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WHY The Modern Military GUILLOTINES Discovered in UN Prisoner Boxcars?

OR, HOW Did A Distinctly Jewish Belief System Become DISCRIMINATORY FUTURE AMERICAN NATIONAL POLICY, To Have Deadly Impact on Millions of American Citizens?

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical perspective-

June 24, 2009

When I first began to investigate the shocking reports of PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES being sighted by local people in various locations nationwide in 1995, I began to have many questions as I traveled repeatedly across this nation to such locations to interview eye-witnesses.

WHY did these boxcars with shackles, obviously made for HUMAN cargo, exist? WHY were many with UN symbols on them, or FEMA? WHY would there be MODERN GUILLOTINES actually installed inside many (not all) of them?
I have personally met with credible eye-witnesses of the guillotines in some of the prisoner boxcars, in fact, and traveled to such locations as well, including Montana and Asheville, NC. Former CIA, Pentagon sources, US Army sources, truck drivers delivering the guillotines nationwide, metal workers, etc., have all confirmed completely the reality of the modern guillotines in America today.

WHO was building these prisoner boxcars with shackles and guillotines, and WHY, and WHO were they for? And WHEN would they be used?

Through years of painstaking research, travel, and countless interviews with people in a position to know, I finally uncovered the grim truth.

These boxcars, positioned across the nation in various locations (and often in CANADA and MEXICO in remote areas to avoid detection, and also UNDERGROUND as well), usually in areas out of public access or sighting, have been built to accommodate human cargo to transport them to modern FEMA/HOMELAND SECURITY detention camps under a future state of MARTIAL LAW.

America is about to collapse BY PLAN, and for MANY reasons. Due to many coming national calamities, disasters and circumstances (most engineered by the NWO planners themselves in the form of "black ops", we will find ourselves in a state of MARTIAL LAW in which our Constitution will be suspended, our previous rights and freedoms revoked, and we will become a POLICE STATE at last.

Many Americans are anticipated by this government to RISE UP, fight back, resist their NWO tyranny plans and stand for their lives and their freedoms.

Revelations of CIA insiders, formerly working for this agenda, revealed that the camps would be for future resisters of the "NEW WORLD ORDER" agenda that would rise up in protest under martial law, demanding their former freedoms and rights back and the Constitution restored.

And for this very reason, the FEMA/Homeland Security detention camps and the prisoner boxcars designed to transport the resisters there, were all created.


I discovered that the MODERN GUILLOTINES are in many military bases today, and are for the FUTURE purpose of executing offenders of the Jewish NOAHIDE LAWS, written up by Lubavitch Chabad and signed into legislation by "Mr. NWO," George Bush SR.

Frankly, the Noahide Laws legislation is outrageous and needs to be rescinded, abolished and banned from America altogether. They have no place in a Constitutional nation and American society and in a country that believes in the right of everyone to exercise religious freedoms, a God-given right.

The Noahide Laws are highly discriminatory in favoring Jewish beliefs over all others. In fact, they are going to be used to accomplish the shocking practice of FORCED CONVERSION UNDER PAIN OF DEATH IF YOU DO NOT RENOUNCE YOUR CHRISTIAN FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST.

For example, Christians who refuse to renounce their faith in Jesus Christ as both the Son of God and Divine, are found guilty of "blasphemy against God" and "idolatry" by strictly Jewish definition, and are subject to execution by BEHEADING, according to the Noahide Laws they have written for Gentiles. Moslems can also be executed by Jews under the Noahide Laws by BEHEADING as well, and many other groups besides.

Such outrageous, anti-Constitutional and blatantly discriminatory legislation should never have been signed into American legislation by any President to begin with! However, under Bush Sr's Presidential administration, they were. This is not surprising, since the BUSH FAMILY is a major supporter of the NWO agenda and it's PLAN to eliminate Christians and Christianity from the world scene anyhow.

The GOOD news is, that the Noahide Laws cannot be activated while the Constitution is in effect, however, due to provisions of SEPARATION OF CHURCH (or SYNAGOGUE) AND STATE. The supporters of the NWO agenda and the Noahide Laws legislation are eager , therefore, for the planned disasters to take place, designed to result in the Constitution being suspended, and their dream of A NEW WORLD ORDER to finally come to pass in America.
And with it their dream of the satanic NEW WORLD ORDER in America, the elimination of ALL NWO RESISTERS.

BUT EXACTLY HOW did distinctly Jewish traditional religious beliefs get somehow translated into America's FUTURE national policy, to affect every citizen, wherein THEIR particular and discriminatory beliefs are signed into legislation (NOAHIDE LAWS) becoming a part of our national policy in the future?

And wherein the guillotines and our military training how to operate them are now present REALITY, to someday be used to execute American Christian offenders of a distinctly JEWISH belief system???

