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Praying for the Body of Christ Across North America NOW

By Pamela Rae Schuffert presenting investigative journalism, on behalf of the endangered Body of Christ in North America, from a Biblical Christian perspective-

Dutch foreign troops in America

As Americans watch the disturbing trend of the foreign troops pouring into various regions of America, according to many eye-witness accounts, many still do not comprehend what they are really here for. 

And of course if Americans only rely on the mainstream news media, they will never understand. 

MSM is only government propaganda and mind control tactics coming into their homes. This is why the great importance of ALTERNATIVE NEWS JOURNALISM.

Following 18 years of non-stop alternative investigative journalism regarding "AMERICA UNDER MARTIAL LAW: THE NWO AGENDA," I know perfectly well what the foreign troops are here in America for.

German Bundeswehr military, now in America in over 100 bases
Throughout the years, I have reported on the role of these foreign troops in America as I received information through traveling, interviewing and investigating. They are here to aid in the destruction of a sovereign and Constitutionally-based America and her Christian heritage background as well.

The foreign troops are here to help arrest all those on FEMA red/blue, CIA, NSA, Justice Department and other various government watch lists of suspected "NWO resisters," already secretly doomed to be sent to the camps and terminated under martial law.

Yes, I SAID, terminated. Various military and intelligence community whistleblowers and insiders made this very clear to me throughout the years. I will forever remain thankful to CIA/ONI whistleblower MICHAEL MAHOLY, who confessed to me one day by phone in 1995 the grim truth about the suspicious reports of detention camps appearing all across America.

FEMA detention camps

"Oh, all of us in the CIA know about the detention camps in America. We all know they are to TERMINATE the resisters of the NWO as it comes down in America UNDER MARTIAL LAW..."

Other former CIA sources readily confirmed this throughout the years. But why CIA sources? Why do they know so much about the NWO agenda for America? Because, practically speaking, they ARE a major arm of the NWO takeover in America. Simply study the history of the OSS/CIA and it's decidedly NAZI fascist NWO  background, and you will understand perfectly why. I could say so much more about this, but that is for another report.

However, I will state that Michael worked directly under "Mr. NWO," George "SCHERFF" Bush Sr. when he was head of the CIA. 
Young figure in German Navy shirt is Nazi George Scherff/Bush before he was brought into America. To the right is his father, George Scherff Sr. Behind him (head next to lamp)is infamous Joseph Mengele. Far right is Otto Skorzeny, Hitler's bodyguard. Far left is Martin Bormann. Front is Reinhardt Gehlen.

(Photo from Otto Skorzeny's shoebox collection and deathbed confession exposing Nazi secrets, given to Eric Bermann)

Why do I say "Scherff?" Because that is his real last name. George Scherff was a young Nazi when brought in through OPERATION PAPERCLIP in the CIA, fraudulently adopting the BUSH family name, and groomed for his role of helping to bring American under the Nazi fascist version of the NWO takeover.

Recent revelations have surfaced through the damning photographs of Hitler bodyguard OTTO SKORZENY, who gave his revealing Nazi photographs to a contact, Eric, fully exposing this truth regarding George Herbert Walker SCHERFF Bush. Many articles have been written based on the evidence presented by Skorzeny's photographs, proving the true background of what Americans "know" to be George Bush Sr.

So this explains then why the CIA emphasis on forming detention camps for future NWO takeover in America. It is simply a repeat of a previous Bavarian Illuminati Nazi Fascist Reich and reign of NWO terror...this time planned on American soil. 

Just like the Nazis decided they would do in the Wannsee Conference in 1942. They determined that if the Illuminati's NWO agenda through Nazi Germany failed, they would transplant the entire agenda to AMERICA. And the very same year the OSS was formed..later to become the CIA.

Yes, the detention camps are here, to brutally eliminate all opposition to Lucifer's new world order agenda for North America. And that includes in  CANADA as well.

