, I felt a release  for the first time in my life to finally legally purchase a gun, and to then train in it's proper use. Even local police officers familiar with her case, warned me that my life was in danger as well. After a police raid on one satanist home suspected of such activities, I was told they had recovered a hit list of people to go after. "And do you know whose name was at the TOP of the list? YOURS!" This is what I was told.

 Soon after, I purchased the GLOCK 19, and hydrashock bullets for maximum stopping power against any assailants. I practiced in an indoor target range. And when living with her in her trailer, I carried her .38 continually, and slept with as well, just in case they should succeed in breaking in to attack her.

I want to stop at this point and state emphatically that I GIVE ALL THE GLORY TO GOD for His divine mercy and protection of us both. THIS IS THE MAJOR REASON WHY WE ARE STILL ALIVE TO THIS DAY!

However, the Bible states that "Faith without works is dead." We are called to do the POSSIBLE, and God will perform the IMPOSSIBLE. I do not believe my friend would still be alive today, if I had not been willing to lay down my life for her at that point, and was prepared to use force if necessary to defend her.

Satanists may not fear God (although they should!) But they, as all bullies, DO fear brute force. 

A gun in the hands of a righteous person, preparing to use justifiable force to stop a murderer, is just in the sight of God. 

Such people are upholding God's commands, they are defending the innocent,and they are preventing a crime from taking place.

Consider what happened a few years ago when the gunman MATTHEW MURRAY was murdering innocent victims in another mass shooting in Colorado.

After shooting several people at a Christian YWAM base in Arvada, Colorado, Murray then proceeded to go to a megachurch in Colorado Springs, and to open fire on church attendees that Sunday morning. Several were wounded or later died in this tragedy.


She confronted him and gave him the orders to DROP HIS WEAPON. And when he would NOT, she used justifiable force to stop this man from murdering many others in cold blood that morning.

How many other innocent lives would have been destroyed by this gunman, IF she had not rightly divided the word of God, and realized it was righteous in the sight of God to STOP THIS MAN by using justifiable force!

Of course everyone by then was frantically praying for the gunman to be stopped. And we know that God answers prayer. And quite obviously those prayers were answered by God using an armed woman to stop this murderer at last. There are times when prayer ALONE is simply not enough. Prayer is asking GOD to do something. And many times, God is then asking US to do something as well.


How many more innocent people would have been murdered, IF that courageous security guard had failed to stop him that morning? Think about it...

For the reasons state above, I personally believe that it is a righteous thing in the sight of God to protect and defend the innocent from those intent on breaking God's word and destroying their victims. 

Jesus said that we are to do for others, what we would have done for ourselves. If someone were about to viciously attack YOU, wouldn't you want someone to come to YOUR defense? Of course you would. 

I believe God's people need to learn to exercise greater discernment in this area. Many of you will never understand, until you are in a life-threatening situation as I found myself in.

But don't wait until it is too late. 

Prayerfully consider purchasing a quality firearm for self-defense and protection. Also consider a good rifle for subsistence living, for the day the dollar crashes, crises come to America, and you may have to hunt to feed yourself and your family. Purchase a maintenance kit for your firearms, and purchase plenty of extra ammunition to face long term crisis in America. Yes, I SAID, LONG TERM CRISIS...up to MANY YEARS in fact.
That is exactly what HOMELAND SECURITY has been doing recently, plus many other government agencies. They are stockpiling millions of rounds of ammuniton, and purchasing weapons as well. Do they know something about America's future, that WE DON'T? I therefore recommend following their example at this time. Get armed to prepare for America's uncertain future.

In the coming times we face, Americans must be prepared to defend their home, their precious food supplies, and their  family members from marauding gang of thieves and hungry criminals who will go from house to house searching for food to steal.
Don't let them do it! Defend your home and your family! 

And the time to prepare IS NOW....before it is too late.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert


Postscript- People ask me today, "do you own a gun now?" The answer is no. After the above-mentioned crisis when I defended my friend from abduction and murder, I felt led of God to put it away. The crisis was over, both us us survived. I then sold it for half price, and have been without a firearm ever since. 

As I stated from the beginning of this article, I prefer to pursue peaceful and non-violence to resolve any crisis I might face. My preferred weapons of choice have been prayer and fasting, the word of God, forgiveness and love exercising the Word of God in every situation I face. The weapons that God provides through His word are powerful indeed, and have preserved me through every crisis.

However, I will reiterate: there is a time and a place for the reasonable use of justifiable sense to protect the innocent. And when I determine that time has come once again in my life, I will once again possess a weapon for self defense and survival.-PRS

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  1. Thanks for your balancing perspective. I belong to a church group that for some one to purchase a firearm for self-defense would be looked upon as backsliding and a lack of faith. For that reason, according to my own conscience, I do not wish to use a gun. But I do not want to ASSUME that God WILL NOT tell me to defend innocent victims with a gun or other means. And I don't want to pretend to assume to know what the Holy Spirit will tell people, like He told you... I want to be open to His will. I just don't see Jesus doing this in the Bible... Does not this verse speak against retaliation:? "But I say to you, Do not resist evil. But whoever shall strike you on your right cheek, turn the other to him also."
    But I won't argue. I respect you for your stand and thank you for showing me what I'd say MOST people I know are unaware of, or think that such concerns are WAY exaggerated. Although I don't expect any amount of force will prevent NWO troops from taking over and the one world government from starting, for that is in fulfillment of prophecy. I pray that God would PREPARE us for what we will face... and you are helping me that way. God bless and protect you!