Monday, August 19, 2013

The Most IMPORTANT TRUTH My Reporting Discovered


-By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical Christian perspective-

My many readers often ask me what I have learned throughout my 18 years of investigative journalism, traveling nationwide and worldwide to uncover the NWO agenda for North America.

Do you really want to know what the most important truth is that I have uncovered? Actually, it is something I have always known from the word of God, but have now clearly seen evidenced by all my reporting.


SIN is the scourge that is destroying the very fabric of our world today. Those who worship Lucifer the wicked one are determined to destroy Christianity worldwide, to reduce the world's population by 9/10ths, and to keep the world in a perpetual state of war and disease to keep the population down. 

Violence, immorality and wickedness are glorified continually in the media and movie industry.
Men and women of faith are increasingly being mocked and belittled by a sinful society today. And in some countries, they are arrested, imprisoned, tortured and martyred as well.

Little children are being regularly tortured, dismembered and murdered by ABORTION by the millions annually...and who is there to rescue them?
All restraint is rapidly being cast off by the nations who want war in the world today, and now innocent children and women are being murdered with impunity...all in the crazed efforts for brutal world domination at any cost.

The horrors of Communist persecution, imprisonment and murder of innocent Christians continued unabated in Communist countries throughout the world today.
Persecution in Communist China
And the very same horrors are scheduled to come to the Christians in North America under MARTIAL LAW someday, even as I have documented extensively.

Muslims are aggressively attacking Christians and churches, even beheading or dismembering Christians in various parts of the world, or selling them into slavery.
Church recently burned in Egypt by Muslims

I feel sick whenever I hear unbelievers state that "the world doesn't need Jesus!" THIS IS THE ULTIMATE LIE!

It is precisely because the world as a whole has rejected the teachings and salvation offered by the very Son of God, that it is now poised on the deadly edge of Armageddon and WWIII, ensuring M.A.D. (mutually assured destruction.)

Yet, the hands of a merciful and loving God are reaching down to His world He created, crying out for mankind to REPENT and RECEIVE HIS SON for salvation!
"Come unto Me......."

Everything I have mentioned above is WHY God had to send His son to the world. We live in a corrupt, cruel, perverted and sinful world today. 

And if SIN is the problem, 

This IS the greatest truth that my 18 years of reporting has ever confirmed to me. The world has no hope apart from God's eternal solution to sin, Jesus Christ His Son. And everything that is now happening in our world, is following the prophesied pattern of end-time events as revealed in the infallible WORD OF GOD.

All of this makes me so glad that I AM A CHRISTIAN! I don't CARE if death camps and boxcars and guillotines await me in America for my Christian testimony! I refuse to be moved from my Christian faith because of Satan's scare tactics. Can Satan ever offer me more then Jesus Christ??? Never! I BELIEVE GOD'S WORD! 
"But the Word of the Lord endures forever..."

"For me, to LIVE is Christ, and to DIE is gain," the Apostle Paul declared triumphantly, knowing he faced death someday for his Christian testimony in the pagan culture of Rome. And thankfully, we as Christians living in our sinful society can also declare this timeless truth as well.

"IN ALL THESE THINGS we are MORE THAN CONQUERORS through Him who loved us..." wrote the Apostle Paul about our victory in Jesus Christ!

I look in pity upon those deceived by the NWO rhetoric and satanism or THE ILLUMINATI, it's accompanying cult "religion". How tragic it is when people are robbed of the joys of forgiveness and eternal life by the lies of Lucifer, the destroyer of men's souls. 
How sad, when deceived people are willing to commit unspeakable acts of cruelty and violence and murder against innocent victims on satanic altars, in their mad quest to obtain MORE money and power from Lucifer, or Satan.

Obtaining money and power, at what expense??? 
At the expense of countless innocent victims abducted and tortured and murdered on the altars of Satan's lies? At the expense of the souls of those who worship the wicked one only perishing in the end, to be tormented in the abyss of agony and sorrows forevermore, separated from a holy God eternally???

NWO satanist/Luciferian/Illuminati reading this, I ask you, is it REALLY worth it??? The worthless currency and tarnished gold you are feverishly clutching, you can never take with you when you die. 

Though you label yourselves the "rich, the elite and the powerful," God knows you to really be the wretched, the naked, the miserable and the perishing in His sight.

And so do honest Christians. We know what you REALLY are. You are of your father the devil, who is the father of lies and a murderer from the beginning.

Illuminati, you are fooling no one but yourselves...and even the devil laughs at your stupidity. Even Lucifer knows that his time is short, but he is determined to take as many of his "useful idiots" as he can with him TO HELL.
The final end of all Illuminati and their accursed NWO

Someday in hell and the lake of fire, you will finally realize that is was never worth it to begin with. But then it will be TOO LATE. 

How could you have been so foolish as to believe God will not punish you for your terrible crimes against humanity and sins against God?

Will you rape, murder and torture innocent victims, and seek to corrupt and destroy mankind, and then somehow expect to escape judgment and the wrath of God in the end???

Only utter fools could believe this!

