Sunday, August 18, 2013

"The Gospel According to Google...?" Again


By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-


COINTELPRO (an acronym for COunter INTELligence PROgram) was is a series of covert, and at times illegal,[1] projects conducted by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) aimed at surveying, infiltrating, discrediting, and disrupting domestic political organizations.
(Abd not just the FBI either!)
Recently I enjoyed a nice conversation with Eric Bermann, owner of the legendary incredible shoebox filled with the photographs of Hitler's former bodyguard, Otto Skorzeny. 

This shoebox was presented to Eric during the deathbed confession of Skorzeny in 1999, right here in the Kalispell, MT, area. These pictures revealed the fascinating truth about the origin of "George Bush SR." and his distinctly German Nazi background, NOT being a true American descendant of the BUSH family. Plus so much more.

One picture even showed a reunion of Hitler and his bodyguard taking place in 1997 in Lake McDonald Lodge in Glacier National Park, where I often spend much time in prayer for our nation. 

It is ironic that this photograph depicts Hitler then sitting only a few yards from where I periodically play the piano in this lodge, improvising great hymns of the faith for the guests, while silently praying in my heart against every aspect of the wicked NWO agenda for America(!)
Otto Skorzeny with wife, and Hitler (alias William Coates) sitting in 
blue shirt, in 1997 at Lake McDonald Lodge, Glacier NP

A contact of mine who publishes my reports in (Ken) put Eric into contact with me by phone. And so , Eric called me from Florida. We had a pleasant conversation for a while, UNTIL he naively decided to type my name into GOOGLE.

And then, the debris, shall we say, hit the fan. "Hey, I just typed your name into Google, and it says here...." Eric went on to quote some rather blasphemous slander against me from one site, that of a known COINTELPRO operative that none of us investigative journalists ever take seriously. 

We know what she's up to and who she works for. This person has been used extensively to infiltrate the Patriot community, pretending to be now "a Christian" who came out of CIA mind control programming, and is now reportedly on "the Patriot/ anti-NWO" side. However, this person is quite evidently still on some agency's payroll and is regularly used to attack various people the government hates or considers a threat.

"This article says here you are A LESBIAN....." 

I said, "Eric, stop right there." I explained to him the truth about the person who wrote this article, and how she has defamed and hurt many other innocent people that the government attacks (including people exposing the NWO agenda.) And of course she gets paid well for it.

I further pointed out several facts: I have been a born-again Christian for 42 years now, unmarried and walking in a dedicated and sanctified walk with Christ. I explained to him (he is not a Christian) that Christianity declares sexual perversion (homosexuality and lesbianism, etc.) to be a sin in the sight of God. And I choose to believe His word.

And I further informed Eric that personally, I am utterly repulsed by even the thought of such vile sexual immorality. It makes me nauseated to even think of sexual perversion. How people can participate in such vile perversion, often  with multiple sex partners, I cannot even fathom.

Plus, as a former health care provider, I am fully aware of the great dangers of contracting STD through unscriptural and irresponsible sexual behavior. I will never compromise my spiritual walk with Christ, nor my excellent health, to break the commandments of God and become involved with that which the Word of God calls an abomination in His sight. It is also an abomination to me as well.

I explained then that such corrupt people are paid by the government and intelligence community to write and post on the Internet this kind of slander spin (COINTELPRO) against "enemies of the state," in order to attempt to to discredit us in the sight of the public, so that no one will believe reporting such as mine. And this happens all the time. It comes with the turf of my kind of reporting, in fact.

Eric was silent as he listened and the truth finally sank in. He understood that there was no truth in these false allegations against me. And then we continued our conversation as if nothing had happened.

Eric was not a Christian. Had he been one, I would have taken the time to point out to him various Scriptures addressing this very issue of Christians being falsely accused or slandered.

As Christians, we are disciples of Jesus Christ, and follow His example. Jesus declared that we would be spoken of evilly for His Name's sake. He as the very Son of God was slandered and reviled, though innocent. He warned that the world would do the same thing to His disciples. 

