Friday, August 2, 2013

My Apology to My Readers: DVD Availability

To all my dear readers who may have ordered my DVD: I have to re-order more copies down in Missoula, at the station where it was filmed several hours away. I can't order them over the phone because they do not take credit/debit card orders.This means I have to travel down to Missoula personally, and my friend Emmit and I will make another DVD program as well while I am there. 

Somehow, my world is complex and never easy!

I apologize if you requested a DVD and have not received it yet. PLEASE contact me by email if this is the case, and include your mailing address, and I will rectify this as soon as possible! (

Also, some readers may have sent support, BUT have not specified that it was for a DVD. I cannot know if you want a DVD, if you do not specify this when you send support.

So please, dear readers, be patient as I work hard to get this problem resolved. I want to make everyone happy!

And please understand...I am operating this ministry out of my vehicle. I have no plush ministry office to work out expensive equipment to reproduce DVD's and CD's. I am living on the edge, in order to afford to travel and perform this desperately needed work on behalf  of my endangered fellow Christians throughout North America today.

Until I can obtain a personal DVD copy machine, I am suspending all sales of DVD's at this time. It is too difficult to keep them in stock due to this situation I have encountered with the television station and no facilities to copy DVD's here where I am located.

However, I DO have in stock a fantastic book called MARTYRS, by DC Talk and Voice of the Martyrs.

SO many Christians  across the nation love this book! I have given away many copies, because I know about planned persecution to come to the Christians in America someday soon. God Himself desires a Body of Christ prepared to face and overcome testing and tribulations when it comes. God is in the business of RAISING UP OVERCOMERS! And that is the purpose of my distributing this wonderful book.
If instead of waiting for the next batch of DVD's to be available from the studio in Missoula, and you have sent funds to order it, you would prefer to have me send you IMMEDIATELY a  NEW copy of this inspirational book, simply contact me and the book can be put in the mail to you the next day. Or I can send you a refund for your cost of the DVD. LET ME KNOW! NO one gets shortchanged in THIS ministry!

Thank you for you love, your cards and other support! I am sending out thank you cards today as well, to show my appreciation. And thank you for your patience. I am doing my best with what God has given me.

God bless you ALL! Just keep me in your prayers...I am praying for YOU too.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

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