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My Personal Message to the US Military

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

60 years ago, I was born at the headquarters of the United States Air Force in Washington DC, Bolling AFB. My father was formerly a famous figure in the USAF. Both of my parents worked for the DoD. My father also worked for the Pentagon.

I grew up in a military family,  living on various military installations and bases. And growing up military affects you in so many ways. You read your daddy's war books from the time you are a young child, and you begin to understand about the military from your earliest years.

You learn alot about the military, it's history, it's oath to defend the Constitution, about Patriotism and loyalty. I learned from my father about the horrors of war, and the price that good men and women have paid throughout the years to keep America free.

Traditionally, the US military taught people how to love their nation, to defend the Constitution, and in fact enough to even lay down your life for your fellow Americans. And to be willing to fight and lay down your life to preserve her cherished freedoms guaranteed under the Constitution, so that future generations may also enjoy liberty and freedom from oppression.

How I love my nation, America! How I love her people! I am a direct descendant of the famed MAYFLOWER PILGRIMS, who arrived on these shores in 1620 to found a NATION UNDER GOD.

No, I do not love the SIN that is found in America. That is why I am a Christian who travels across this nation to minister the glorious salvation of Jesus Christ. But Jesus loves and died for the sinner. And for this very reason, there is HOPE for America!

My ancestors fought in the American Revolution. They were circuit-riding preachers bringing the word of God to New England.
I am proud of my American Heritage! I am proud of the many God-fearing men and women who played a role in the very founding of this nation and the writing of her Constitution. And I am proud of the brave men and women in the US military who battled and gave their lives throughout the years to keep America FREE!

But now, we see America's cherished freedoms threatened on many sides. The future of every American is gravely threatened by those who have no true loyalty to this nation or the Constitution. And by those who have rejected the very God of the Bible, who brought our Pilgrim ancestors and many Christian founders to this continent from the very beginning.

These are the treacherous people who represent the NEW WORLD ORDER globalist agenda for this nation. This is nothing other than a Communist/Marxist agenda for our nation. Communism believes in the abolition of nations, the abolition of the right to own personal property, the abolishing of all religion and morals, and more. 

Marx taught that for their goals to be achieved worldwide, the OLD ORDER of nation-states with their patriotism and governments would have to be abolished, to bring forth their Communist NEW WORLD ORDER instead. The NWO is anti-American and anti-God, and the antithesis of everything America has ever stood for from her beginning.

America was originally found by God-fearing men and woman of God from her inception. Communism/Marxism was founded by people who worship and serve Lucifer, or Satan, as "god." Can any good thing come from those who worship Satan?
Such people are traitors to the Constitution and to the American people. Such people  who support a NWO agenda for America, are behind the establishment of hundreds of grim detention camps, to someday take away millions of  Patriotic and freedom-loving American people to be eliminated, because they will never surrender their faith and freedom to COMMUNISM and the NWO.

People who support the NEW WORLD ORDER Marxist/Communist agenda for America,  hate the God of the Bible and His people, the Christians, as the history of Communism proves clearly.

They also hate the gun owners of America, the Patriotic minded, the Constitutionalists, and essentially anyone who loves God and the Republic and wishes to preserve her sovereignty and freedoms intact.

These are the people of the 
And they are traitors to everything 
America has ever stood for.

These people have planned for decades to bring America and her people down under MARTIAL LAW. 
They have made plans to abolish the Constitution, to bring America under tyranny and terror and oppression.

The Presidential Executives orders, in fact, are a clear blueprint for a COMMUNIST/MARXIST TAKEOVER of this nation.

They plan to seize ALL WEAPONS throughout this nation. All dictatorships begin with seizing the weapons of the people, so they cannot fight back. Lenin, Hitler, Stalin, Mao and many others have demanded GUN CONFISCATION prior to launching their bloody revolution to impose their dictatorships.

The people of the NWO agenda plan to round up millions of innocent Americans and send them "to the camps" for termination, only because they have been secretly profiled to be "resisters of the NWO." 

This includes CHRISTIANS. This includes PATRIOTS. This includes CONSTITUTIONALISTS. This includes HOME-SCHOOLERS. This includes PREPPERS. And many other good American people profiled through  years of covert monitoring of emails/faxes/phone calls to be described as "RESISTERS OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER." This is the actual term they use, in fact.

Hear what Former CIA/ONI officer MICHAEL MAHHOLY had to say about this:
"Oh, all of us in the CIA know what the concentration [detention] camps in America are for: we ALL KNOW that they are to TERMINATE THE RESISTERS OF THE NWO as it comes down in America under martial law." These were his personal words to me as I interviewed him many years ago. 

