Saturday, January 19, 2013

Exclusively to the Jews of the NWO/Communist Agenda

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-


How my heart breaks for you! For you have been deceived by the greatest deception in the world today..that Lucifer is the god of the Jews. You have followed after those who are deceived by this great and soul damning deception. And you have sacrificed millions upon millions of innocent victims on the altar of Marxism and Communism in your ruthless quest for world domination. 

This is not the true Zionism of the Holy Scriptures! This has never been the plan of the true and Holy G-d of Avraham, Yitzhak and Yaakov. To build a Zionist world government through corruption, murder, violence and terrorism ,upon the broken bodies and shed blood of millions of innocent victims, can never be the plan of a Holy and merciful G-d. 

You will never achieve your world Zionist vision through breaking the commandments of a Holy G-d, through the murder of millions of innocents, through criminal activities, and trampling on the rights of others to live in peace throughout the world.

Rather, this is the plan of the destroyer, "ha Satan". Satan has always hated the Jews, for from the Jews come THE MESSIAH AND SAVIOR OF THE WORLD! Satan is the arch deceiver and murderer of mankind. He hates the just and holy and true G-d of Yisrael. 

And he hates YOU, the Jew, and desires to deceive you into eternal damnation by his lies! And how many Jews before you have been robbed of the joys of eternal life and forgiveness of sins through the they instead embraced the lies of the wicked one and perished finally in eternal torment and damnation, separated from a Holy G-d forever by their sins and unbelief.

How...HOW could any Jew worship and embrace this doctrine of darkness, to turn from the Holy One of Israel, to worship an abomination! How can any Jew be foolish enough to  bring eternal damnation and wrath and judgment upon themselves by embracing such darkness! Holy Scriptures and the prophets are very clear on this!

And yet you are following the doctrines of demons of Communist leaders such as KARL MARX, who was indeed a worshiper of Lucifer, and father of Marxism and inspiration for decades of the horrors of Communist brutality, fear and terror, and persecution and murder of others who ALSO worship and believe in the true God of Israel. The blood of tens of millions of innocent victims has been shed throughout the world by followers of such satanic doctrines as that of KARL MARX.

The people who today fund Marxism/Communism are in fact also worshipers of the wicked one. A just and holy G-d of Israel will someday judge each and every one of them and cast them into eternal destruction for their blasphemies, cruelties, deceptions and wickedness. 

No, the G-d of Israel is in NONE of this great darkness and wickedness. The God of Avraham Himself is against those Jews and all others who worship Satan and sacrifice innocent victims on his dark satanic altars throughout the world...all for more money and power to bring forth this Communist/Marxist NEW WORLD ORDER agenda.

READ in Holy Scriptures about how a Holy G-d judged both Israel and Judah when they worshiped other idols and gods, and sacrificed their children to Molech and false abominations! READ about the wrath and judgment that came through famine, plagues, war and destruction upon the Jews of ancient times for turning away from the true G-d of Israel, and instead worshiping the wicked one in His place."You shall have NO OTHER GODS BEFORE ME!" 

DO you think the Holy One of Israel has somehow changed in holy character and nature? "I AM the L-rd: I CHANGE NOT!"Do you think an all-knowing G-d does not SEE and KNOW what you are doing in secret? "He Who created the eye, does he not see?"Are you yet foolish enough to  believe for a minute that He will not JUDGE such abominations as this! "Vengeance is MINE, saith the L-rd: I WILL REPAY!"

How my heart grieves as I observe Jews who believe in this great and tragic deception, and believe that this is somehow "Zionism" and somehow  G-d's plans to fulfill Holy Scriptures which prophesy of a future world reign of the people of G-d.

A holy, righteous and merciful G-d is in NONE of this Communist/Marxist satanist darkness!!! And when you shall seek in the future to once again murder millions of innocent victims throughout North America, in your mad quest for world dominion and to attempt to somehow fulfill "prophecy" in a perverted and corrupt way, you will only receive G-d's wrath and great punishment as a reward for such wickedness in the end.

I and millions of my fellow Christians, also believers in the God of Israel, and the Messiah, have been marked for DEATH by the NWO Communists. Your Noahide Laws and guillotines will be used to shed the blood of millions of my fellow Christians. "Deny Jesus Christ and you can live: refuse to and YOU SHALL DIE!"

Communist patterned "gulags" similar to a previous Communist holocaust under the Bolsheviks , are now located throughout my nation. And once again, the Christians will be targeted for arrest and removal and death in these horrific camps. This is all a part of a Communist NWO "Zionist" agenda, a plan to destroy the Christians you have been taught "stand in your way."

And yet, it is many of these very same Christians who have been lovingly standing in prayer for Israel and the Jewish people. People who care about you. People whose tourist dollars have been continually supporting Israel, and whose tax dollars have been supporting Israel as well.

I can never forget the words of one Jew who commented to another: "SO what are you going to do...USE the Christians now...and THEN...???" Sadly, this is exactly what is happening. Naive and loving Christians supporting Israel and the Jews, only to be terribly betrayed and murdered in the end, sacrificed to the god of Marxism and the NWO under martial law in America.

I testify to you from Holy Scriptures, that a Holy G-d is not the inspiration for this! And that His wrath is upon those who worship Lucifer, Jew and Gentile alike. And their end shall be in eternal torment, separated from a Holy G-d, forever and ever.

You will give an account in the day of judgment for every innocent soul your murder under Noahide laws with your guillotines, tempting them to deny the very Son of God and ONLY Messiah of the Jews and Savior of the world!

You will give an account before Almighty God for every Christian you arrest, imprison, torture and murder under your NEW WORLD ORDER Communist agenda for America.
The G-d of Israel hates the shedding of innocent blood in the land, as Holy Scriptures declare. And yet, Communism is built on the bloodshed of countless innocent victims!

