Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Critical Importance of CHRISTIAN LOVE

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

"A NEW commandment I give unto you, that you love one another 
as I have loved you."

~Jesus Christ~

"And the GREATEST OF THESE is LOVE."-Paul the Apostle

"He that does not love, does not know God, for GOD IS LOVE." John the Apostle

"No greater love has anyone than this, that they lay down their lives for their friends."~Jesus Christ 

"Beloved, let us love one another, not in word only but also in deed."John the Apostle

"Let your love be without dissimlation (favoritism)." Paul the Apostle

The Christian Bible contains beautiful writings regarding the importance of LOVE. The importance of Biblical love cannot be underestimated, ever. Take a good look at the world around you. All the tragedy, heartache, wars and murders and crimes that we witness daily taking place in our world, can be directly blamed on LACK OF LOVE.

Specifically, lack of love for Almighty God, and lack of love for one another.

Jesus declared that the two greatest commandments for mankind are LOVE OF GOD and LOVE OF FELLOW MAN. And upon these foundational commandments everything contained in the LAW and the PROPHETS of Holy Scriptures was based.

Jesus declared, "If a man love Me, he will keep My commandments." A basic principle of love of God is to keep His commandments.

Where people are walking in love of God and one another,  there can be no wars. 

Where people are walking in love, there can be no sins against God nor crimes against humanity.

The world is dying today because of lack of obedience to the two most important commandments in the world today: love of God and love of one another.
Wars. Hatred. Murder. Strife. The world poised on the edge of  mutually assured destruction and WW III. World population reduction agendas making millions of people ill because of GMO seeds slowly destroying agriculture. Hundreds of termination camp facilities established across America by those who hate God and hate His people and seek to destroy them. Where is LOVE in any of this???

Even within the Christian world, there is often tragedy because of the lack of love in many churches and fellowships. "Church" is far more than a man-made structure. It is the living and viable BODY OF CHRIST, designed by Jesus Christ Himself to sustain His people, especially through times of tribulation and testings.

There is a vast difference between what has evolved in America as "Churchianity" and the Biblically defined Body of Christ, interactive daily with one another,  loving and giving and serving.
There is a vast difference between "going to church" and true DISCIPLESHIP CHRISTIANITY. True followers of Jesus Christ have carefully read His conditions of discipleship, and strive to put His commands and example into action in their lives every single day.

True discipleship Christianity LOVES, even enough to lay down one's life for another person. True discipleship Christianity will give out of one's need. True discipleship will love even if it means taking a risk, and will forgive even when it hurts.

In my fields of Christian outreach and journalism for 42 years, I have personally witnessed "the good, the bad and the ugly" while interacting with various Christians all over the nation.

One of the most tragic things I have encountered, is when Christians and pastors refuse to manifest Biblically defined love, leaving people feeling abandoned who came to them in desperate need for help. 

There are those people I encounter who will never set foot in a church institution ever again, because of the lack of love and compassion they encountered while attending and seeking consolation.
Some people have even committed suicide as a tragic final solution, when the Church would not respond to them as the Biblically-defined Body of Christ, supposedly filled with love and mercy and compassion.

I can never forget the true accounts of one friend of mine who had been forced into satanism at the age of two by her twisted parents. She was sold to the satanic high priestess over all of Ohio, the infamous Norma Fitzwater, for several thousand dollars, so her parents could make repairs on their home. (You cannot imagine what I would like to do to "parents" who do this to their precious children! )

Throughout 20 dark years of being into satanism before becoming a Christian, poor Cathy saw it all. She shared much with me while I ministered to her.

I then asked her a question. How did Christians and pastors respond when people wanting to come out of satanism, came to the Churches for help? You see, no one can really come out of satanism and these covens without assistance from others. 

A "safe house" is often needed for protection from retaliation from the coven. They need prayer for deliverance and to be set free. They need much love and support form the Body of Christ in coming out of satanism. And only God's people can provide this, because only Jesus can set them free...and we are His ministers of salvation to the lost.

She looked at me and told me the sad truth. 

"Pam, many of my friends finally wanted OUT of satanism. They needed HELP. They read the Bible, and found the words that said that Jesus loved them and died for their sins. They read where Jesus commanded Christians to love and to lay down their lives for others. And so they reasoned that local Christians and churches would do just that, love them and help them come out."

"But when they went to local churches, the response was usually the same. Many pastors responded with fear. The church members were also too afraid of retaliation to help them. And finally, many of my friends simply gave up." 

"They were forced to sadly conclude that Jesus did NOT love them because of how the Christians mistreated them. They felt there was no help from God or His people. And they committed suicide as an exit from the coven. They decided it was their only way out...because the Christians did not seem to care."

Is there blood on the hands of pastors and Christians today, because we fail to live up to the high calling to LOVE 
that Jesus has laid upon everyone who calls themselves "CHRISTIAN"???

Are people really in hell today, because we failed to be the Biblically defined CHURCH and Body of Christ Jesus has called us to be in the world today???

With tears in my eyes, I am forced to conclude that this tragic reality in our world today.