Michael had worked directly under "Mr. NWO" Bush Sr., who was then head of the CIA. Bush used every power at his disposal through the CIA to help lay the groundwork to someday bring America to her knees under the NWO. Burned and betrayed finally by the CIA, Michael began to write a series of articles exposing the corrupt activities of the CIA and the NWO agenda for America. This is when I met him and began to interview him about this subject. And his words were shocking enough to change my whole life.

The NWO has  long planned to use the UN/NATO/Pfp MILITARY FORCES to assist them in this horrific agenda for our America. And even OUR OWN MILITARY as well.

In fact, the NWO elements of the US military are already covertly training people in the US Army in covert programs in how to operate the modern military guillotines, in bases like Fort Lewis/McChord, Fort Bragg, Fort Hood, and many other bases. 

Communists hate the Christians most of all, and these modern tools of terror will be used to tempt Christians to renounce their precious faith in Jesus Christ and JOIN THE NWO...or be beheaded. 

You can kiss religious freedom GOOD-BYE in America, should martial law be declared and the PEO's become the law of the land.
The FEMA/Homeland Security detention camps will also be used to terminate innocent and Patriotic Americans as well. Modern prisoner boxcars and shackles will be used to haul hapless Americans, condemned for either their Patriotism, or their faith.

All of this and more is part of THE AGENDA for the imposing of a NEW WORLD ORDER agenda upon our nation.


NONE of the above can successfully take place across America, without the cooperation of the US MILITARY. And if YOU do not like what the NEW WORLD ORDER Communists have planned for YOUR nation and future, 


Several years ago, I received word following a broadcast exposing the NWO agenda for AMERICA, that an anonymous military source called in after the broadcast. He was clear and to the point:

"Dry your tears, dear! Don't you know that lots of us in the military know all about their NWO agenda? And all across America, there are people like me who are prepared to come out under martial law with every tank, every chopper, and every weapon we can get our hands on, to fight these UN foreign troops and these traitors in the military, and TAKE AMERICA BACK!"

How proud I am of this young man...and of the many other fine yet anonymous people throughout the US military who have quietly done their homework, who finally understand what is planned for America's future, and who have secretly prepared to stand against this traitorous agenda for our nation.

One CIA source admitted to me, that they plan to use our own military to execute Americans who will resist the NWO under martial law. "It's not that they even believe in the NWO. It's just that they have been given so many promises of 'perks, payraises and promotions' if they'll do it, that..."

I interrupted his words. "Yeah..that they would kill their own grandmother if asked to, right?" 


My friends and readers in the US military, would YOU be willing to execute your fellow Americans under martial law, who are guilty of simply being Patriotic or Christians, because of corrupt promises of "perks, payraises and promotions"??? 

Has money become so much of an idol in today's world, that people are willing to murder the innocent, for corrupt currency that no longer even has the gold in Fort Knox to back it up??? To betray their nation, the Constitution and their fellow Americans, for "thirty pieces of silver?"
And what about eternal consequences from an Almighty God, from Whose sight nothing is hidden? Jesus declared, "For what shall it profit a man , if he gains the whole world, but loses his soul?" Murdering innocent and Patriotic Americans for "perks-payraise-promotions" will lead you to eternal damnation! Jesus declares to us that all murderers shall have their part in "the lake of fire, " or eternal damnation.

Furthermore, Satan himself is the leader of the NEW WORLD ORDER..and former Satanists and Illuminati have told me so. And my Bible also tells me so in Revelation 13. 

This is why there is always so much bloodshed and oppression and terror in ANY Communist/Marxist country. 
Satan is the head of it. Jesus declared that Satan is both a MURDERER and the FATHER OF LIES. All Communism is built upon a corrupt foundation of MURDER and LIES. And THIS is what the NWO will become in AMERICA: a Communist dictatorship filled with murder and deceit.

I want to be a voice of conscience to you all. 

One ex-Marine drill sergeant admitted to me that they were even hardening their men to fire on women and children under martial law in America, because "...hey, they can carry guns too, can't they???" 

Oh, how the NWO hates armed Americans who carry guns!!! There are in fact many NWO traitors, infiltrated into the US military, hardening and training young American soldiers to do terrible things to their fellow Americans under coming martial law. And GUN SEIZURE is one of those things.


Many of you can see clearly now where they are trying to take America, through the legislation for GUN CONTROL, trying to use the "false flag" black-op SANDY HOOK STAGED SHOOTING as a pretense. (How many OTHER times have they tried to use staged shootings in America for the same purpose???)

Once they seize the guns from the American people, Americans are left defenseless, and the NWO military forces from hell from the UN/NATO can then proceed to implement martial law and  enforce the Communist NWO agenda DOWN THE BARREL OF A GUN  upon the American people.




Watch the video in this link and PASS THIS ON!


Because America remains a nation "...OF the people, BY the people, and FOR the people.."

can say "NO" to the 


-Pamela Rae Schuffert, without apology to the "PTB"-

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