Thursday, August 15, 2013

URGENT! Russian/DHS Troops Uncovered in NC/TN!

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

"Stupid Americans! As life WAS in Russia, 
so shall it be SOON BE IN AMERICA!"
Boast of KGB/FSB spy in Spokane, WA

Exactly what I have warned Americans for many years was coming under martial law regarding foreign and Russian troops, is now sadly coming to pass before our eyes. The foreign troops reportedly coming into America are evidently being assigned to DHS and to patrol America using DHS vehicles.

Many years ago, I interviewed the German Bundeswehr troops stationed at Holloman AFB in Alamogordo, NM. Local Americans living there told me that the German Bundeswehr admitted to them that they were there to do the dirty work that the American troops were not willing to do against their own fellow Americans. 

Actually, "admitted" is not the right word. "Boasted" is more appropriate. Yes, the German Bundeswehr were literally boasting that "...we are here to ARREST you, FIRE upon you, SEIZE your weapons...and we Germans WON'T HAVE A PROBLEM."
German Bundeswehr military

Nor will the Russian and Eastern Bloc troops brought here for the hour of martial law have any problem on the much hated Americans. As the Russian Communists once boasted, America will fall "as ripe fruit" into their hands someday. And friends, the time of ripe fruit picking is almost upon us.

Don't think for a moment that Communism somehow "fell" with the alleged coup in the 1980's. Only a fool who is ignorant of subtle Communist tactics would ever believe this. I certainly did not.

Many years ago, the Communists declared that they would make incredible concessions to the West, in order to deceive them into disarmament and thinking the Russian Communists were no longer a threat to the West.

And when the West was sufficiently disarmed and weakened and deceived, THEN the Russian bear would strike with a fury. Romanian prophet Dimitri Duduman even stated that God showed him that when America was in the throes of martial law (a nation divided against itself cannot stand) that then the Russian and Chinese communists would strike North America. Yes, many of us researchers have realized this was coming someday to America. 

And sadly, this is now HERE. Just as the German Bundeswehr military troops are here to arrest us and take us to the camps under martial law, (just like their Nazi forefathers took people to the camps under HITLER)  so are the Russian military here to arrest us and take us to the DHS gulags..(just like their Russian Communist forefathers took people to the gulags under COMMUNISM.)

Russian/Eastern Bloc military driving DHS trucks

Nothing has changed in the Illuminati's insane quest for world domination, using either FASCISM or COMMUNISM  or other "isms" to further it's evil goals. Just a new generation and history repeating itself, only THIS time under martial law in "AMERIKA" under martial law. 

In light of so many American pastors secretly cringing in fear and silence, too afraid to tell their congregations the truth from their pulpits about all this, I must ask America the serious question: WHERE are the "Dietrich Bonhoeffers" of our generation? WHERE are the "Richard Wurmbrands"? WHERE are the "Sophie Scholls"?

Dietrich Bonhoeffer dared to stand as a Christian pastor against the horrors of the Nazi dictatorship of his day. Richard Wurmbrand dared to stand against the darkness of the encroaching Communist dictatorship in his day. Sophie Scholl dared to stand against the Nazi doctrines of her day. THEY WERE ALL CHRISTIANS WHO DARED TO STAND FOR CHRIST AND WERE WILLING TO PAY THE PRICE.

And they did. But this is the cost of DISCIPLESHIP. And the cost of following Jesus Christ to the end will never change. And if we as Christians are not willing to SUFFER for Christ, we shall never then reign with Christ. "If we suffer with Him, we shall also reign with Him." 

If we are not willing to suffer and die for obedience to God, then God's work will never fully be accomplished in this world. And how do we glorify God to the world through our cowardice??? Instead, the enemy laughs when he sees fearful and compromised Christians. We discredit Christianity  in the sight of the world by our lack of faith and lack of courage and lack of obedience to God.

Where ARE the fearless men and women of God in America, who have cast off the shackles of fear and cowardice, and instead have put on the garments of Christian boldness and courageousness to then rise up and expose and denounce this coming horror of AN AMERICAN HOLOCAUST???

Christian readers, has YOUR pastor done so lately? Is he faithfully warning the flock of what is to come to America, Christians whom God has put under his care? Don't fool yourself by thinking "...well, he just doesn't know." I'm sorry, but your pastor has access to the very same alternative news websites and radio broadcasts that we all do.

I can never forget going to a church with about 7000 members in a large city in Montana a few years back. I mentioned my reporting to an associate pastor of that church. He immediately took me behind closed doors and said nervously, "Look, lady, we KNOW these things are true. But we don't DARE talk about them from our pulpit!"

Shocked, I asked WHY. His reply told me everything. "We might frighten people away... we might lose members...we might lose money..." I remember feeling sick deep in my spirit. I thought, "But what about the people who MIGHT fall away, because you failed to warn them? What about ETERNAL SOULS? Is that all your church is about, just NUMBERS and MONEY...???"

I recently found out that this very church is now a FEMA-coached church, with the pastor receiving payoffs from FEMA for his cooperation. And if any one says anything negative about the government, then the "pastoral response team" (thought police, actually) pounces upon them to "correct" their views.

How sad the state of this nation is becoming, when Christians refuse to stand up for Jesus Christ and to nobly stand for what is right in America today. How tragic when pastors refuse to stand for the truth and what is right. How tragic when Christians are too afraid to do what is right in the sight of Almighty God, and choose to fear man rather that God.

Below is an article and a link further exposing the Russian troops driving DHS vehicles in the Smoky Mountain region in Tennessee, and also in western North Carolina. 

Christian watchers, be forewarned: there is SOME profanity used by the narrator on the video, but please be mature and tune it out and LISTEN rather to the core of the urgent message instead as you watch.

America, wake up..........
your time of grace is finished at last.


-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

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  1. Gog, Magog, Assyria is in our land. Ez.38, Is.14:24>. This is the purpose of God, He will show His glory.
    We are the land of unwalled villages, Zech.2:4. Go on unto perfection, child of God. Grow up into fullness of His love. He has a plan for you- Rev.12