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By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Who Shall Control AMERICA???
and His people, 

The Kingdom of Satan
and his people?

And THAT is what 
for America 
is really all about!!!

In the Holy Bible, Jesus Christ spoke of only TWO SPIRITUAL KINGDOMS and two classes of people upon the earth at the time of His return. 

He spoke of the Kingdom of God which is composed of the ELECT (compared to precious"wheat")  or children of God; and the kingdom of the wicked one, Lucifer/Satan (compared to worthless  weeds). 
In the sight of God, everything ultimately breaks down to two kingdoms: The kingdom of God Almighty's, and the dark kingdom of Satan's.There is no in-between, regardless of how people may refer to themselves as. You are either a child of God through faith in Jesus Christ, His Son, or you are not. You are either saved from the power of satan and sin, or you are not. GOd only sees TWO KINGDOMS. And both are in irreconcilable conflict with one another.

The Bible refers to the final conflict of the ages prior to the return of Jesus Christ. It can be found in Revelation 13 in the Holy Bible.This is where satan and his followers will rise up to impose a world government under satan's power, and will persecute and put to death all who refuse to comply. Satanists today refer to this as their NEW WORLD ORDER. And it is. This is Bible prophecy fulfilled.

For the past 100 years, the emerging fulfillment of this Bible prophecy of a satanic world government has been found in MARXISM/COMMUNISM, a direct product of Satanist/Illuminati thinking and planning and funding.

The term "NEW WORLD ORDER" refers to a Marxist/Communist globalist government, which desires to take over the whole world. Their symbol in fact is a hammer and sickle imposed over a symbol of the globe. THE UN IS ALSO A TOOL OF THE ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.
Karl Marx
"Religion is the opiate of the people."

Satanist Karl Marx (heavily influenced by the Illuminati for his doctrines and agenda) referred to the destruction of the "Old Order" of sovereign nation-states and nationalities and Patriotism and loyalty to one's nation, to be replaced by the NEW WORLD ORDER" where borders are erased and former nations combined to form a Communist union under a centralized government worldwide.

The NWO's spiritual father is none other than Lucifer/Satan. And the backbone of the NWO is Satan's  followers. Whether they refer to themselves as Luciferians, Illuminati, Sabbateans,satanists, Marxists and Communists (every follower of  Marxism is a follower of Satan, whether they know this or not), they worship the "wicked one" as Jesus referred to him. 

In fact, every former satanist and Illuminati member I interviewed for my book, SATANISM IN AMERICA TODAY, freely admitted that the NWO is nothing less than Satan's kingdom manifested on earth, and his followers are the backbone of it. Period. Read Revelation 13 about "the dragon" (Satan) who gives this world globalist government his power.

And as such, these people who support Satan's NWO are utterly opposed to the ONE TRUE GOD and His Son, Jesus Christ, and His followers. 

In fact, as Communist history clearly proves, they are determined to erase the memory of the God of the Bible and His Son Jesus Christ from the face of the earth...and to destroy His followers worldwide. There is no greater terrorist threat to mankind, than the Marxist/Communists driven by Satan's power and greed and lust to rule the world.

The grim history of COMMUNISM confirms this completely. In every nation wherein adherents of the NEW WORLD ORDER/Communism have battled for control and finally taken over, CHRISTIANITY finds itself under attack. 
Cathedral in Moscow demolished 
under Communism 
by Communist Jew Lazar Kaganovich 

Churches are seized and demolished or converted into secular government buildings. Christians and their leaders are targeted for arrest, imprisonment, brutal torture and death. Bibles are seized and burned and forbidden to be reprinted. Religious freedoms to assemble and to preach are taken away. Any Christian criticism of the Communist government is forbidden.
All one has to do is study carefully the history of Communist oppression  of Christianity in Russia, China, North Korea, Kampuchea, Cuba and other nations, to clearly understand what Christians suffer under a satanist governed Communist/NWO government.


The satanists/Illuminati are determined to CONTROL THE USA through Marxist Communism

But to do this, FIRST the CONSTITUTION must be ABOLISHED.

Their NWO plans for America include eliminating the Constitution by creating deliberate disasters "false flag" black ops)designed to bring a state of martial law to America, thus causing the Constitution to be rescinded. Once the Constitution is rescinded, the PRESIDENTIAL EXECUTIVE ORDERS then become LAW OF THE LAND.

NWO advocates have worked behind the scenes to write Presidential Executive Orders, which are then handed to Presidents ( including Obama) to sign, that literally form a blueprint for a COMMUNIST NWO TAKEOVER OF AMERICA.

Marxism/Communism demands the abolition of private property: the state must own and control everything. UNDER PRESIDENTIAL EXECUTIVE ORDERS, FEMA can proceed to seize any property, houses, farms and ranches, buildings, possessions,churches and facilities that they want to! Or so these ungodly law of corrupt men declare. 
However, every Christian knows that the Bible calls this STEALING, and a sin. Christians realize that any laws of corrupt man that challenge the HIGHER LAWS of Almighty God, are invalid and have no power over them. 

Laws of men that GOD DOES NOT RECOGNIZE, neither do Christians acknowledge either. We are always called to OBEY GOD and not MAN, when the two are in mortal conflict.

