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By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Every day, I visit dozens of alternative news media blogs and websites for quality information and insights. There are many excellent researchers and publishers out there, putting out factual and quality information their information about the times we now face in America. And I appreciate them. At times, I even re-publish their information as well for my readers.

But one subject which the vast majority remain silent upon, is the ominous reality of THE MODERN MILITARY GUILLOTINES in America today. (They are also WORLDWIDE as I have previously reported.)

I suspect that the main reason is, these people have not performed in-depth research spanning many years on this subject, nor do they have the CIA and military insiders willing to talk, as sources to confirm these guillotines.

BUT I HAVE PERFORMED IN-DEPTH RESEARCH, nationwide and worldwide. And I have interviewed such inside sources personally, face to face, and not merely "surfed" this information second-hand off the Internet.

The modern military guillotines are very important for the antichrist NEW WORLD ORDER agenda. They are hinted at in end-time Bible prophecy as well in Revelation 20:4, referring to those Christians who will be beheaded worldwide under the antichrist (Marxist)world government described in Revelation 13.

I have learned many years ago as a former Bible College student, that whenever the inerrant WORD OF GOD as found in THE BIBLE speaks prophetically of THINGS TO COME, we had better sit up and LISTEN and take HEED!

The major players behind the NWO agenda, which was outlined many years ago by Jew Karl Marx who spoke of abolishing the "old order" of nation states, etc. to bring forth THEIR NEW WORLD ORDER,  ALL HATE THE CHRISTIANS. 

One only need study the history of Marxism/Communism to see the clear pattern of hatred and persecution  of THE CHRISTIANS by them in nation after nation succumbing to communism and their NEW WORLD ORDER agenda.

Christians are vilified repeatedly in their writings and religious books which they constantly refer to. Jesus Christ is blasphemed and mocked continually in the Talmud. In fact, in their religious writing they are taught in the TALMUD that even the best of Christians should be killed. They also teach that Jesus deceived the people, and is burning in hell even now for all eternity. What blasphemy!

The major teachings that will be used as justification to BEHEAD THE CHRISTIANS under their NEW WORLD ORDER as envisioned and taught by their teacher Karl Marx, come from the BABYLONIAN TALMUD. (A major source for "Mystery Babylon.")

They are taught through the Talmud that any reverence of Jesus Christ as DIVINE is "idolatry" and "blasphemy against God."

The seven Noahide Laws that they have written based on the Babylonian Talmud and similar writings, specifically decree EXECUTION BY DECAPITATION for ALL Gentiles who are guilty of "idolatry" and "blasphemy against God". And quite obviously they are designed to target CHRISTIANS!

One NWO advocate,former President Bush Sr., signed the legislation regarding the NOAHIDE LAWS presented to him by the militant Orthodox Jewish group called Lubavitch Chabad. It was rushed through the House and Senate under devious and deceptive means, to finally arrive on his desk to be signed as legislation for America.

And this Noahide Laws legislation will someday be used as justification to pave the way for the MASS GENOCIDE OF THE CHRISTIANS THROUGHOUT AMERICA under martial law. And the NWO adherents, who hate the Christians and their Jesus,  will be more than happy to facilitate this!

That such massive ground work has been covertly laid for several decades now, to facilitate mass beheadings with the modern guillotines and using our military (and foreign as well) is mind-boggling. 


There are military and CIA reading this post right now, who know that everything I have just written is absolutely true. There are NWO Marxist advocates who are reading this, and certainly know this is true. The satanists of America ALL know this is reality to come, and they have told me so.

As I write this post to you, I am painfully aware of the presence of the MODERN MILITARY GUILLOTINES here in the state of MONTANA. 

Eye-witnesses  many years ago, returning from a prayer journey across America, told me of discovering strange black PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES and MODERN GUILLOTINES installed in each one, only several miles from where I live now in Columbia Falls, Montana!

This shocking piece of information from reliable eye-witnesses was to launch an intense period of investigative journalism now spanning 18 years, to uncover the truth about this and many other aspects of the upcoming NEW WORLD ORDER agenda for America.

A Christian trucker admitted to me in a church in this area, that his trucker friends were delivering MODERN GUILLOTINES to Billings Montana in the summer of 2011. Many truckers I have interviewed in the past admitted that they or they friends have delivered the modern guillotines across this nation.

One US Marine here in Montana previously admitted that he and his fellow Marines helped to unload crates of the modern guillotines into a closed US military base in Montana at one time (Glasgow, MT.)

Everywhere I have lectured on this subject, from Jerusalem to Hawaii to Costa Rica and throughout America, Christians invariably come up to me afterwards and  admit that they have already had their visions of BEING BEHEADED FOR THEIR FAITH IN AMERICA.

One youth pastor in Bakersfield, California, Pastor Richards, admitted to me personally that he too had such a vision. 

He told me, "I saw everything you talk about called 'martial law' come down in California. I saw them bringing out the GUILLOTINES. I was dragged to one of them." 

"They told me, 'Well, pastor, what will it be? Will you DENY JESUS and JOIN OUR NEW WORLD ORDER, or do we behead you?' I remember being very afraid, but I finally told them I would NEVER DENY JESUS! I was then beheaded."

