Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Now That I have the Attention of My Jewish Friends.....

From my heart to you.........

Some very important things to share with you. I am very concerned about the reports we are receiving as independent journalists, about evidence of coming black ops to occur around the NYC/NJ area.

I woke up this morning praying for the safety of the Jewish community of NYC and all five boroughs and Long Island. I am very concerned for your safety in these times to come, in which government black ops will indiscriminately target young and old alike, including the elderly in the nursing homes there. (And NYC is the not the only region endangered at this time.)

I just spoke to a Russian Jewish friend of mine, Hadassah in Brooklyn, who knows that something big bad and ugly is about to come to NYC also. She is from Moscow, has lived in Brooklyn for many years and was a teacher.

Now, as a Jew who has found HER Mashiach, Yahshua, she works among her Jewish people to share His glory and salvation among her fellow Russian Jews. Her own sister, Ina, has had a vision from G-d of the city going up in smoke and flames! So have many others from the Jewish communities, especially among those who believe in Yahshua, as I noted.

She just told me in an email that they KNOW that something big and bad is about to strike her region. I know it too. And we are all concerned.

Some background: I miss my years in Brooklyn around Coney Island and Avenue J, and Brighton Beach...the handsome Hassidim with their long sidecurls (peyot) blowing in the wind (yes, I DO think they are good looking with their black outfits!)...the cute little children with their peyot too...the Orthodox families on their Shabbas walks out in full force in Boro Park...Lubavitch setting up tables on the sidewalks and showing non-observant Jews how to do lulav and esrogim. And the ever-incessant MITZVAH MOBILE (like a tank!) going up and down the streets with loudspeakers blaring.

Kosher pizza was SO nice! Mrs. Stahls' knishes on the boardwalk at Brighton beach was nice too. Russian food also was awesome in the Russian restaurants in Brighton Beach...restaurant Odessa, Moskva. Russian newspapers like NOVAYA RUSSKAYA SLOVO and more.

And of course, who could ever forget the ever-present Russia mafia gang wars going on there for who would be kingpin? Oy vay!

Look, my dear Jewish readers, we may disagree on the MESSIAH ISSUE and who Jesus is, but let me tell you up front. Regardless of whether we can agree or not, I LOVE AND ENJOY JEWS! I enjoyed living in Jerusalem and Israel for a while. I hate the Neo-Nazi types. I better never encounter anyone picking on or messing with ANY Jew, young or old, in my presence! You don't like being stereotyped? Well, neither do I. So get rid of your stereotype of ME.

I would love to sit down with anyone of you reading this, and enjoy a nice bagel with lox and cream cheese, Kosher pizza, or some nice matzo ball soup! And hug a cute Jewish child! And love a sweet Jewish nanny. And listen to some nice folk music from Israel!

Do you remember the time, 31 years ago, when Hanafi Muslims stormed B'nai B'rith at Scott Circle in Washington DC? I do. I lived only a half hour away in Alexandria, VA, at that time. As soon as I heard this on the news, I called all my Christian friends throughout the area and we all prayed for the safety of the Jews endangered by these terrorists.

I went a step further. I called B'nai B'rith and pleaded with one of the terrorists holding hostages to NOT HURT THE JEWS! I told him that using violence to accomplish their aims was wrong, that Jesus Christ never used violence to accomplish goals and neither should they. Finally he hung up. I called again a second time and pleaded once again. It totalled one half hour of phone conversations.

Of course, many years ago, I was naive to the fact that the telephone calls were all being taped!

Finally, the siege was OVER, thank God. The news followed the story through to the ensuing trial that took place. I remember hearing two things I never forgot on local news.

FIRST, that a SURPRISE WITNESS might be called in to testimony against them. Secondly, later, that while taped phone conversations were presented as evidence, ONE HALF HOUR OF PHONE CONVERSATIONS HAD BEEN ERASED! And they decided NOT call in the surprise witness after all.

I instantly knew two things: I was to have been the surprise witness they decided to not call in, and it was MY half hour of phone conversations with the Muslims, pleading for the lives of the Jews to be spared, they erased. It remains one of life's unsolved mysteries to this very day.


It was scary investigating in Germany and meeting the underground emerging Nazi movement in MUNICH. It was so scary to see piles and piles of modern Nazi magazines with picture of HITLER and Nazi war criminals on the front pages! And full of pictures of Jews in synagogues and viperous rantings against the Jews.

I sucked out all the information about them I could from the person who wanted me to interview her. I turned it all over to the ADL, regardless of whether, again, we may agree or disagree on certain issues. These kinds of Nazi types are dangerous to all of us.

(GO ahead and fume and sputter, you Nazi types reading this!)

So, NO, I do not "HATE THE JEWS!" I LOVE the Jews. This is why I am so sad about all I am uncovering as a journalist about those elements in Jewish circles that want me and my fellow Jew-loving/respecting Christians so very dead. SO VERY SAD! You cannot imagine the pain in my heart even as I write this.

When the Jews that I love make it quite evident, through my years of solid investigative journalism, that there IS a plan to destroy my Christian people (many of whom are praying even now for Israel and the Jews) how do you expect me to respond? How would ANYONE respond?

None of you would sit back, even as ESTHER did not, if YOUR people were marked for group destruction and elimination! And neither, my friends, can I. That is what much of my reporting is really about. I love the Jews. But I also love my fellow Christians as well. They are my people.

And as Esther would give her life for HER people to save them, so will I give MY life to save MY people from a cruel plan to round up and eliminate and destroy THEM.