WHY are our tax dollars paying for these guillotines to be manufactured and imported to this nation? WHY are our tax dollars paying for our own military to be trained in operating these guillotines against their fellow Americans in Us Army and other bases? HOW could Americans be forced to fund this utterly ANTI-AMERICAN agenda that will be used to kill off good Americans for their religious beliefs alone in the future?

And WHY are Jewish beliefs favored over Christian rights and freedoms and beliefs in this unethical and anti-American forced conversion agenda involving the NOADHIDE LAWS and millions of modern guillotines now nationwide?

WHERE did the JEWISH CONNECTION come into all this??? United Nations prisoner boxcars for Americans...modern guillotines sighted in many of them...guillotines whose only purpose is to behead Christian offenders of the JEWISH NOAHIDE did this happen and WHO IS RESPONSIBLE???

Interestingly, I discovered while investigating in Israel and living in Jerusalem a while, that one of the major companies paid millions of dollars by the US government to produce these deadly prisoner boxcars with shackles, GUNDERSON STEEL FABRICATION or Portland, OR, is Jewish-owned, by Ken and Sally Gunderson. This was revealed to me by a Jewish man I spoke to as we sat on the rooftop of Petra Hostel in the Old City one night. He was a Naval officer from Portland, OR.;article=124238;title=APFN

He informed me that the Gundersons are Jewish, and that Sally attended his synagogue in fact. Unfortunately this is quite evidently one more Jewish family and operation working for the NWO agenda and for the destruction of many loyal and Patriotic Americans citizens in the future. How tragic.

In fact, Russian Christians (numerous in Portland OR) who work for GUNDERSON have described these prisoner boxcars inside and out to my Russian contacts. And they are very afraid, now that they know what these boxcars will be used for! They REMEMBER THE BOLSHEVIK CONQUEST of their nation and their fellow Christians sent to gulags by prisoner boxcars throughout Russia boxcars BY THE MILLIONS!

Will history repeat itself, this time on AMERICAN SOIL???

WHO is working for OUR DESTRUCTION and the destruction of Christianity in America?

And more importantly, WHAT CAN WE NOW AS AMERICAN CITIZENS DO ABOUT ALL THIS to protect ourselves in the future?

This article by Dr. Henry Makow may shed some light into all of this.

-Pamela Schuffert


"Soviet" Agents Designed IMF, World Bank & United Nations

January 11, 2009

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

We usually think of the New World Order as something coming in the future. In fact, a veiled Masonic Jewish banker dictatorship has existed for some time.

This is the first world conquest by infiltration and subversion. They took over the levers of power while maintaining the appearance of democracy and freedom. They did this by duping Jews and Masons, and the population in general with liberalism, socialism, zionism and communism.

(Protocol 1-25:"Far back in ancient times we were the first to cry among the masses of the people the words "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity," words many times repeated since these days by stupid poll- parrots who, from all sides around, flew down upon these baits and with them carried away the well-being of the world...")

The Illuminati formalizes its tyranny by, for example, using the phony "war on terror" as a pretext to suspend civil liberties and build a police state. Notice, no one has asked Barack Obama to withdraw the "Patriot Act."


Recently, I was reminded of this de facto tyranny when I read that the major institutions of the post-war world were created by "Soviet spies," i.e. men working directly for the Illuminati (Masonic) Jewish bankers.

The most prominent was Harry Dexter White, a founder (and Director) of the IMF, as well as the World Bank. As Assistant to the Secretary of the Treasury, Henry Morgenthau, also a Soviet agent, White (originally "Weit") also delivered the printing plates for US occupation currency in Germany to the Soviets, costing the US $50 billion.

FDR's administration was rife with Soviet spies, mostly Jews, protected by FDR himself. This included spies in the Manhattan Project who delivered the plans for the atomic bomb to Russia.

There was nothing "Russian" about the USSR. It was an Illuminati (Masonic) Jewish state. So were/are England, the United States and most of Europe. If White helped found the IMF and World Bank, Alger Hiss, a Colonel in the Soviet GPU, helped design the United Nations and served as its first acting Secretary General.

A revival of the League of Nations, the UN is the main mechanism of Masonic Jewish world government.I say "Masonic Jewish" because most Jews aren't Masons and most Masons aren't Jews.

But Freemasonry is a secret society based on Judaism. The essence of a secret society is that the membership is manipulated to fulfill a hidden agenda, in this case world domination. White and Hiss could have been dupes, believing in "changing the world."

But think about it folks. The architects of the IMF, World Bank and United Nations were both "Soviet" agents, traitors, proof that the covert Illuminati takeover was complete in the 1930's or earlier.

(My source for White and Hiss' spying is the CIA Interrogation of Gestapo Chief Heinrich Muller, who intercepted Soviet cables from Washington to Moscow. "Gestapo Chief," Vol III by Gregory Douglas pp. 162-173. This was later confirmed by the testimony of Soviet defector Elizabeth Bentley and the release of the VENONA material by US Army Signal Intelligence.)


