Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hard-Core Spiritual Warfare For Christians USA

I recently received an email from a reader discussing the "REPORT FROM IRON MOUNTAIN. " This report outlines the NWO agenda for AMERICA. This report declares that they would poison our air, land and water to accomplish their deadly NWO goals (population reduction agenda.)
This report can be found at:

 BELOW is my email reply to her.

The following is in fact an excellent tool to use to develop powerful SPIRITUAL WARFARE against the enemy today in America. 

May you be inspired and empowered in YOUR intercession for AMERICA as you read it!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert
My reader said: "What amazes me is how much of what they planned has already been implemented. They admit in that document that they are going to poison our air, food and drinking water....

My response is: 

And they have done so, and are  STILL doing so (poisoning air, water and food), including right here in Montana. God has revealed to me thru much prayer, to begin to pray for His great judgment upon their operations

God's Holy Spirit, in countering such wickedness, has led me to pray against all their sources of financing for these destructive actions, to pray against their presence and influence in every power base essential for such operations to continue, etc. (Financial, military, intelligence, political, media, law enforcement, plus occult power bases behind the NWO agenda and such activities.) 

In fact, much of their funding for NWO agenda BLACK OPS comes through  "ILLEGAL" DRUG DEALING. What is "illegal" for most Americans and people, is completely "legal" for them. The military and intelligence community in America are frequently used for these NWO drug operations to get funding for their NWO agenda.

And of course God himself is against destructive drugs that enslave mankind into bondage, which destroy their health and their lives.

The NWO supporters have known how essential it is to infiltrate every power base needed to control any nation, and that includes America. 

These power bases are the POLITICAL, the MILITARY, the MEDIA, the FINANCIAL, the INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY,  the RELIGIOUS, legal and judicial, law enforcement, etc. 

And of course we must pray against their spiritual occult satanic powerbases as well. For example, Manitou Springs, Colorado, has the third largest pagan/satanist community in North America. California boasts of being the "satanist capitol of America." 

Horrific BOHEMIAN GROVE is located in Northern California. Hollywood is ruled by satanists, perverts and their many abominations therein. Christians must become informed and pray accordingly, if the spiritual darkness threatening America and our future is to be arrested and turned back.

Spiritual warfare targeting all the major satanic/occultic powerbases and regions of America, to stop their activities and expose them, is essential for the well- being of our nation today.

The NWO Satanists/Illuminati and their leftist/"progressive" useful idiots understand perfectly the principles of infiltrating their people into every power base in our nation, to bring about their agendas. Satanist and Marxist infiltrators into every major sector of society, are in fact among the major players who have been wreaking havoc on our nation continually for decades now. 

With their "useful idiots" planted in the highest levels of our government, throughout intelligence and the military and the media, and every major power base of influence and control, they have been bringing about their NEW WORLD ORDER agenda slowly but surely. Christians and Patriotic Americans, WHERE ARE YOU to counter them???

Jesus Christ was and is manifested to destroy the works of the devil. And many NWO adherents freely admit that both THEY and all of their NWO agenda is OF THE DEVIL

But Jesus has given us power over all the works of the devil. Since Jesus has been given all valid power in heaven and earth, I daily pray to bind satan's false, corrupt and wicked power in the world today...and that of his followers as well.

This is all a part of REAL Bible-based spiritual warfare, no-nonsense, hard-hitting, to the point, and so critically needed in America today. 

Because if our prayers do not prevail, and if more good people refuse to take such warnings seriously and DO something about all this, the consequences will be truly tragic for our nation and our future and our children.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert


  1. I just want to say a heart-felt "Thank You!" for boldly proclaiming the truth.

  2. Sister Pam, you may have already seen/heard this. If not, I believe it will be a strong encouragement to you. I played this song over and over again as it really spoke to my heart. God bless you and thank you for your strong faith in Jesus. You are a true saint of the most high God and you inspire many with your strong faith, including myself.

  3. I forgot to include the link. It is entitled, "Psalm 3 - Warrior Song for the Encouragement of the Saints by Tony Bates. On YouTube. You will not be disappointed. Be blessed.