What about Christian love towards fellow Christians? How has Jesus commanded us to treat one another? 

"A new commandment I give unto you, that you LOVE ONE ANOTHER as I have loved YOU." Wow...that is a tough act to follow, Jesus! But nevertheless, these are His words to His disciples.

This JESUS kind of love, is the kind that is willing to take great risks to LOVE OTHERS. Willing to even put one's life in danger to manifest His love.  

True Christianity is always sacrificial. It may indeed involve an element of danger and personal risk, when we love as Jesus loved us. For Jesus to love US, it cost Him everything in this world, including His very life.
One of the saddest things I have encountered in my ministry, are Christians under attack who admit to me they have been abandoned by the very Christians they once considered "their friends."

I ministered for years to Christians in western North Carolina, around the infamous Asheville region, known for it's satanism and corruption. Often I would visit Christian families in remote mountains, who had come under life-threatening attacks from vicious local covens of satanists.

I deliberately made it a practice to ask each family about how their church and Christian friends were responding to them as they were under attack.
"Why don't other Christians care...???"
(Is THIS our "Christian" testimony to the world?)

And the responses were almost universally the same. Tears would form in their eyes as they admitted Christian friends had abandoned them. Pastors would not longer come to their homes to visit. How very tragic I find this, when the world of God is unmistakably clear on the Biblical mandate to LOVE.

One farmer under attack said, " Well, you should know the answer to that question, Pam. Ever since the satanists started attacking us, the pastor don't come over for chicken dinner after church any more..." His daughter looked at me with tears in her eyes and replied, "Friends I've known for years won't even talk to me anymore. I said 'hey' to one church friend in the grocery store the other day, and she turned and walked away from me..."

I personally experienced frustration and disillusionment when I moved in with one young woman, targeted for abduction and human sacrifice because she was both a Christian and a virgin. As I ministered to her and her family, and taught her spiritual warfare, I sought for pastors who would come and pray for her and her endangered family.

I remember attending one church in the region, where the pastor boasted that "...God brought me here to teach spiritual warfare in this area." Good, I thought. So I approached him after the service. "Pastor, my friend is being targeted for abduction by the satanists here, and she needs you to come to her home and pray with her family for protection and help." I watched carefully for the pastor's response.

Immediately, fear filled his face. He actually stammered as he replied, "I'll...I'll have to pray about this before I come out there...." he said. And predictably, he never did fulfill Biblical obligations to this member of the Body of Christ by coming out to minister to her. My friend's sad life was filled with depression, as much because of the lack of love and lack of support from the Body of Christ, as it ever was from the attacks by the local satanists.

Have I personally experienced the lack of love from the Body of Christ in America today? More times than you will ever know. But then, judging from the lack of love, I have to question whether such people were ever truly "Christians" by Bible definition to begin with. God's word sets the standard for what poses as "Christian." And sadly, many today fail the test.
Has America become a nation filled with pseudo-Christianity? In so many churches, true and sacrificial Christian discipleship has been replaced with a "feel-good" religion where a holy and almighty God has been exchanged for the idol of a "sugar daddy in the sky who exists to fulfill our every whim."

How many Christians can you find today, who want to lay down their lives for Jesus and the Gospel? How many do you know who are willing to love as Jesus loves, and lay down their lives for other Christians in danger or crisis? How many do you know, who are willing to suffer and die to bring the Gospel to dark corners of the world today..and even dark regions right here in AMERICA???

So many Christians I talk to today across America, have admitted they feel a lack of love in the churches today. One young military vet admitted that he walked into church to find Biblical love and compassion, and would walk out feeling just as empty as when he went in. NO one befriended him or took the time to talk to him. I too have experienced exactly the same thing, again and again.

But is Jesus Christ somehow at fault? NO! As I tell people who are disillusioned with the churches in America today, NEVER "throw out the baby with the dirty bathwater!"

Because a holy God and Jesus Christ His Son are NEVER to blame, for the faults and failures and misrepresentation of those who profess to be His people. 

A loving, forgiving and compassionate Jesus remains the same yesterday, today and FOREVER.

I try not to think about it, but there is much sadness that fills my heart over the lack of love in the Body of Christ, especially for those on the front lines of danger for Him. I have personally experienced the same pain as the Christians under attack from the satanists. 

I too have experienced Christians willing to be your "friend" at a safe distance, but who will never really invite you to their home for dinner or for prayer or close fellowship. And I have experienced even outright rejection due to that unworthy sin called "fear." 

"Fear" is a sin in the life of any Christian, whenever it causes you to be disobedient to God's commandments and His Word. We are commanded as Christians to love one another as Jesus loves us. We are commanded to lay down our lives for one another as well. And when FEAR causes a person to break the commandments of God, it can rightly be defined as SIN.

Recently a local person who became aware of my reporting and message, decided to invite me to their home for dinner and to spend the night. I was asked countless questions regarding my reporting, which I happily answered. 

The next day, I asked the family and children what they would like me to bring them  to add to dinner that night. The children loved ice cream! And the mother requested garlic bread for her dinner. I so wanted to bless them and be a part of "family" in my lonely world, and so I went out and spent what little funds I had, to bless that family with special things for dinner that night.