That is why He said, "Blessed are you when man shall revile you and persecute you and say all manner of evil against you falsely for My Name's sake, for so men spoke of the prophets who were before you. Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in heaven."

But how many Christians really believe this and understand this today? Too often people believe that if all men speak well about some one, they must be great people. And too many Christians falsely believe that if people are speaking against you, there must be something wrong with you.

Yet, Jesus said, "Woe unto you when all men shall speak well of you, for so they spoke of the false prophets before you."

I am troubled when I see Christians who should know better, going to a non-Christian based Internet tool like GOOGLE to try to find out "the truth" about a person they are researching. How do you know what you will find is truth? In fact, you do not.

In many ways, the Internet often is nothing more than a glorified graffiti board. 

There are no "thought police" or "truth-filters" designated to determine whether everything published on the Internet is absolute truth or accurate. People can, and do, publish whatever they want to.

Type in "Jesus Christ" into Google search, and you may come upon a website that declares that falsely states that Jesus was a homosexual drag  queen and his disciples were nothing but a bunch of gays. Or a website that erroneously declares that Jesus is NOT the Messiah and Son of God.

There are many websites containing blasphemous articles and reports against the Son of God, Jesus Christ. Tell me please, just because we find this information on GOOGLE, are we going to take it seriously??? Can we rely on "the Gospel according to Google"??? Will everything be "Gospel truth" that we find on Google???

Obviously, we as Christians cannot rely on a secular Internet or search engines to filter TRUTH for us. We need to learn to exercise much more discernment in today's world.

So why are Christians willing to accept and blindly believe COINTELPRO articles slandering another brother or sister in Christ, without going to that person FIRST to ask if this could possibly truth before parroting it to others, or even reposting it on another website (as has happened to me) without even showing the Scriptural courtesy to come to that person accused first???

I marvel that Christians, who have the Word of God and it's admonition regarding situations such as this, still persist in falling into deception in this manner. And yes, they do. I have witnessed this, including with the wife of a pastor who had known me 20 years and observed my ministry in NC.

I was deeply saddened by the words of a pastor's wife one Sunday, after bringing a friend to my former fellowship in NC. This pastor and his wife had known me for 20 years. They had observed my terrible battles against the satanists there, and my years of pro-life battles to save the unborn. They, as many others there, knew my integrity and my Christian walk.

In spite of all this, After I left my friend with the pastor's wife to do something else, the pastor's wife began to talk to my friend. I later returned and my friend and I walked out of the church. He had a look of incredulousness on his face. 

"I can't believe what she said about you! She made fun of your reporting! She said, 'can't you just SEE through her reporting...' " and other very disappointing statements. I realized immediately, based upon what he revealed to me, that she had been reading government "COINTELPRO" slander against me. And that she never had the Christian courtesy to come to me first and express her thoughts, to receive an explanation.


I wrote her an email about this that very night. The next day, I encountered her by the church. She had been crying. She finally realized that she had believed a lie, and then had further spoken a lie against me, and she was very, very sorry. 

I simply told her I forgave her. And commented that people will never know the price I have paid for this work on behalf of the endangered Body of Christ in America. And sadly, experiences like this continue to be a part of that tragic price.

Here was a person who had observed my years of sacrifice in pro-life outreach and in the battles against the satanists in that region. She knew me and my character personally, before ever reading COINTELPRO. But even she had fallen into that subtle trap on the Internet. 

This is how I know it can happen. And DOES happen. And the sad result is that innocent people then suffer deeply...which is exactly what the government wants to happen.

Understand: I remain in a very deadly battlefield. At a time when Christians like myself desperately need the love, prayers and support of the Body of Christ, how do you think it feels when the very Body of Christ (who SHOULD be loving and praying for you) are instead rejecting you based on government lies and COINTELPRO???

Obviously, Christians like myself are in a furious spiritual battlefield due to the nature of the material I report on and expose. I have many enemies and many that hate me for my reporting. I have experienced several death attempts on my life. I have been poisoned more than once. I have previously been set up to be abducted and killed. I have suffered the loss of my home previously (2001) for my work. You really cannot fathom the price I have paid in order to remain in this work on behalf of the endangered Body of Christ in North America. 