I am pausing to glance at a book sitting on the table that forever influenced my life, beginning as a young child. It is called FIVE CHIMNEYS, written by Nazi holocaust survivor Olga Lengyel. When originally published soon after the war ended, it was entitled I SURVIVED HITLERS' OVENS.

I can never forget discovering this book in our home as a young child, fascinated with it's bright red cover and the look of horror on the face portrayed on the cover. Filled with a child's innocent curiosity, I just had to read it. I was an avid reader at a very early age, even reading classic books like "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" in the second grade.

How well I remember the mixture or horror and anger I felt as I devoured those pages! Anger at the cruel and insensitive Nazis. Horror over innocent people being beaten, starved, tortured and dying in that camp, only to later be cremated in HITLER'S OVENS.

And a sense of righteous indignation, even as a child, filled me as well. WHERE were the good people to initially stop it??? Didn't people know this was wrong? Surely people could have done something MORE to save the innocents from suffering in these horrific camps!

And finally, I remember standing up one day and saying words to this effect as I prayed to God, "God, if people are ever in danger again from concentration camps and prisoner trains, I promise I will never sit back and I will never be silent. I will do everything I can to warn people and to stop it!" And I meant every word I said that day, so many years ago. Never dreaming that AN AMERICAN HOLOCAUST would someday come to my nation in my lifetime!

Fellow Christians, I urge you to consider ordering this book and reading it. You will never be fully able to understand the coming persecution in America, and the level of brutality and cruelty you may someday face, unless you understand from the past what the Illuminati's Fascists did  to Christian and Jew alike in the camps.

You can order it by going to www.AMAZON.COM. History is about to repeat itself, this time on American soil. Readers of my blog can never say they were not warned. What are you doing with this information that I am providing, someday at the cost of my very life?
What will happen to the Church in North America under martial law???
In closing, I fear greatly for the Body of Christ in North America today. The level of naivete and ignorance regarding such issues is tragic. Spoiled by hundreds of years of religious freedom in North America, most American Christians have no concept of what it means to truly suffer for one's faith, to go to prison for one's faith, and to face death as well. And all of this is coming to us at the hands of Satan's NWO henchmen under martial law. 

The coming persecution is deliberately designed by the Illuminati of the NWO to cause Christians to deny Christ and fall away. The NWO wants to terrify Christians out of their faith. Simply study the pattern of the Illuminati's Communists and Fascists and what they did to Christians throughout the years under each regime. Understand that this is is coming to AMERICA. 
Are Christians in North America prepared to face this level of persecution under martial law??? And who has prepared them for it? Certainly not the vast majority of 501-C-3 pastors!

This is why I do not cease to pray for the endangered Body of Christ across America. And why I do not cease to warn them as well. The greatest tragedy is not that Christians should suffer and die for their faith. The GREATER tragedy is that Christians should not be willing to suffer and die for their faith, and fall away instead. This will only lead to ETERNAL DAMNATION. 

And this is the greatest tragedy of all.
"Watch and pray that you do not enter into temptation..."
Matthew 26:41

If you are a Christian living in North America, please take time daily to pray and ask God to prepare your heart to stand firm when the hour of persecution and testing comes to this continent. There is nothing more precious and important than your eternal soul.

And yes, Christians CAN be moved by persecution to fall away, deny Jesus Christ and lose their salvation. The Bible states this clearly.
Jesus declared that if we deny Him before men, He will deny us before Almighty God. Paul the Apostle reiterates this as well. Hebrews also makes it plain that if we turn from Him, and fall away, we are crucifying Christ anew and there no longer remains any sacrifice for sin. Jesus declared that we are to remain faithful unto death, if we are to avoid THE SECOND DEATH. Revelation 12:11 states that we are to overcome by the blood of the Lamb, by the Word of our testimony, and by remaining faithful unto death. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO MAINTAIN OUR SALVATION!

So please remember this and take the word of God seriously. As we see more and more of the foreign troops coming into North America, remember why they are here and what is to come. Prepare you hearts NOW by God's grace to stand firm when all these things finally come to pass. Someday in ETERNITY, you will be glad you did.

-Pamela Rae Schuffert-

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