I have even encountered Jews who tell me they know what I know, and they are NOT happy about this "kill-off-the-Christian-agenda" coming out (in part) of the Jewish NWO think-tanks and community and supporters.

When I talked to one young man Aaron, about this, he replied quickly, "I KNOW." He was not happy about what he knew.

An indiscriminate Nazi agenda of rounding up the Jews and killing off infants, young and old alike, was abhorrent and horrific and everything terrible and wrong! When I was in Germany, I went to Dachau twice in honor of Jew and Gentile alike killed by such horror. I stood in front of the crematory oven used to dispose of dead bodies, and said in my heart, "NEVER AGAIN" as well.

And equally, so is the coming NEW WORLD ORDER agenda, with admittedly some MAJOR Jewish players, to round up CHRISTIANS young and old alike indiscriminately and kill THEM off in the camps or with Noahide laws and guillotines, etc.

How should anyone like myself feel, to find out that the very people they are loving, praying for caring about, are going to reward their love and concern with Noahide Laws guillotines? For Jews to seek to do this to those Christians who really DO love them and really DO care about them, is like shooting yourself in the foot! Killing some of your best friends!

And let's face it: Israel does not really have many friends! And traditionally, neither have the Jews.

So this is what my reporting at this time is really all about. Though I am compelled by what I uncover to mention the word "JEW" in conjunction with many who play a major role in what is being planned to destroy me and my fellow Christians through an emerging NEW WORLD ORDER, I am NOT being "anti-Semitic."

Rather, I am being painfully honest about the TRUTH in my reporting. The G-d of Israel is the G-d of ALL truth who cannot lie. And neither can I, because I serve Him, and His Mashiach.

An AMERICAN HOLOCAUST is indeed coming, and this time around, it is NOT Jews who are the major target for round-up and elimination, but rather me and my fellow Christians. And tragically, many in key positions and high places who call themselves"Jews" are behind this terrible plan for our destruction.

BUT because the love of God through my Mashiach resides in my heart, and His love is never reactionary but always remains constant, there is NO hate in my heart, ever towards Jews (nor towards any of my persecutors.) (Not ALL JEWS are for this agenda anyhow.) Just a deep sadness..........

I remember the term "RIGHTEOUS GENTILE" being used for those Gentiles who chose to stand with the endangered Jews under the Holocaust.

But now the question must be asked: are there any righteous JEWS who are willing to stand against the coming "AMERICAN HOLOCAUST" of the innocents that is coming?

Or do you sadly join with that certain element of Jews, as found in NYC, who are secretly rejoicing over the thoughts of innocent American Christians being brutally arrested and sent to their brutal deaths in the FEMA/Homeland Security camps under martial law? One Jewish friend reported to me that this is the case among some in Brooklyn.
And beheaded under the Jewish Noahide Laws guillotines with the modern guillotines I report on?

Just some very deep thoughts for you to ponder, my friends.

With what is coming to America nationwide, pray about making ALIYAH to Israel, or getting out of this country.

And yes, though you may disagree, I have found My Yahshua to be the perfect MASHIACH throughout the years. He has been there for me continually, through suffering, sickness, many dangers, heartache, and challenges. My Mashiach rose from the dead. (To date, factually, Lubavitch's did NOT.)He fulfilled all prophecy of the Jewish prophets (ha'navi'im) regarding Mashiach. And He IS coming again to set up the genuine Messianic kingdom and reign of Ha'Shem throughout the earth.

You know what is interesting, He even gave prophecy that there would come a time when His followers who would not deny Him, would BE BEHEADED!

Go find a Christian Bible and read in the last book, REVELATION, chapter 20:4. It is speaking prophetically of the very time frame in which we are living today, of an unfolding cashless society and world government, etc. That is why I am not surprised about the NOAHIDE LAWS and the modern guillotines I have uncovered in the military bases throughout America and Europe.

Mashiach's knowledge and foreknowledge is perfect, because as Isaiah the Jewish prophet revealed in Isaiah 53 in Holy Scriptures, the Mashiach would BE Divine.

Frankly, being beheaded for my faith in G-d and His Mashiach holds no fear for me at all. I have been given eternal life (L'CHAIM!) through the genuine Mashiach of all times! He has promised me a resurrection body.

He has promised me a part in the WORLD TO COME.

I like the Yiddish term, "KADOSH HA'SHEM" or dying to sanctify the Name (Ha'Shem) by remiaining faithful unto death and not denying THE NAME OF MASHICH and all He stands for.

Believers in MASHIACH are called to be FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH and to CONFESS HIS NAME before men regardless of the cost. And so, those of us who know MASHIACH will be faithful unto death, regardless of the Noahide laws guillotines and the FEMA camps, etc.

But His eternal promises, even as Ha'Shem promised the Mashiach would bring, are worth it all. I love my Mashiach Yahshua, and I love God's Jewish people, regardless of everything I am now compelled to report on.

If you are feeling empty and unfulfilled in your heart today, and long to know the fulfillment of Ha'Shem's promise of His MASHIACH in YOUR life, and everything He is promised to do by all the ha'Navi'im and Holy Scriptures, please turn to this wondrous YAHSHUA for an experience you will never forget.

Mashiach has the power to bring you through the terrible times we face in America soon, and including in NYC, as well as any other Jewish communities throughout this nation.

I love you and I care, and SO DOES HE. I am praying for you. Shalom, dear ones.

-Pamela Schuffert

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