But I remain in this work because I love God Who called me to this, and I love you as well, my brothers and sisters in Christ.

Of course there will be attacks on my Christian character and reputation by the enemy who hates me. This is understandable. And very Scriptural, as Jesus declared.

So beware of trusting a secular and very sinner-infiltrated public Internet when you want to know "the truth" about someone like myself. I have posted my mailing address and my email address as well, so that readers CAN ask questions whenever they feel a need to. My Christian friends don't even mind answering questions on my behalf. They understand what I go through, thankfully.

Just ask the Christian family I took care of for a year (2011-2012)in the Arctic Circle in Alaska whether Pam is "lesbian" or not. They observed my Christian walk and devout behavior for  a whole year. They observed how I was up (as I wrote in my articles) til 2 or 3 in the morning in intercessory prayer for America. And ministering to both that family and the Eskimos all the time I was there.

My Christian friends that I have known and worked with for many years have been happy to further confirm my integrity and Christian walk they have observed throughout the years I have known or ministered with them.

So please..if you call yourself "a Christian," choose to walk in the light of His revealed word when dealing with this kind of situation. You are welcome to contact me over anything you may have a problem with that you may had heard or read on the Internet that is defamatory or questionable.

We live in a very dark, corrupt and evil world today. The genuine Christian disciple of Jesus Christ WILL encounter persecution, slander, defamation and martyrdom from the enemy for their Christian walk. Only, may this persecution come from THE ENEMY without, and NOT from the very Christians that God has commanded to stand with one another in unity and love.

Persecution comes with the turf. Expect it. I have learned to. And as long as we remain in this wicked world, the persecution will continue. And so will the curse of government COINTELPRO. Simply choose not to fall into it's deadly trap. I refuse to fall into the trap of government lies...which is what my reporting is all about to begin with: exposing government lies and telling America the truth.

Don't be caught in A LIE.
In closing....

And what happens in the end to people who are paid to publish destructive lies against others, including against God's elect??? The Bible states clearly that ALL LIARS shall have their part in the lake of fire that burns with fire and brimstone,which is the second death. 

Furthermore, Jesus will say to those who have destructively offended His children, "depart from Me, ye accursed, into the fire prepared for the devil and His angels..." Eternal damnation and torment is clearly their end.

That is why I don't worry about this. "Vengeance is Mine, saith the Lord. I WILL REPAY!" I simply rest in God and let His Word take effect. These liars are essentially the people who no longer exist. God sees everything from eternity: in His sight, these people are already condemned and destroyed in the lake of fire. THEY ARE NO MORE.

So WHY should you or I worry about people who NO LONGER EXIST???

And now you know...the REST of the story.(Paul Harvey's favorite quote.) 

And no, thankfully Pamela Rae is not the non-existent nasty critter created in the corrupted minds of COINTELPRO spin doctors, laughing diabolically as they post their poop onto the Internet.

Remember to beware of "the gospel according to GOOGLE" and use a little more discernment and common sense...and the Word of God above all. 

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-


Hmmm...I just thought of something that would really make my brother laugh. He needs a good laugh anyhow. I am going to call him and tell him about the latest COINTELPRO slam against me, that somehow Big Sis is now labeled "a lesbian." 

Little brother John knows all about my straight Christian walk for 42 years now!  I suspect he will really laugh over this latest ludicrous accusation.

(Can't these people in intelligence think up anything BETTER to do with their time? Like going after the REAL terrorists for a change! Golly...I sometimes wonder WHY they even bother to call themselves "the intelligence community!)

While little brother was  living his "party on dudes" lifestyle with his friends for many years, Big Sis was studiously going to Bible College, saving unborn babies from abortion, and completely avoiding the horrifying world of "drugs-sex-rock n' roll" to follow Jesus instead.

