Saturday, August 24, 2013

Miracle! Beautiful NEW Rugs and Blankets Donated for Support


By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

I have a wonderful Christian friend in NW Montana, who has just provided an answer to our prayers. I have needed more funds for my move, but also wanted to be able to offer something special in exchange for reader donations. I prayed...and God has answered all of our prayers!

Katie used to operate and own a lovely tourist souvenir store in the Glacier National Park region for many years. Due to recession and hard times, she was forced to finally sell her beloved store, that her deceased husband had built many years ago. I have spent much time in prayer and encouraging Katie throughout the time I have been ministering in this region. 
Large pink hand-woven throw rug in background
Alpaca decor rugs on either end
Mexican serape blankets in foreground

The other day when I came to the store to visit her, she took me to some tables where some beautiful Mexican and South American blankets and rugs were laying. Looking at me with kindness, she said, "you can take whatever blankets you want on this porch..." for my ministry and support. God bless her!

And so with her gracious offer, I gathered only the blankets and rugs that I felt would be quality item to offer my readers, in exchange for their financial support of my ministry.
Hand-woven wool throw rug (thick)
She held up some beautiful smaller Alpaca designer rugs, hand made in South America, perfect for wall hangings, and handed them to me. I was overwhelmed by her generosity and kindness. "Go ahead and look through the blankets and pick out whatever you want..." she said softly. 
Hand-woven wool throw rug (thick) 

Underlying sadness filled her voice. It was hard for Katie to part with this beautiful and rustic log cabin themed tourist shop, long a favorite for tourists in the Glacier Park region. I  gave her a big hug and prayed for her, that God would multiply back her kindness to met her needs at this time.

And when I returned again today to thank Katie, she was no where to be found. A sad sign in the parking lot said in  uncertain scribble that communicated her sadness, "CLOSED FOREVER." I got out of my vehicle and walked up to the doors, once bustling with happy tourists going in and out. 

The doors were all locked. The lights inside were turned off. No one came to the door as I knocked. My friends who once worked there were nowhere to be seen. Empty hangers, still hanging on a rack once holding tourist t-shirts, were all that were left on the front porch, and a few more abandoned blankets and rugs . My heart felt as empty as her darkened store as I walked away, after gathering the last of the blankets she said I could have.

The empty hangers clanging together sounded like sad wind chimes, echoing a loneliness as the wind blew across the front porch. I wanted to cry. Throughout my years of researching around Glacier National Park, Katie's place had always been a special place to stop and visit. My personal friends had worked there as well. And now, only fond memories will ever remain of this once popular tourist attraction.
Native Indian design tapestry, suitable for wall hanging or rug (hand woven)

It is hard not to cry as I compose this article. My prayer is that God will take her extreme kindness and generosity, and multiply it back a thousandfold unto her, especially in the desperate times we all face together in America. 

Please pray for Katie: she will need much grace to move on in life. (Out of respect, her real name is not being used. But an omniscient Father God knows exactly who she is! And all of this is exactly as I have described it to you.)

I am honored to be able to offer these kind tokens of her love, now to my readers. They are available on a reader donation basis to keep this ministry going, and to help me purchase my u-haul trailer at last, still needed for moving and ministry.

Simply contact me by email if you are interested in obtaining any of these lovely quality decor items, and we can work out a suitable cost and arrangement to have them shipped to you UPS the same day your donation is received an processed into my account via PAYPAL.
Large blue Mexican hand-woven serape (blanket)
Mexican serapes available in different colors and sizes
Perfect for throw rug or wall tapestry
(Only ONE available)
Alpaca wool small throw rug or wall tapestry depicting shepherd
Another photo of alpaca wool throw rug
(Only FOUR available)

Please contact me by email 
if you are interesting in supporting  this important work and receiving the blanket or rug/tapestry of your choice. 

Item(s) will be boxed and shipped via UPS same day that donation is received and processed into my account via PAYPAL. (It take 3-4 days for PAYPAL donations to be processed.) 

Or same day that donation is received by mail. 


And inquire for availability by email regarding the item you want.

If you like what you see, you better hurry, because these beautiful items won't last long!!! 
Let me know which one you like...

And as you can see, God has answered all of our prayers for this ministry to be sustained in a beautiful and touching way. And the mercies shown to the homeless I have been feeding, clothing and reaching out to, God has multiplied back according to His eternal promises in His world.

Much love through Jesus Christ to you, my dear friend Katie who donated all this!

Thank you Father God. 
For once again, You have confirmed 
Your Word to BE TRUTH... 
even as Jesus taught us. 
"Father, Thy word is truth."

And His mercies are new every morning.
Great is Thy faithfulness!

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

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  1. I felt sad for Katie because I know she loved that store so much. The thing that made me cry when reading this blog was her kindness. I believe in all of my heart that she will have a good life in the years to come because of her good nature and attitude towards life. :)