Capricious and oppressive Presidential Executive Orders or any other laws in America, if not based on the truth and principles of the commandments of God, are non-binding upon the Christian, whose final allegiance is to their true Commander-in- Chief, Almighty God, and His eternal commandments and His kingdom.
And this is also why the NWO adherents feel they must destroy THE BIBLE and Christian teachings, and THE CHRISTIANS. True Bible-based Christians will NEVER compromise God's word, to participate and cooperate in a satanic and lawless NEW WORLD ORDER.

Everything Communists do is CRIMINAL, IMMORAL and UNLAWFUL by BIBLE STANDARDS. They can never get away with a world government by force and theft and oppression, IF the Word of God is the foundation for the laws of any nation, outlawing their activities.

And so, the major goal of the NWO Communists who are battling for control of America, is the ABOLISHING OF OUR CONSTITUTION and the IMPOSITION OF MARTIAL LAW. 

And Marxists being satanists, they are unrestrained by the commandments of God. Therefore they will freely LIE, MURDER, OPPRESS, CHEAT and STEAL to attain their wicked goals for this nation. 

Human life is of no value to them: Communism teaches the God of the Bible does not exist, and if there is no god to punish them, then heaven and hell do not exist. You can lie, cheat, murder and steal, and there will be no eternal consequences.This is identical to what SATANISM TEACHES. 

The principles of SATANISM are embedded throughout MARXISM/COMMUNISM. Why? Simply because the founders of the NWO/Communist agenda for the world, WERE ILLUMINATI/SATANISTS. And there are both Jewish Illuminati adherents, and non-Jewish as well.

Traditionally, Jewish adherents of the Illuminati and occultic Talmud have been major promoters, funders and supporters of Marxism and Communism from it's beginnings. After all, Karl Marx and Moses Hess and many other founders of Communism were in fact Jews. And they were also Satanists/Illuminati as well.

Many Jews believe that the fulfillment of Jews controlling the world, according to their traditional teachings, shall be found only through COMMUNIST WORLD DOMINATION. 

Under Communism, Jews can then "legally" proceed to steal all the land in any nation and then control it. They have done this many, many times in the history of Communism in Russia and Eastern Europe. Jews are taught through distorted and twisted Bible scripture verses, that all non-Jews are equal to "cattle", and that they are destined to rule the world, with all it's other citizens subservient to them. And that they can only rule over the world if ALL THE LAND BELONGS TO THEM. This is why MARXISM is used to abolish all private ownership of LAND and other things.

Jews and Marxists are also taught and teach that Christians stand directly in their way and must be eliminated. This is why you will see many Jews in politics in America today, working for the realization of a NEW WORLD ORDER  in this nation. Their first allegiance is to ISRAEL and THE JEWS and ZIONISM (world control by the Jews). 

This is why many are dual-citizenship, with Israeli citizenship as well. In a recent poll taken of dual-citizenship Jews, I noted that only around 35% declared that their first loyalty was to America, as American citizens. THEIR FIRST LOYALTY WAS TO ISRAEL, ZIONISM and it's causes.

This is also why you will discover many Jews working hard to fight Christianity and Christian values in America, whether through corrupt Jewish Hollywood and the media, or through the ACLU battling Christian freedoms, or Jews in the school system rewriting American history to remove American Christian heritage and working against Christian values, and much more.

No, none of this can be classified as "anti-Semitism." It is simply historical fact and sobering  present-day truth that every American who cherishes their liberties and Christian freedoms must be made aware of. 

Again, we clearly find TWO KINGDOMS IN CONFLICT.

The NWO agenda supporters are the kinds of people who have been working for decades to erode our Constitution, to take away our religious and all other freedoms, to plant their NWO puppet Presidents on BOTH sides, and to secretly take our tax dollars to build DETENTION CAMPS and PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES to eliminate all future RESISTERS OF THE NWO, Communist gulag style.

GUN CONTROL, a major goal for NWO COMMUNISTS in America

The NWO Marxist agenda for America, is an agenda all about CONTROL. The Satanists and Illuminati, along with their useful leftist/ "progressive" idiots, are determined to control this nation, her people and her assets. 

They are determined to make America "ONE NATION UNDER LUCIFER!" 
And they plan to bring great suffering and death to ALL who oppose their NWO, even as Marxism/Communism has historically done worldwide...

Standing firmly against Satan's NWO agenda for America, are this nation's committed Christians, Patriots, Constitutionalists, gun owners, and many others as well.
And I am one of of the many millions of American people who are aware of the heinous NWO agenda for our nation, and who will NEVER SURRENDER to their satanic NWO agenda. 

And we the Christians of America will NEVER DENY JESUS CHRIST to join their satanic insurrection against the ONE TRUE GOD and His holy people redeemed by the Blood of Jesus Christ! Even when they bring out THE MILITARY GUILLOTINES and threaten to behead us if we do not renounce our faith in Jesus. 

To my friends and readers in the US military, I say that they can NEVER bring out the guillotines to murder millions of innocent Americans, IF YOU JUST SAY "NO!"