"I woke up, startled and disturbed. I then went back to sleep. BUT THE SAME VISION WAS REPEATED! I have learned that whenever God gives me a vision repeatedly, this means it will SURELY COME TO PASS. And now I know this is coming..."

But such great fear revolves around this covert and sensitive subject, that most dare military and intelligence dare not even talk about it, or even to their spouses. And certainly never in public. They fear retaliation from the military and government should they mention a word to the endangered America people.

Government and military cover-up on this subject is essential, because they do NOT want the public, especially THE CHRISTIANS IN AMERICA, discovering their dark truth! They know that this would result in public outrage and backlash nationwide, and help to foment the second American revolution across this nation as angered Americans FIGHT BACK. (And I promise you, they WILL.)

The Marxist NWO Jews tragically behind this Noahide Law agenda especially do not want the American people and Christians (whom they hate passionately) to find out. They too fear a HUGE PUBLIC BACKLASH. They realize that when the Christians, whom they have primarily targeted through this, finally find out the truth, there will be severe repercussions, and understandably so. 

For who can brazenly plan a brutal genocide against any people group, and NOT expect repercussions from the targeted people to arise in return? To expect otherwise is to be unrealistic. And grossly unfair to the intended innocent victims of such planned atrocities. Marxist NWO persecutions and genocides targeting the CHRISTIANS in every nation they take over, are historically documented and completely evident.

However, in spite of the dangers stated above in publishing such materials, I am nevertheless compelled to publish the truth about this critical issue facing our nation and my fellow Christians. 

To sit back in fear and silence when I have full knowledge of such atrocities planned against my fellow Americans and Christians, would be a crime against humanity in itself. 

Knowledge is accountability in the sight of God.

Self-preservation must be put aside at crucial times as this, when millions face extermination under the coming planned Marxist NWO dictatorship. And every true Christian knows from Scriptures, we are called to lay down our lives for the Gospel and for one another. This is the Word of God by which we must live as Christians. 

"Man shall not live by bread alone, but by EVERY WORD that proceeds from the mouth of GOD."

My fellow Christians and Americans, how I love you! I have laid down my life on your behalf for 18 years now, to uncover the truth and to warn you of what is to come!

How my heart breaks when I research what these murderers and haters of God and His people have planned for our nation! When I see precious families and their children in America's churches as I travel to research, I secretly weep within for their future in this nation. 

Only God can measure the tears I have wept and the prayers I have prayed FOR YOU over these past 18 years of enlightenment as I have uncovered the NWO secret agenda for my nation.

And many Christians throughout these years have told me, "This could never happen in America...God would never allow this...we don't want to hear it." Even pastors have warned me to not share my reporting with their congregations at times!


And how my heart breaks further when they will not listen. 

Even as the NWO laughs in secret and mocks Christian timidity and ignorance,  as they lick their chops in greedy anticipation of the coming massacre of THE CHRISTIANS under their NEW WORLD ORDER! 

They cannot wait to steal Christian homes and properties and churches under martial law using as justification the Presidential Executive Orders, which now contain the blueprint for Marxist/communist takeover of America.

These NWO advocates cannot wait for the time when they can "legally" get their hands on "NWO RESISTERS" the Christians, and throw them into prisoner boxcars and send them to the camps, Bolshevik style, for brutal persecution and DEATH. And former members have told me so.

Oh, what evils and cruelty are in the hearts of unregenerate mankind, who refuse the salvation offered to them by Jesus Christ! 

And what utter damnation and eternal torment such people face, if they do not REPENT!
Jesus once called the religious people and leaders of the Jewish people "fools and blind" for their refusal to believe the truth. The intent was not to insult His Jewish people whom He loved. He was trying to open their eyes to the truth, because He cared.

How many Christians in America today fall into the same category!

And because of this, I weep. Pastors are too afraid of the "powers that be", to let me speak from their pulpits about this. Christians close their ears and do not want to hear me share this.

But none of this can change what the NWO has  planned for YOUR FUTURE! I know what these people plan to do to you under martial law and their NWO agenda.

This is the time for American Christians to fast, to weep and pray for themselves and their future in our nation as never before! 

Gird yourselves with sackcloth and ashes! Weep for the horrors that are to come upon America!

I refuse to be a false prophet unto my people in this hour, to speak what their flesh wants to hear. I refuse to retreat in fear as a coward and remain silent in this critical hour. God forbid!

The guillotines are HERE. 
Christian, are you preparing 
your heart to remain 
when they come 
to YOU?
"Deny Jesus and join our NWO and we will let you live!"

But to deny Him before men means the loss of your eternal soul
Don't do it.

"Be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee the crown of LIFE. He that overcomes shall not be hurt of the second death."
Revelation 2:10-11

An American Holocaust is coming...and woe to the person who will not prepare!

(Christians, are you listening? Or running after false prophets who love your money you pay them to tell you LIES about America's future?)

(Note-I must correct an error in my previous reports providing a description of these modern guillotines. They are higher than 6 1/2 feet, as I previously reported. More recent military sourced information has told me they are higher. Some stand as tall as 12 feet in height. The Chinese versions imported from China are smaller with a spring action handle, however. -PRS)

-Pamela Rae Schuffert

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