My heart is just as burdened for YOUR eternal souls and salvation, as it is for my beloved fellow Christians and what they face under martial law. When I pray, it is not only for my endangered fellow Christians. I am praying ALSO FOR GOD  TO HAVE MERCY ON YOU, the satanists and Illuminati, and bring you into His salvation through Jesus Christ. 

Rothschilds, hear this. Bush/Scherff's, hear this. So many of you out there deceived by the darkness, hear this and understand: in spite of yourself, GOD LOVES YOU! While He hates the wicked things you do, HE LOVES YOU THE PERSON for whom His Son died.

The hands of a merciful and Almighty God are reaching out to YOU today in pity, asking you to REPENT and receive the mercy and forgiveness of His precious Son, Jesus Christ. Jesus has forgiven and saved many a satanist and sinner, and He can also forgive and save YOU today. There is nothing you have done, that Jesus did not die on the cross to forgive.

I personally witnessed what God did in the life of my very own father, deceived by the NWO rhetoric and fully recruited into it's agenda and "religion" of the wicked one. There was never a person more miserable, than my father. He had no peace, no joy, and was slowly self-destructing before my eyes. 

Lucifer is that great deceiver and robber of men's lives. My father had no peace, until THE DAY HE REPENTED OF HIS SINS AND RECEIVED GOD'S FORGIVENESS THROUGH JESUS CHRIST.

And six months later, he died in peace, a forgiven man at last. I rarely experience visions, but one day soon after his death, I caught a glimpse into heaven. And there, walking down a pure white street, was the redeemed spirit of my father. Young again, filled with innocence. He turned to look at me as he walked, and smiled. And then, he proceeded to a large set of pure white marble stairs, and turned away to walk up those stairs.
Beyond those marble stairs and columns were what could only be described as CLOUDS OF GLORY indicated the very Presence of the Throne room of Almighty God! I watched in awe as he disappeared into that glory, to be swallowed up into it at last.

Good-bye daddy! I prayed for you for over thirty years for you to find Jesus, and finally it happened. And you are safe at home with Jesus at last! I WILL see you again in Heaven someday. Thank you Jesus, for doing only what ONLY Your infinite mercy and love could ever do for sinful mankind!

Thankyou, Father God, 
for your infinitely precious gift 
of Your only begotten Son, 
Jesus Christ, 
to this lost and dying world we live in!

Turn to Jesus Christ today for the strength and help you will need as we face challenging times to come in North America. He will never leave nor forsake you and He WILL bring you through in victory, to stand before Him in glory at last, safely home.

I am eternally grateful that I did! I am not afraid of what is to come to America. You need not fear what the future holds, when you know Him Who holds your future...Jesus Christ!
~Safe in the hands of Jesus Our Savior~

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

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  1. Praise His holy Name.
    Totally agree with you, Pamela, but one thing is needful.
    When John saw the Lord Jesus at Jordan, he said "Behold the Lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the world".
    Note that "the sin of the world" does not mean "some of the sin of the world".
    The Lord Jesus was punished at Calvary for all sin, thus the Father can now righteously offer all men salvation. He is not willing that any should perish, thus He has made it possible for all to be saved. To do this, He had to fully satisfy Himself, and indeed the Principle of Righteousness, upon which His eternal creation rests foursquare, by punishing His beloved and holy and perfect Son for everything every one of us had ever done. At the end, the Lord Jesus confirmed "It is finished".
    Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill to all men.
    The point of this march through scripture is to make it clear that God will not punish the evildoer again, for sins His Son has already been punished for. That would be unrighteous of Him, and we know that He delights in righteousness and lovingkindness. ( Jeremiah ch 9 v 24.)
    The presence of an eternal and entirely insufferable place of terror and torment would be entirely incompatible with His nature, which as we know, is defined by Love. It would clearly be anathema to Him in the new world soon to come, and a place of darkness incompatible with Someone in whom there is no darkness at all.
    Thus all who do not accept His free provision of salvation will merely be judged, and found not to have the wedding garment, and then they will die. This is the wages of sin. Death is not eternal life in torment; it is death.
    "Fear Him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell".
    "Man became a living soul".
    Our word "hell" is translated from the three Greek or Hebrew words meaning:
    1. A hole in the ground, a grave.
    2. A place of restraint
    3. A place of final destruction by fire; this need no more be a place of torment than a crematorium.
    There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth when those who are so judged realise what happiness and eternal joy could have been theirs, but which is now forever beyond reach.
    I see them as wilting away and dying before Him, much as a flower that is deprived of air and water and sunshine wilts and dies.
    "They shall be as though they had not been"
    "The dead praise not the Lord, nor any that go down into silence". ( note; not into screams of terror, because of seeing what lies beyond death )
    "The living know that they shall die, but the dead know not anything".
    There is no indication that there is any qualitative difference between the first and the second deaths.
    God is merciful, God is perfect, God is kind, here is the absolute proof of that fact.
    Isaiah ch 66 v 24 reveals that those who die eternally are not sentient; their carcases lie outside the New Jerusalem, where they are viewed, and where they remain, "An abhorrence to all flesh".
    With very best wishes
    In our Lord Jesus