As I returned that evening, eagerly anticipating a wonderful family dinner in a Christian household, that father came out of the home to talk to me. "I'm afraid that dinner won't work out...." He explained that I would not be having dinner with them that night. Finally, the truth came forth as I pressed him: they were AFRAID. There was nothing about my Christian walk or behavior to be justly blamed either, as I pointed out to him. I walk a very straight and sanctified walk with Jesus. 

The underlying problem was FEAR. They decided they were too afraid to be associated with me and my reporting. Forgetting that they were on the top of DHS "terrorists list" for being a Christian homeschooling family. Forgetting that someday they too would need the love and mercy from others in the Body of Christ as the government comes against them. And finally, forgetting that the mercy they show now, is the very mercy they shall reap in the future. But  how can you reap that which you have not sown?

A deep sadness filled my heart as I handed him the special items I had purchased especially for this family and our anticipated dinner together. I always strive to fulfill my Biblical obligation to the Body of Christ, regardless of the cost or how little funds I have. Christians can always afford to LOVE and GIVE, because it is God who rewards our obedience.

He even had the insensitivity to ask me as I got into my vehicle to leave, "I bet this happens to you alot..."  Unbelievable. I looked at him and sadly replied, "More than you will ever know." And drove away, almost unable to contain my sadness. 

When you have no family, no home to go home to, and face dangerous circumstances for your Christian outreach, the help and fellowship of other Christians is deeply needed and treasured. In fact, it is vital.
"Bear ye one another's burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ." 
That law is called LOVE.
What a tragic indictment against some in the alleged Body of Christ in America today. Here I stand for Christ, laying down my life in genuine love for the endangered body of Christ in North America, to perform this journalism freely on their behalf of millions. This person was happy to receive my information, but then to later send me away with the unmistakable message of WE WILL NOT LOVE YOU AS JESUS COMMANDED US TO.

Through incidents such as this, I am forced to ask: where is the love of many in the Body of Christ in North America today? (I am also very thankful to God for the Christians who have showed the love of God to me. Thank you!)

The disturbing accounts above are why I fear greatly for the future of the Body of Christ under persecution. The very same fear that causes Christians to push away and abandon other Christians in danger and persecution, will be the SAME fear that will also cause them to push away JESUS CHRIST under persecution as well.

That deadly enemy  of the soul and of Christianity called FEAR. Fear of persecution. Fear of danger. Fear of suffering for doing the right thing.

And remember: Jesus plainly declared that whatever we do or fail to do for the least of these His people, we have done it...or failed to do it...for HIM. When we push away one of God's children and refuse to show His love to them, we have ultimately failed to love HIM. We have failed the Christian litmus test of LOVE.

It has been learning through experiences such as I have stated above, that I realize that many people going to churches today are simply not the Biblically defined DISCIPLES OF CHRIST. For they have failed the most basic principle of all, THE LOVE TEST.

Christian, where do you stand in all this today? Are you really a disciple of Jesus Christ, holding yourself  to obedience to His commands? Are  you a Biblically defined disciple, or a "pseudo-Christian" deceiving yourself???

And when the persecution comes to North America, what will you do? Will you stand with others Christians being persecuted under martial law, or will you run away? When hungry Christians whose food has run out come to your door, will you send them away empty?  When persecuted Christians come to you seeking love and prayer and comfort, will you turn your back on them, for fear of being persecuted with them??? 

Will YOU and your actions be controlled by FEAR, or by FAITH and OBEDIENCE???

Every Christian must take the time to ask themselves these questions, because the hour of persecution and testing is coming to our nation, America. And there are eternal consequences for our behavior, as the word of God warns us.

Perhaps it is no wonder that the Word of God reveals to us that "..the fearful shall have their part in the lake of fire..." or eternal damnation.

Fear is the opposite of love. Whoever lives in fear, has not been made perfect with God's love. "Perfect love casts out all fear, the Bible declares.
It is time for the Church in North America to re-examine what it means to LOVE AS HE HAS LOVED US. People have died, and people have perished eternally because of the lack of Christian love in today's world. People have abandoned churches and forsaken fellowship because of the lack of love in such circles.

And many good Christians will suffer and inevitably die in the times we face, when other Christians refuse to manifest His love to those suffering for His sake.

I know, because I too have suffered deeply from lack of Christian love and compassion in my often dangerous field of outreach and work. 

However, I will never turn back. I love Jesus and I will never stop following Him. And I have chosen to never stop loving others as He has loved us. I simply believe the Word of God. "He that keeps my commandments shall never see death.~Jesus Christ

And He has commanded us TO LOVE.

May God help us all to purpose to live in His love, and help make this world a much better place. 

Because without love, we are nothing.

This is the Word of God.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-


  1. "Further Thoughts on The Word Of God" John M. Asquith
    Perhaps, one of the most important books to be read outside of the Bible.
    1 Corinthians 13:2 KJV
    [2] And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing.

    God Bless! From, Brother John