Sunday, August 25, 2013

Prisoner Boxcars Vision from Christian Reader in Asheville, NC

Praying Along The Train Tracks 
Train station and tracks in Montana

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Because we now know for a certainty that the NWO plans to heavily use the railroad system to transport millions of anticipated prisoners rounded up under martial law to the FEMA/DHS camps for elimination, I encourage readers nationwide to go peacefully to their local railroad stations and tracks and spend quality time in powerful prayer for God to hold back this heinous agenda.

A dark satan-driven agenda reminiscent of a previous Illuminati-spawned NAZI FASCIST HOLOCAUST, and a previous Illuminati-inspired Bolshevik Communist holocaust created against the Christians in Russia and sweeping throughout the former Soviet Union.
Nazi Fascist concentration camps, serviced by the railway system

In both instances, history confirms that both the Communists and the Fascists heavily utilized the railroad systems of their nations, to facilitate prisoner transfers to the infamous Communist gulag system and the Fascist concentration camps.
Communist gulags, serviced by the railway systems

And apparently, it is their NWO philosophy that what worked well in a previous generation, should be put to use today, enhanced by modern technology. Millions perished under both Fascism and Communism through the brutal yet effective use of the gulags/camps and the railway systems they used.

And this is what my emphasis on the discovery of the PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES all across America, is all about. 
Long after the more recent scandals of BENGHAZIGATE, or Snowden revelations and others have faded from public memories, the pathos and the horrors of the detention camps for political and religious resistance against the NWO will continue long into America's dark future, leaving behind a tragic trail of carnage, suffering, bloodshed and tears for many years in it's brutal wake.

When I was informed years ago that Christians would be among the major targets to be rounded up and sent to the boxcars and camps for elimination under martial law, my heart was crushed. I wept countless tears on behalf of my endangered fellow Christians in North America. I began to learn the meaning of "PRAY WITHOUT CEASING" as I interceded all across America in my many prayer journeys to  bathe our nation in tears and intercessory prayer.

I have spent much time following the railroad tracks across this nation whereupon prisoner boxcars with shackles were sighted by fellow Americans. I don't care which government spy agency is monitoring these words. 

I admit that my prayers along the RR tracks of America have been for the divine hands of God to move with power and judgment against such horrors, and to utterly render these cruel prisoner boxcars with shackles and guillotines useless someday. The Bible states clearly that Jesus Christ was manifested to destroy the works of the devil. God is AGAINST those who seek to destroy His kingdom and His children!

There is no greater work of "Satan and Co." on the face of the earth today, than his NEW WORLD ORDER agenda that the Bible warns us against in the BOOK OF REVELATION.

Therefore I have absolutely no problem praying against every evil  plan of Satan's to destroy the Christians throughout North America and the rest of the world today. Satan and his henchmen have already mandated behind the scenes that THE CHRISTIANS MUST DIE WORLDWIDE. 

Forget waiting for an official declaration of "martial law" to be sounded throughout America!. The true battle has already been raging now for countless eons already. It is the war of the Kingdom of the Living God vs. the kingdom of Satan and his followers. And soon in North America, it will be either US, or THEM. Either we as Christians will emerge overcomers and victorious, or they will move to destroy us. There simply can be no middle ground.

And if you don't believe me now, you will later, as everything comes to pass before your eyes that I have exposed is coming to AMERICA SOMEDAY. The NWO satanist will be brutal to the Christians in this nation under martial law. They know their dark hour of power has finally arrived...

Just as there is no compromise between the Living God and his eternal enemy, Lucifer/Satan, so there can be no compromise between God's children and Satan's followers.

Every day for 18 years now I have prayed intensely against every dark aspect of the NWO martial law agenda for our nation that I have uncovered through research. While I pray FOR the salvation of those people tragically involved in Satan's kingdom, I must also pray against their evil plans for our nation as well. Remembering that Jesus died for the sinner, but still HATES THE SIN.

By the way, this is one of the main reasons NWO Fascists and Communists HATE  the Christian  church and prayer meetings! This is why Christians were so heavily persecuted under the Nazis and the Communists. They KNOW we are praying against Satan and his kingdom, and against the will of those who serve him.
Praying at the railroad tracks all across America

Knowing how the railway systems across America will be used someday under martial law (troop and prisoner transport and linked with the NWO underground bases, cities, highways and tunnels, etc.) it behooves every American Christian to go to your local railroad tracks and stations, and spend time in quality prayer against the NWO agenda under martial law. 

And please note: did I say BOMB, DESTROY or do anything deadly or ILLEGAL there? NO. I said, use what spiritual gifts and authority God has given us, and spend time in PRAYER for God to hold back and restrain this horrific agenda for America and her Christians and other NWO resistance elements.

One Christian reader in Asheville, NC, did just that. He took the time to go to the local railroad tracks running through that city, and to quietly pray against AN AMERICAN HOLOCAUST.

He later sent me an sobering email.

That email revealed that God had showed him thousands of Christians being transported by train on the railroad tracks across America, to the detention camps. He said to me that God showed him AN AMERICAN HOLOCAUST WAS COMING indeed, and THIS time it was not PAMELA RAE saying this, but someone else sharing what the Holy Spirit showed him.