Brother John used to bring his friends over to smoke marijuana in his basement bedroom. The nauseating smell of those reefers made me want to pass out as they wafted up through the floorboards of our home, somehow zeroing  into the living room to diabolically accumulate where I sat. Yuck!

Little brother and his friends would laugh at "prude big sister" who never drank, never smoked, never did drugs, never went to parties, and barely knew how to spell s-e-x, much less do it . Nor was straight and prude big sister even remotely interested. She had better things to do, like F-O-L-L-O-W J-E-S-U-S.

Big Sis had watched throughout the years as little brother's friends all went down the tubes, dying of drug overdoses and alcohol related deaths and suicide and AIDS. And going to prison. Or mental wards. It was all so sad. 

And I wanted NO PART of that dark world.

When little brother's friends came over, they would all take the time to make tease and make fun of prude Big Sis. Little brother prided himself in being in the "Cool crowd, " and the 'IN of the in-crowd" as well. But Big Sis Pammie-poo?

Big Sis was boring. She was straight. She never got high, never snorted a line, never shot up, never got drunk, never did sex, never smoked a cigarette or crack or lit up a reefer. Never looked at porn. Never went to bars. 

Ever. When you have JESUS filling you heart and mind, WHO would ever want to???

Little Brother would smile and smirk and think, "whatta party-pooper Pam is" and then run out of the home with his wild friends to another wild party. Sigh..........

Yes, friends, little Brother John (6'2" tall actually) knows exactly the kind of straight Christian sister he has. And is he ever thankful. Because more than once Big Sis helped to save his life and rescue him from the consequences of his dreadful lifestyle...and so did his wonderful Christian mother as well. 

I could tell you to also ask her, but she is gone to a much better place, awaiting her children to join her someday in the sweet bye-n'-bye.

And now, many years later, John's parties are gone. And so are most of his friends, sadly:THEY ARE ALMOST ALL DEAD. The drugs and alcohol will never be a part of his life again. Jesus has become Lord of His life. After over 30 years of a Christian mother and sister praying for him, John has finally repented and given his life to Jesus Christ and is now SAVED. Jesus set him free!

Many years of sin and rebellion have taken their toll on little brother's health, unfortunately. The wages of sin ARE death. But Jesus has forgiven him and given him LIFE ETERNAL! And now life is worth living, because JESUS IS NOW HIS LIFE!

And so dear friends, if any of you would like to help make my brother really laugh, you can call him in the nursing home, and ask him that question about Big Sis Pamela. And find out THE TRUTH from the one person who knows more about me than anyone else in this world today, my LITTLE BROTHER, now redeemed by the blood of THE LAMB.

Honestly, it is a shame that an article of this nature even has to be written. Everyone who has known me throughout my 42 years as a born-again Christian, fully knows my devout walk with Jesus. But this is the nature of the evil world we live in today.  Satan is out to discredit the most dedicated of Christians, because of their ability to CHANGE THE WORLD FOR JESUS.

And even I find the level of ignorance and immaturity in the Body of Christ at times to be appalling. It is a shame that some Christians will blindly believe such baseless accusations,  when the Bible declares that Christians are to be filled with all wisdom, knowledge and the mind of Christ, and are commanded to study to show themselves approved before God.

In closing, God bless you all, and remember to WATCH AND PRAY! Looks like things are happening rapidly in September/October. BE PREPARED!-PRS


  1. Bless you Pamela and keep up the good fight

    1 Corinthians 4:1-5 KJV
    [1] Let a man so account of us, as of the ministers of Christ, and stewards of the mysteries of God.
    [2] Moreover it is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful.
    [3] But with me it is a very small thing that I should be judged of you, or of man's judgment: yea, I judge not mine own self.
    [4] For I know nothing by myself; yet am I not hereby justified: but he that judgeth me is the Lord.
    [5] Therefore judge nothing before the time, until the Lord come, who both will bring to light the hidden things of darkness, and will make manifest the counsels of the hearts: and then shall every man have praise of God.

    God Bless! From, Brother John

  2. God bless you and your brother, dear Pamela!
    May we all have the courage to keep up the good fight despite those that have and will come up against us!