Friday, January 25, 2013

The HORRORS of Marxist GUN CONTROL: Stalin Video

BY Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Well, my readers of many years now, what have I been telling you..........??? 

I told you over ten years ago that GUN CONFISCATION AND CONTROL WAS COMING. I told you that PLANNED FAMINE was coming (and it is, deliberate and Communist style for CONTROL. 

I told you that PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES and DETENTION CAMPS were coming. And they are HERE! These tools of oppression of resisters were used extensively in Communist Russia  for  decades to send millions of religious and political opponents to the GULAG prison system to be imprisoned, beaten and tortured, starved and killed.

I told you that under Presidential Executive Orders (a blueprint for imposing the Marxist/Communist agenda upon America once the Constitution is gone) the government would seize everything including your land, your homes, your churches...even family members. Very Bolshevik Communist style in the true teachings of Marx, who taught the abolishment of private property.

But how many Americans did not want to hear it??? 

Including Christians who should have known better, but INSTEAD closed their ears to the truth. "We believe in Bible prophecy," so many Christians say. Yes, but apparently ONLY when it does not negatively affect YOU or America! 

In my research and lecturing that began 18 years ago, I discovered quickly that most Christians in America did not want to hear the truth. And yet, they will become the most targeted people group for persecution, suffering and elimination, under a Marxist/Communist regime coming to America ! 

Comfortable Christians in America would rather hear the "false prophets" (abundant on Christian television and revival circuits) telling them that only GOOD things are coming! These are the kinds of "preachers" that they send millions of dollars to every year to keep them on television. "Tell us MORE 'good news'! Prosperity! Abundance! Blessings!"

It becomes apparent that such Christians do NOT believe in end-time Bible prophecy after all!!!

But honest and forthright Christians like myself struggle to even buy food and the basic necessities of life to survive and continue in such critically needed work, because the Christians who SHOULD be supporting and standing with them, so often do NOT. They would rather support the false prophets of today who WILL NOT WARN THEM OF THINGS TO COME TO AMERICA!

I will admit that I have suffered MORE from many "Christians" in North America, than the unbelievers and the government. 

Why? If persecution arises from the government because they do not like my brand of reporting, it is to be fully expected. They are NOT Christians, they do NOT know His word nor live by it, and I can deal with this. This comes with the turf.

It is much harder and more painful, when offenses and lack of love and support comes from the professing "Christians," because they DO have the Word of God and His commandments, and they profess to BE HIS. His commandments are clear about loving one another and supporting His children who serve Him.

Oh, how the NWO Illuminati and Communists (who HATE the Christians,) LOVE to see them in  a state of ignorance over their evil plans! IGNORANCE means they are then VULNERABLE. Whenever Christians remain ignorant and do not PREPARE for what is to come, they find themselves HELPLESS and unable to combat crisis when it comes!IS THIS YOU???

This is the gun control/confiscation video you do not want to miss! Wake up America, for your days of freedom and liberty and abundance are NUMBERED and rapidly running out!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-
(The following is an email I received from the 

, 2013



January 25, 2013 TPATH - Just a little note to our liberal friends who are siding with our Marxist government's effort to disarm the American people. You too, will be disarmed, not just the conservatives.

You might feel safe now because you think this government is what you want. But history shows the sweet dreams of socialism turn to nightmares of murder, overnight.

While Constitutional Americans would band with liberals if a right wing government tried to circumvent your rights, you liberals are now standing with a government that would cast you into the abyss in a heartbeat. Then, there will be no one or no group that would be able to defend you and what little freedoms you have allowed your government to afford you.

Let no government disarm any of its people. Left, right or in the middle, once you are rendered helpless by this government you will remain helpless to every government.

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