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Jews, the Coming ANTICHRIST, And Christian Martyrdom

"And the ANTICHRIST YOU CHRISTIANS FEAR, will be our NEW MESSIAH to lead us (Jews) into world victory, and to get rid of you Christians who stand in our way..."

-boast sent to me of one Jewish reader of my website, who also admitted my reporting was indeed accurate.

Note-Writing  articles like the following is not easy for me because of who the subject matter revolves around: the Jews...the Jews that I have loved and cared about and prayed for all my life. None of my articles of this subject matter, whether on the Noahide Laws, the Communists, the New World Order, etc., are written in a spirit of "anti-Semitism" or "hate for the Jews." 

It is important to emphasize that although Jews are factually involved in the Noahide Laws agenda, and Communism and it's offspring the NWO, etc., NOT ALL JEWS AGREE AND NOT ALL JEWS ARE INVOLVED. Stereotyping is a terrible thing. Furthermore, a  indiscriminate response of hate and attack, etc., can never be a Christian response, either.

However, the individuals and groups who are behind such a horrenduous persecution/genocide against countless Christian  innocents must be clearly identified and exposed and confronted...and legally stopped. 
The fate of millions of intended victims is clearly at stake.

Christians now face a program of actual genocide through the martial law/Noahide Laws agenda for America. 
If you would ask, WOULD THE JEWS WHO ARE INVOLVED AND OTHER ACCOMPLICES REALLY CARRY OUT THE NOAHIDE LAWS AGENDA AGAINST THE CHRISTIANS, you only need to read the hate message of their Talmud, to examine the factual roots of Communism and the historical accounts of tens of millions of Christian martyrs tortured and murdered and their churches destroyed by Jewish Communists and their accomplices beginning in Russia and spreading into other nations beyond. 
And to examine their present brutal genocide against many Palestinians (including Palestinian Christians) in Israel today.

Jewish communists in America with dual citizenship (Israeli) and their gentile recruits have played and will play a major role in the planning and carrying out  of the NWO/Martial Law scenario clearly designed to attack and persecute the American Christian and America's Christian roots and heritage. (However, they are not the only people involved.)

Also with the Noahide Laws and their covert military guillotines agenda. And  in fact they plan to  destroy Christians  completely. 

There is no other purpose for their Noahide Laws legislation coupled with the ominous documented presence millions of modern military guillotines throughout America today.

In true Communist style, FEMA is poised to seize churches and secularize them under martial law. In true Communist style, Christians have been targeted for arrest and to be sent to America's gulag system in prisoner boxcars, just as Jewish communists did to Christians for decades under Communism in Russia. 

And more: simply read my reports over the past 17 years outlining the NWO agenda for America.

I and my Christian people, several hundred MILLION in North America alone, have been marked for persecution and destruction by such people under the NWO/ martial law agenda and their Noahide Laws. 

And for this reason I cannot remain silent in this hour:
In order to fully understand what the spirit of antichrist is doing in the world today and why, you must understand it's origins.

The SPIRIT OF ANTICHRIST originated uniquely and initially with the Jews (with the rejection and execution of their only true Messiah, Jesus Christ, and subsequent persecution and martyrdom of His followers.)
It has been perpetuated throughout the centuries within the Jewish culture for 2000 years, and will be fully culminated by the Jews through Jewish pressure and influence on world events today.

From within the Jews comes the prophesied Antichrist who will put countless Christians to death for their testimony of Jesus Christ and cause them to be beheaded. Revelation 20:4

The spirit of antichrist is very active in today's world and world events. (Unfortunately for the Christians of North America and Christians throughout the rest of the world.)

Persecution against Christians can be also be manifested in any culture or cult religion, such as Islam or Hinduism, etc., But it's initial appearance on the world scene began with the very people He was sent to save, the Jews.
The spirit of antichrist becomes a very brutal and murderous influence on world events, particulary where it creates  brutal persecutions and mass genocides against Christians through Jewish-founded COMMUNISM. 
And most recently, through what is commonly referred as the NEW WORLD ORDER, and globalism. A "NEW WORLD ORDER" that many Jews today are referring to as THEIRS. 

Communism is the tragic  direct product and result of  2000 years of traditional Jewish rejection of Jesus Christ, and their subsequent hatred of Him and His followers, which finally led to the creation of COMMUNISM, as first manifested through their Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in 1919.
 Gulag graves of Christians murdered under Communism, Siberia

Communism is basically the Jewish means of openly manifesting their traditional rejection and hatred of Jesus Christ and rejection of His followers as well, in actual governmental form openly. And of advancing many Zionist world goals.

Jew believe that they are to someday rule over the world, and that every other religion (especially Christianity) except theirs will "disappear." Hence again, their emphasis of the destruction of Christianity.
              Karl Marx, Jew and Illuminati/satanist

Communism distinctly and historically originated from within Jewish think-tanks, Jewish financiers and bankers and Jewish organizers, especially in New York City. This included powerful Jewish bankers involved with the satanic Illuminati, such as the Rothschilds and Schiffs and many other wealthy supporters.