I state without apology or hesitation: the modern guillotines are here and in many US military bases across this nation. And they will be used to tempt Christians to deny Jesus and join the satanic NWO, or be beheaded.(Revelation 20:4, Revelation 12:11)

These murderers and their NWO AGENDA for our nation is the utter antithesis of everything America has ever stood for from her founding. The NWO is anti-Christ, anti-America, anti-liberty, anti-family and anti-everything that is good and of God.

SO WHY should the American people feel compelled to surrender their cherished heritage and liberty to the wicked NWO Communists and their traitorous agenda? 

Why should any American simply throw down their weapons, raise their hands and meekly be marched off to awaiting prisoner boxcars with shackles...only to be taken to horrific detention camps to be brutally imprisoned, tortured, used for human experiments, our organs harvested, and THEN murdered in cold blood?

Or sacrificed on the satanic altars of the NWO Satanists?
NO where in the Bible does God ever call His people to compromise with the kingdom of darkness. God Himself is against Satan and his followers. Their wicked will is not the holy will of a holy God! 

The Bible tells us to pray that GOD'S kingdom may come, and HIS will be done, ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN!
The Bible furthermore informs us that "..Jesus Christ was manifested to DESTROY the works of the devil." 

And the greatest evil work of the devil in the world today, is his NEW WORLD ORDER. 

And someday, it WILL BE DESTROYED at Christ's return!
And through our payers and standing on the word of God against these murderers, we can help to stop such darkness from manifesting in our nation today.

These NWO satanists who are making war with God, His Son Jesus Christ, and His followers, will be utterly defeated, even as the Bible tells us.
"These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them, for He is Lord of lords, and King of kings, and they that are with Him are 
called, chosen and faithful." 
Revelation 17:14

Every satanist I interviewed when writing my book, "SATANISM IN AMERICA TODAY", admitted that: 

"...the NEW WORLD ORDER is really Satan's kingdom manifested on earth, and we the Satanists (or Illuminati and every other name they call themselves)are the backbone of it." Revelation 13 confirms this completely.

"And the dragon gave to the Beast (NWO) his throne, power and great authority." Revelation 13:2

The Bible declares that all whose names are not written in the Lamb's BOOK OF LIFE from the foundations of the world, will become a part of Satan's NWO kingdom of darkness, and will be tragically deceived into ETERNAL DAMNATION! Many are deceived already.

Is YOUR name written in the LAMB'S "BOOK OF LIFE?"

Hell today is filled with those
who rejected the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ for salvation, and instead to Satan and his ways, and died in their sins to face an eternity of torment in hell. Hell and the lake of fire will be filled with COMMUNISTS and ILLUMINATI and all other unbelievers alike, screaming in eternal anguish, their hands forever covered with the blood of the innocents they murdered in the quest for their evil agenda.

Oh, how many satanists I interviewed over the course of many years, across this nation, freely admitted that the NEW WORLD ORDER is THEIR plan for world domination with Lucifer in the lead!

One former satanist admitted to me, "It was my burning and consuming passion, to bring forth Satan's NEW WORLD ORDER when I was still a satanist."

(Christians, honestly,how many of you can tell me that it is your burning passion to bring forth the kingdom of God on earth today??? How many of you are as zealous for God, as these people are for a defeated foe called Satan? Are we going to be outdone by SATANISTS and Communists who hate Jesus Christ , liberty and YOU???)
Christian and Patriotic Americans, it is time to stop playing the game of "pretend," thinking if you ignore these deadly warning signals, the NWO threat for America's future will somehow "go away." 

It will not.

Just as a deadly cancer that spreads unless removed,the threat of the NWO against America and her liberties and Christian heritage will not go away, unless it is plucked out from the roots and removed completely from every sector of our society.

WHY should I hesitate to say this? The NWO certainly plans to remove Patriotic Americans, Constitutionalists, and Christians from American society under martial law, in their prisoner boxcars and their FEMA/HOMELAND SECURITY detention camps and utterly terminate them...don't they??? Of course.

Again, this is a battle between two kingdoms for WHO SHALL CONTROL AMERICA. 

And only ONE can prevail.There can be no "peaceful co-existence" between God's kingdom, and Satan's. Both are diametrically opposed to the other. And one shall ultimately rise up and destroy the other...even as the Bible declares.

In this world, you get what you work for, and what you stand up for. If you fail to do anything to stop these NWO people, they will win by default. And it will not be God's will, either. 

If Communists and satanists are willing to work harder to bring forth Satan's Communist agenda, than the Christians of America are willing to work to bring forth God's will in our nation, then the Christians sadly will have no one else to blame BUT THEMSELVES.

The NWO Communists will win by default. 

Is this what you want 
for your future 
and your children 
and your America

Don't let it happen. 

"We the People"
ARE America!

And it is far past time 
to take America back 
the forces of hell
and world globalism.

"From every mountainside,

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

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  1. This is beautiful and horrific at the same time. Please continue your education of the masses through your journalism. It may save some. I got chills many times while reading it. God Bless You!

    There will be difficult times ahead for all of us, but be sure to never give up your faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! NWO can take your life, but they can't take your soul.