Jesus the Messiah declared, "It would be better for a millstone to be hung about a person's  neck and for him to be cast into the deepest depths of the sea, THAN TO OFFEND ONE OF THESE LITTLE ONES WHO BELIEVES  IN ME!"

The holy G-d of Israel is calling each one of you to repent. He will not hold you guiltless for these atrocities planned in my nation, America, against millions of innocent Christians whose only "crime" is to embrace the holy Messiah you have sadly chosen to REJECT.

We know the GUILLOTINES ARE HERE, and the Jewish Noahide Laws to facilitate their use on innocent victims in this nation. We know the Communist/Marxist- patterned camps are here, to murder those Patriotic and Christian Americans who will never surrender their freedoms and faith in Jesus Christ, to cooperate with a murderous and satanic Communist tyranny.

I testify to you today, that  you will only receive the wrath of G-d and eternal damnation for such wickedness for participating in such a heinous agenda. "And the smoke of their torment shall ascend forever and ever, and they shall have no rest day and night..." declares G-d's holy word about those who worship Lucifer and take part in his NEW WORLD ORDER agenda for the world today.

What utter blasphemy! You have departed from serving the Living G-d of Avraham, to worship instead an abomination that cannot save. And following the teachings of those who also have departed from the ONE TRUE GOD: Jews Moses Hess...Karl Marx...and many others who embraced the lie of "LUCIFER is god", and brought forth the horrors of Communism and mass genocides worldwide.

If YOU are a Jew who has turned to Lucifer and support satanist Marx's  NEW WORLD ORDER agenda for America and the world...if YOU  agree with the planned mass genocide of millions of innocent Christians and other victims throughout this nation under a NWO/martial law agenda, REPENT! Return to the true God of Avraham, Yitzhak, and Yaakov! 
Turn to His Mashiach, Yahshua Ha'Mashiach, for forgiveness of such great sins! Only the Messiah has the power to set you free from your sins and save you from the eternal damnation your sins deserve from a holy G-d.

DO not look at the false riches and empty wealth of those Jews such as the Rothschilds and the Schiffs, who have embraced this lie, who serve Lucifer, and claim to be "the rich, the elite and the powerful." In the sight of the Lord G-d the Almighty, they are the ACCURSED, the DAMNED, the ones who have made themselves to be an abomination in the sight of a holy G-d, and WHOSE END IS ETERNAL DESTRUCTION!

How CAN a holy G-d use such wicked people to bring forth fulfillment of Bible prophecy concerning Zionism and the Jews??? HE CANNOT! This false  and heretical form of "Zionism" through satanist Marxist COMMUNISM is a tragic deception from the wicked one, and can only result in the wrath of God being poured out upon those who embrace and participate in it's ruthless and bloody agenda.

This is the faithful testimony from the Word of the Living G-d and His holy Mashiach.

TURN from the dark teachings of those who worshiped and served Satan, such as Karl Marx. RETURN to the living G-d of Israel and His Mashiach! Do not be deceived! A holy and just G-d is not mocked. His wrath will fall upon all those who depart from Him to worship an abomination, and proceed to murder His Christian children as well.

IF you are Jewish, and are not a participant in the terrible deceptions outlined above, then this article does not apply to you. Worship and serve the one true G-d of Israel and seek to glorify Him in the earth today, even as G-d commands His people in His holy Word. His desire for His Jewish people from the BEGINNING, according to Holy Scriptures, was to have a holy people who would glorify and honor Him in the earth. 

-Pamela Rae Schuffert


  1. First I would like to say thank you for warning Gods people of the troubles times ahead and for putting your neck on the line. But I would like to point out that God made His covenant with Israel, not with so-called Jews. The Jews didn't come into being until approx 500 b.c. during (and after) the Babylonian captivity. God made His covenant with Israel well over a 1000 years before there was any such thing as a "Jew." Those today who call themselves "Jews" are impostors and are not of Israel. For a "Jew" is a religion, not a race.A great lie has been perpetrated on the Christian peoples so that they errantly consider the Jews and their religion to be of God's choosing. And now to point that out opens oneself up to false accusations of anti-Semitism, Bigotry and Racism; That is how the impostors remain hidden.The true ‘Israel peoples,’ descended from the Ten ‘Lost’ Tribes of Israel are the Anglo/Saxons who migrated north over the Caucasus Mountains (later being called Caucasians) and settled Europe and eventually the Americas.Judah only makes up one of those tribes of the 12 tribes.However, the modern day so-called Jews are primarily Edomites (of Esua, Jacob/Israel's brother). A great part of the commonly referred to as "Jews" of our day are descended from the Khazar Jews of Russia. The Khazars are a Turkish people who trace their genealogy to Esau, NOT Jacob. These are facts.Christians have been betrayed and deceived by the impostors. The impostors are they who say that they are "Jews," but are NOT, and do lie. Our Lord was quite clear on the matter. A warning to you sister in Christ,Please allow me to explain why it is imperative that you understand that satan shall be the antichrist. Most people accept the fact that there will be an antichrist who Jesus shall cast into the Pit at His Second Advent. The danger in identifying the antichrist as a man is that satan can then setup a man, a world leader of some sort, to appear to be the antichrist; then when the real antichrist (satan) comes, he can cast the imposter into the Pit and rule as Christ to a beguiled world. Satan is the antichrist. God Bless

    1. I agree with what this guy above me says. Ephraim was prophecied by Israel (Jacob) to become a multitude of nations Gen 48:15-19. They are scattered. Possibly the saxons, it fits since the countries where they are now have a higher christian rate than others.Gal 3:29. I dont even know who Judah is but the prophecies include both Israel and Judah and this has never happened.