Saturday, August 3, 2013

How Hitler's Nazi's Beheaded Resistance Groups


My fellow Americans and my fellow Christians, we MUST choose wisely to LEARN FROM HISTORY. Because in order to understand the FUTURE, we must FIRST understand THE PAST.

I have stated clearly that THE GUILLOTINES ARE HERE. The large presence of millions of modern guillotines demands AN ANSWER. WHOSE are they? And for WHOM are they? And WHY?

There are several factions operating in America today who are supporting the NWO agenda.  I have previously described the Jewish Zionist/leftist role in the NWO/guillotines agenda, with their NOAHIDE LAWS. Jewish Communist/globalist/Zionist supporters are working intensely for the goal of overthrowing the Constitutional Republic and Christian liberty in America.

But we must also understand that the Nazi Fascists also used the guillotines to behead resistance as well. Today in America,the Fascists in America are working hard as well for their NWO agenda to be fulfilled. The CIA and their "OPERATION PAPERCLIP" and many other NWO related operations is one of the those more visible proofs.

Does America also have her version of the "White Rose" resistance, and her heroes to counter the NWO darkness that threatens our very existence now? 

America MUST...because we certainly have our modern version of THE NWO NAZI FASCISTS to oppose here in "AMERIKA" today.

The following article will explain more. -Pamela Rae Schuffert

The White Rose Movement

The White Rose movement opposed HitlerNazi rule and World War Two. The White Rose movement is probably the most famous of the civilian resistance movements that developed within Nazi Germany but some of its members paid a terrible price for their stand against the system.

The White Rose movement was made up of students who attended Munich University. Its most famous members were Hans and Sophie Scholl. Members of the White Rose movement clandestinely distributed anti-Nazi and anti-war leaflets and it was while they were in the process of doing this that they were caught.

Nazi Germany was a police state. Whether it was true or not, people believed that informants were everywhere. To keep secrecy, membership of the White Rose movement was extremely small. It produced anti-war leaflets that were also deemed to be anti-Nazi. 

What those in it did was extremely dangerous. If they were captured they would have been charged with treason with the inevitable consequences. That is why the group had to be kept very small – everyone knew each other and each was convinced of the loyalty of everyone in the group.

 The White Rose movement was active between June 1942 and February 1943. In that time they made six anti-war/anti-Nazi leaflets, which were distributed in public. Member also engaged in a graffiti campaign within Munich.
Sophie Scholl arrested for opposing Fascists in Nazi Germany
(From the award-winning movie)

............It was while leaflets were being distributed at Munich University that Hans and Sophie Scholl were arrested by the Gestapo. They had already distributed many White Rose leaflets that they were carrying.
More about Sophie Scholl:

An avid reader, she developed a growing interest in philosophy and theology. Her firm Christian belief in God and in every human being's essential dignity formed her basis for resisting Nazi ideology. This belief was the foundation of her view of the world around her, that fundamentally differed from the one expounded by National Socialism, which at the time of her death, was the only one approved or allowed within the Nazi State.-

However, Sophie and Hans realized that they had not distributed all of them. As so much trouble was taken to produce these leaflets, they decided that they would ensure that the rest were also distributed. 

They were seen throwing the leaflets around the university’s atrium by a caretaker called Jakob Schmid and he contacted the Gestapo. This occurred on February 18th 1943. The Scholl’s were literally carrying all the evidence needed by the Gestapo.

 Both Hans and Sophie admitted their full responsibility in an attempt to end any form of interrogation that might result in them revealing other members of the movement. However, the Gestapo refused to believe that only two people were involved and after further interrogation, they gained the names of all those involved who were subsequently arrested.

 Sophie, Hans and Christoph Probst were the first to be brought before the People’s Court on February 22nd 1943. The People’s Court had been established on April 24th 1934 to try cases that were deemed to be political offences against the Nazi state. 

Invariably these trials were nothing more than show trials designed to humiliate those brought before it, presumably in the hope that such a public humiliation would put off anyone else whom might be thinking in the same way as the condemned. 

All three were found guilty and sentenced to death by beheading. The executions took place the same day.

Sophie's final words while being led away to execution:

"How can we expect righteousness to prevail, when there is hardly anyone willing to give himself up individually to a righteous cause? 

Such a fine, sunny day, and I have to go. 

But what does my death matter, if through us, 
thousands of people are awakened and stirred to action?"

Sophie Scholl
Let history speak for itself. 

And let EVERY AMERICAN learn from the past.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-


  1. Sophie Scholl was a great individual and I highly recommend the movie which can probably
    be obtained through Amazon!

  2. The movie, "Sophie Scholl: The Last Days" can be found on You Tube.

  3. Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.

  4. The interesting point is how they changed their mind: first, they liked the Hitler(youth)group gatherings, but then they changed their mind after understanding how wrong Hitler and his movement is...
    The White Rose was so brave in this difficult time and I only can recommend the movie. It is very well made.