Tuesday, January 22, 2013

"MARTIAL LAW" Road Signs Found in Houston, TX

Road Signs Marked Martial Law In Effect.Found During Routine Drug Stop In Houston Tx, Video
Monday, January 21, 2013 19:12
The following warning has been going around Facebook this 
week. Make up your own mind.

INTEL ALERT! ATTENTION: On January 15, 2013 a law 
enforcement officer in the north end of the Greater 
Houston area stopped a semi tractor-trailer driver, 
who was heading in a southerly direction, during a 
routine check for drugs. During a search of the cargo 
of the trailer, he discovered packages of road signs 
that read the following: “Martial Law in effect”. The 
driver had a bill of lading in his possession stating 
that this cargo’s destination was to the Department 
of Homeland Security.

This was just emailed to me.

Traffic signs are devices placed along, beside, or above 
a highway, roadway, pathway, or other route to guide, 
warn, and regulate the flow of traffic, including motor 
vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians, equestrians, and other 

Signs, like any other traffic control devices, must meet 
five fundamental requirements:

  • Fulfill a need
  • Command attention
  • Convey a clear, simple meaning
  • Command respect from travelers
  • Give adequate time for proper response
I hate to burst your bubble, BUT Martial Law doesn't 
protect the citizens: it only secures the power of the 

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  1. ANY INFO TO BACK THIS UP or just hearsay... I and many others would like to know and to have much more info and verification.. Oath Keeper Ken in NJ PALEO599@YAHOO.COM