Although Hiss wasn't a Jew, he was a protege of Felix Frankfurter, a Supreme Court judge and Sabbatean Jew. The Sabbateans were a 17th Century Jewish heresy, a Satanic cult that gave birth to the Illuminati.

Numbering over a million,they included powerful bankers like the Rothschilds. When their leader Sabbatai Zvi pretended to convert to Islam (under duress from the Sultan), the Sabbateans imitated him by infiltrating other nationalities and religions. This is the origin of Jewish assimilation (the "Haskalah"), all the more effective because most Jews were sincere.

The hard-core Sabbateans were Cabalists determined to be their own God/Messiah and make the world worship them. They advanced this program by recruiting non-Jewish elites willing to betray their country using Freemasonry as the tent. (Freemasonry is based on Jewish Cabalism.)

[However, Henry, you fail to tell the readers that Sabbatean satanism is rife among the Jewish communities of the world and major cities like NYC, including throughout Israel and not such a "minority". They also support the JEWISH version of a new world order. And you fail to tell readers that the Orthodox Jewish organization, Lubavitch Chabad that gave us NOAHIDE LAWS, and MANY Orthodox Jews and non-Orthodox, personally support the New World Order/"messianic kingdom" as well. MANY Jews besides Illuminati/MASONS alone are a part of and in favor of this NWO agenda. Otherwise, keep up the good work.-Pamela Schuffert]

Communism and Zionism are both Masonic movements and Illuminati instruments. They brought Hitler to power and engineered the Holocaust to reclaim assimilated Jews for Zionism. Frankfurter was an "adviser" to both Woodrow Wilson and FDR. "Advisers" or "brain trusts" were the handlers, intermediaries between the Illuminati bankers and the politicians who are front men.

Another Jewish "Soviet" agent was LBJ's handler, Abe Fortas, also a Supreme Court judge. The ultimate "Soviet" agent was Victor Rothschild himself.Financed by the central banking cartel, the Illuminati Order control Intelligence agencies and most organizations and corporations of significance. But they operate at arm's length.

FDR and Stalin both wanted Vice President Henry Wallace, another Soviet agent, to succeed to the Presidency. But Truman was installed instead, probably because the Illuminati wanted a Cold War to further degrade the West.

Like all wars, the Cold War was a hoax designed to further concentrate power and profit in the hands of the Illuminati bankers. The Illuminati always require an external enemy to distract attention from themselves, the enemy within.


The whole world is now structured like a Cabalistic secret society. The vast majority of people are duped into thinking they are free and pursuing laudable goals. Only the "adepts" understand that the true purpose of all social trends, movements and world events is to condition the masses to play their role in the Masonic banker world tyranny.

As explained in the "Protocols of Zion," this role is to be permanently "dumbed down," or like children, trusting "leaders" in all respects. Thus, arrested development is promoted by undermining heterosexual marriage and family using sexual promiscuity, feminism and homosexuality.

Diversity, multiculturalism, migration are all used to undermine nations and races of European descent. "Culture" is drenched in sex, violence, trivia, atheism, nihilism and Satanism, which I suspect originate in Cabalism.

World events and social trends are engineered to advance world government tyranny. Last week, we again heard Henry Kissinger and "Three Stooges," Brown, Merkel and Sarkozy, describe the economic meltdown as an "opportunity" for a New World Order."

In a famous statement at the June 1991 Bilderberg meeting, David Rockefeller thanked the media for help in creating a "supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers, which is surely preferable to the national auto determination practiced in past centuries. "

Of course, the "intellectual elite" is really a fig leaf to cover banker tyranny. More accurately "intellectual whores," they sugarcoat the world government agenda in spurious platitudes. As I have said, the bankers want to translate their economic monopoly into a total political, cultural, spiritual and mental monopoly.

The goal of "hate" laws is to enforce this monopoly on thought itself. These laws have nothing to do with hate. We live in a colonized, totalitarian society masquerading as a free society.

That should be obvious by the way they murder Americans with impunity. They assassinated JFK, killed sailors on the USS Liberty and later thousands of Americans on 9-11.We live in a totalitarian society dying to take off its mask in a way that makes tyranny appear normal, natural and necessary, so the masses will accept increased degradation and servitude.

For further insight, please Visit Dr. Makow's website and Brother Nathanael Kapner's website exposing the Jewish history and background of involvement in the NEW WORLD ORDER agenda for America, and the world. BOTH are Jews from Jewish backgrounds. Hence, NEITHER can be considered "anti-Semitic" or racist, etc. (Nor can I) They are honest Jews trying to tell America the truth that they know from WITHIN, often concealed from Gentiles without.

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