As with any movement, Communism is constantly seeking new recruits to add to their finances and manpower. Communists are relentlessly recruiting new converts worldwide. 

Today, many Communists come from outside the Jewish communities. There are Chinese communists, North Korean communists, Cuban communists, etc.
But the founding roots, main agendas and hidden internal hierarchy and agenda planning will always come from within the Jews themselves. The Jewish headquarters for world Communism is now in Tel Aviv, Israel.

And even as in the days of Jesus Christ, today His followers,THE CHRISTIANS are their major targets of persecution...and ultimately the Jewish plans for their complete elimination.


There are financially and politically powerful and influential elements among the Jews who are openly seeking to raise up a "new messiah."

One major group is called Lubavitch Chabad.
Lubavitch Chabad are the Jews who presented the Noahide Laws legislation in Washington, DC, to be passed by the House and Senate, then signed into actual legislation by President Bush Sr. 

The Noahide laws are designed to make Christians into criminals worthy of capital punishment.

Christians are automatically criminalized by two of the seven Noahide Laws. Those two refer to "idolatry" and "blasphemy against God." 

Jews traditionally consider Christians to be guilty of both, due to their belief in Jesus Christ as both God in the flesh" or Divine. And due to the fact that Christians reverence and pray to and worship Him as the Son of God, God manifested in the flesh.
Tragically,  the Jewish Noahide Laws will be actually used to bring horrific bloody genocide against America's Christians when they are activated. About 75 percent of Americans profess to be Christians. The population of America is approximately 312 million people.

This means that at least 225 million Americans can actually face execution by decapitation under the Noahide laws legislation when it is fully activated in America's coming Communist-styled police state under martial law.
Through both examining Jewish Communism and the Jewish Noahide laws as factual evidence, plus Jewish roles and influence in forming the New World Order, it becomes readily evident that there is no other group of people in the world is so obsessed with the "spirit of antichrist" and so determined to obliterate Christianity and it's followers from the earth, than the Jews.

This is then the tragic and far-reaching consequence of the majority of Jews rejecting their only genuine God-ordained and sent Messiah, Yahshuah ha'Moshiach (Hebrew for Jesus the Christ.)
Not only do these self-hating Jews recieve eternal damnation for their sin of rejecting their divine Messiah, but they then proceed to persecute and murder worldwide those people who DO come to Him for forgiveness and eternal life.

Jewish hatred for Jesus Christ and persecution of His people has resulted in dictatorship governments, wars, brutal persecution and genocide of Christians and unmeasurable heartache and suffering worldwide.

And just as the spirit of antichrist initially arose from the Jews from the beginning, so shall the actual ANTICHRIST world dictator and their "new messiah" arise from the Jews. They will not accept anyone as their "new messiah" unless that person IS A JEW.

We as Christians don't really need to wait for any actual personality to manifest as "the antichrist." The spirit of antichrist has already working behind the scenes, inspiring Jewish COMMUNISM.Communism has already persecuted, oppressed,tortured and slaughtered tens of millions of innocent Christians worldwide throughout past decades. 

Communism continues to torture, imprison, oppress and murder Christians in every communist nation throughout the world today. This is the painful and continuing legacy of Jewish hatred of Christians as manifested through Communism.

And someday worldwide enforcement of the Jewish NOAHIDE LAWS, under what many Jews refer to as their NEW WORLD ORDER, will simply finish what Communism initially began: 

Christian genocide worldwide.

While Communism has already been used to brutally persecute and destroy tens of millions of innocent Christians throughout the world, the Noahide Laws are designed by Jews to target and destroy countless millions MORE Christians...simply for their faith. And this time on American soil as well.

Just as there is simply no polite or diplomatic way in which to discuss the reality of German Nazis involved in a former holocaust, so there is no polite way to discuss the Jewish genocide agenda for the Christians under Communism/NWO, and now the Noahide Laws.

Such painful and horrific truths cannot be minimized or downplayed. And just as the Nazi role in a previous holocaust cannot be minimalized or whitewashed, neither can the Jewish role in Communist persecutions and coming Noahide Laws genocide against innocent Christians be minimalized or covered up. 

There remains such a thing as accountability.

The unbelievable outrage of the Jewish Noahide Laws being signed into actual binding legislation upon Americans, intended to discriminate against millions of Christians and in fact calling for their genocide, cannot be ignored.

The horror of the coming New World Order police state designed, among other things, to persecute and destroy Christianity in America, cannot be ignored.

America, it's your future:
what are you going to do about it?

For more info on coming 
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-Pamela Rae Schuffert

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  1. It is difficult to get the balance right. I have actually contributed to help Jews in Russia to come to Israel but then you wonder if you are just helping their unbelief. Plus many Jews are Khazars who are not real Jews. Then there is the Edomites from Esau.
    I think it is possible that all Jews will be forced to return to Israel at some point but not sure how this will come about.