Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I can finally see it at last....MARTIAL LAW!

All across America, angry people are literally up in arms against the proposed gun control legislation looming on the horizon.

Remarkably, the response of many in law enforcement throughout this nation  is that "WE WILL NOT ENFORCE GUN CONTROL LEGISLATION THAT IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL!"

Pockets of resistance are springing up nationwide over this volatile issue, and resisters of gun control are constantly referring back to their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS as their foundational basis for rejecting Federal gun control legislation.

This movement is growing rapidly, with more and more Americans buying guns and ammunition.

However, the NWO Communists do NOT want the American people owning guns! They realize they can never effectively seize and control this nation for their NWO agenda, if the good American people remained armed.

What will the NWO supporters in America do??? What are they capable of doing???

What I personally believe will happen, is exactly what I have warned Americans has been planned for many years now. 

They will stage major disasters across America, on an even greater scale than "9/11" in order to then finally DECLARE MARTIAL LAW and RESCIND THE CONSTITUTION and bring America down under the Presidential Executive Orders.

This has always been their plan from the beginning, according to my CIA insiders and other sources.

The NWO agenda supporters believe that THEN no one can ever reference to their "Constitutional rights" to justify their actions and civil disobedience to Federal legislation, if the Constitution has been finally abolished.

That's it! Finished! Done! The Constitution is no more! And here comes GUN CONTROL AND CONFISCATION!!! Plus everything ELSE I was warned would happen once martial law was declared.

This is the fervent desire of every 
NWO/Communist agenda adherent
But then, the NWO Marxists/Communists worldwide also hate the Constitution. School children in Russia were taught to spit on copies of the American Constitution in their classrooms.

I personally have reason to believe that, as Obama and NWO associates watch the American people rising up against gun control legislation infringing on their Constitutional rights, that they will move to soon ABOLISH THE US CONSTITUTION.

I, as well as many other researchers on this subject, now believe that there will be another major "false flag" disaster on a large scale, or possibly series of disasters they have planned, triggered nationwide, that will lead to utter MARTIAL LAW nationwide, and the subsequent abolishment of the US  Constitution at last.

Only during this scenario can Obama's 144 Presidential   Executive Orders be fully activated and enforced upon the America people. These plus other previous PEO'S will effectively turn America into a complete Communist patterned dictatorship.

For the NWO agenda to effectively move forward, MARTIAL LAW being declared is a prerequisite, signaling the end of the US Constitution as a result.

These NWO madmen will stop at nothing in order to achieve their evil goals for our America. Human life is valueless to them.

I therefore encourage all my Christian readers to take the time to fervently pray for God to restrain ALL future "black operations" designed by the government and military to lead this nation irrevocably into MARTIAL LAW TYRANNY.

Specific dangers to pray against include:

-Our own missiles secretly re-directed to strike internal targets and cities throughout North America. They are located in various US military bases across the USA.

This will be used to artificially create "national disasters" leading to martial law. Of course, they will be falsely labeled as "foreign acts of terrorism", etc.

I was warned about this possibility by a USAF military insider, and confirmed through a Pentagon source as well.

-Deadly releases of chemical/biological warfare substances upon the unsuspecting American people nationwide. Again, the news media will be instructed to blame some rogue terrorist group, Al Qaida, etc., to cover for government and military complicity.

Former microbiologist for the CIA, Larry Wayne Harris, warned me in detail about this deadly plan to help trigger martial law and subdue all resistance rising up.

-Project HAARP and underground nuclear weapons being used to trigger massive earthquakes in regions known for their fault zones and previous earthquakes.

-"Suitcase Nukes" planted in various locations across America, to be detonated and then used to declare national martial law. 

One man, Ed Pack of SC with insider information from Washington DC, told me personally that this was called "Operation Ring of Fire" and that it was definitely part of their plan to foment crisis and bring America down under martial law.

In fact, he emphasized that this would be one of the final steps they would take to irreversibly trigger martial law in America.

So accurate was Ed's information obtained through various insider sources, including  information obtained  through Patriot moles planted in the White House, that the government finally killed him. I attended his funeral in 1995 and vowed to never be silent in exposing government plans for MARTIAL LAW.

None of their outrageous NWO plans for OUR America are written in stone, however! None of this is of God or inspired by His Holy Spirit. Satan himself is behind the NWO agenda and the plans for martial law. 

And we as Christians are always called to 

Therefore this is a time for 
in North America
to fast and pray as NEVER BEFORE. 

Many innocent lives can potentially be lost 
IF these wicked plans ever take place.

More predictions to pray about based on my years of research later...

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

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  1. I think, we Americans can beat this new world order program. Thanks to the internet, and the open agenda exposed to many people in the world. This Martial Law, intended to be put in place, may well be the end of our civilization. Cause not even the rich will win or live to tell their plans are destroyed with them. History shows, that the aggressor all loose in the end, except in this case, it will be non reversable. This world meets total destruction. Money becomes to be nothing. Rich Elite values goes down to complete zero, (0), and even they are poor over night. Money will be worthless.Even European Union, will not excist anymore. So Rich Elite, please don't allow, "Martial Law"? It becomes your suicide watch!