Here are the actual words from Brother G____'s email sent to me from Asheville, NC recently:

Old Biltmore Depot Station, Asheville, NC

"While I was praying at the railroad tracks, the Lord put it upon my heart a vision. 

A vision of thousands of Christians being led away into the boxcars, just like something from the Holocaust. 

A New World Order Holocaust is what it will be. 

Pamela, I'm scared for others who are not ready to face this." G________ in Asheville

G_______, brother in Christ, I am too. And that is what my website and reporting have been all about for 18 years now. 

God wants a people prepared  to realistically face the future in our nation. He wants to build up a committed and holy people that will resolutely stand up for Jesus Christ when this all happens in America. 

A people not afraid to stand up and fight for the truth. A holy people willing to suffer and die for standing up for the truth of His Son and against Satan's dark kingdom and agenda for America. And a people who will confess "JESUS IS MY SAVIOR" even when a gun is held to their head...or as they face the prophesied guillotines (Revelation 20:4)of the coming NWO inquisition. (Revelation 12:11)

Beloved readers, it is YOUR America and YOUR future, including that of your families and children, that are being jeopardized today by this dark agenda of the NWO. It therefore behooves you to take such warnings seriously, and spend much time seeking God in prayer about this.

Please...go to your local railroad tracks and train stations, and cry out to God mightily for this heinous plan of boxcars and shackles and deathcamps to be fully exposed and somehow averted and brought to nothing by the unseen hands and ways of Almighty God and His mercies.
Remembering from Nazi Germany's past 
and Auschwitz 
where railroad tracks can fatally lead to...
Is AMERICA next???

Who knows how God Almighty will work to shatter and uproot Satan's NWO plans for America? 

Is there anything too hard for Him??? God remains on the side of His beloved people, and He forever remains against the kingdom of the adversary, Satan, and his followers.

"if God be for us, who can therefore be against us???"
-Romans 8:31-

"The fervent and effectual prayers of a righteous person avails much."

-James 5:16-

And thank you, Brother G_____ in Asheville, NC, for sharing this vision God gave you to share with His endangered people in this hour.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-


  1. Pamela : I use Google translator for lack of time :

    I repeat a note posted on my blog:

    Many behave prudently in failing to make Futurism cheap, but if they see that huge events around the world , in the military , political, economic , climatic , and religious, seemingly unrelated to each other, occur in unison in a more than suspicious , totally unusual , so strange that are difficult to put into words.

    We talk about something important this October 1st , that's very relative , although there information indicating that, the Illuminati are skilled at creating confusion.

    Another error is the call that this exists at present among Christians in the United States to join the armed militias to fight the government , if it is part of American culture - the right to defend themselves from attack illegitimate - we are talking of believers , we seek God's justice , not ours .

    Moreover, this violent behavior will serve the Illuminati to label Christians as "terrorists" , added to what they always preach about Christianity intolerant (because denounces sin ) and who preaches a God of hatred (for the obvious Trials of God) , is why believers who believe in recent times are the main enemies , expressed by Christ , Daniel and many other prophets of the Bible , especially God in the book of Revelation speaks of the eternal loss of his god Lucifer , in all its details .

    But there's something to what you are afraid , or rather ; Terror: " The prayer of the righteous."

    "Not our power because we have none , and there are no believers with more power than others , to God be the glory , for ever and ever"


    6:31 Take no thought , therefore, saying, What shall we eat , or what shall we drink , or what to wear?
    6:32 For the Gentiles seek after all these things, for your heavenly Father knows that you need all these things .
    6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness , and all these things shall be added .
    6:34 Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow , for tomorrow will worry about itself . Sufficient unto the day is the evil .

    And as referenced in the video :


    26:52 Then Jesus said again thy sword into his place: for all they that take the sword , the sword will perish .
    26:53 Do you think that I can not now pray to my Father , and he shall presently give me more than twelve legions of angels?

    Not to mention :

    Psalms 91

    In the points discussed above we can clearly see a pattern in the behavior of the elite :


    That is, those who fall into this trap , they will be victims of what your own heart contains .

    May God bless you .

  2. I live in Eugene Oregon and I've seen the boxcars they are making a lot of them here. I've also seen trains full of military vehicles that go on for 5 in 10 minutes. there's a Fema camp not far away from my town it's a complex that used to be a mill. a friend and I hiked in to see it one day we got close enough to look around for about 10 minutes and a man in uniform that had UN on his sleeve Made us leave After checking our phones for pictures. I think the thing that startled me most Was that it seemed to be fully operational. We did not see any prisoners but we did see a food delivery truck They were also stacks of those black FEMA coffins. Folks I'm telling you right now you need to prepare. We as Americans are about to witness unspeakable horrors.
    I have also noticed that in the 13 years I've lived here I never once saw a Muslim until last year This weekend I went to the mall and saw 8 Muslim couples And families wearing full burkas. I think Obama opened the gates to get prepared for that day that we know is inevitably coming. God bless you all And don't forget the only answer to any of the problems in this world is Jesus Christ. God bless you my brothers and sisters and God bless the old United States of America... Here's a helpful hint Firearms and ammunition can be sealed in a vacuum sealer for food And varied outside for complete protection.. God bless you my brothers and sisters I'll see you on the battlefield And I'll see you on that beautiful day the Jesus Christ returns to this horrible world