Monday, June 1, 2009

Reality Check on "ABORTION-RELATED VIOLENCE" Regarding Recent Abortionist Shooting


By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical perspective-

Monday, June 1, 2009

Following the recent shooting death of abortionist GEORGE TILLER in WICHITA,KANSAS, the media has brought up the subject of "ABORTION-RELATED VIOLENCE".

Let me introduce you to the OTHER side of "ABORTION-RELATED VIOLENCE" and give both sides fair coverage.

I was personally involved in the WAR AGAINST THE MURDER OF THE UNBORN CHILDREN for 4 years across this nation, with OPERATION RESCUE and other Christian pro-lifers.

THE VAST MAJORITY OF US WERE PEACEFUL AND NON-VIOLENT. We only wanted to see babies and their mothers peacefully and productively saved from the horrors of ABORTION.


Every day approximately 4,4000 children in America are murdered in the wombs. Their tender skin is often burned to death by deadly saline solutions that cover their bodies and fill their lungs or stomachs when they inhale or swallow.

SUCTION ABORTIONS tear their fragile bodies into bloody pieces...little hands, feet heads, etc.

Late-term abortions often involve cutting the child, fully feeling, into horrific bloody pieces, pulling it apart piece by piece out of the womb.

Partial birth abortions involved pulling the body partially out of the womb to the head and neck, cutting an incision in the back of it's head and sucking out the brains to cause the head to collapse, and then removing the body.

Let me go a step further beyond most other articles on abortion horrors. I investigated SATANISM IN AMERICA TODAY and wrote many reports over the years from eye-witnesses and former participants and survivors.

Admitted one former participant of 20 years: "There was never a ritual we held in which UNBORN LATE TERM INTACT FETUSES were not used. They were desecrated and then we cannibalised them...."

(Testimony of Cathy, a former member of NORMA FITZWATER'S well-known coven in Cleveland, Ohio)

They had an agreement with the local abortionists and bought intact late- term aborted babies for their rituals.

AND THIS HAPPENS ALL OVER THE NATION...all the time. And you, the dumbed-down American people, don't EVEN know it goes on! Do you wonder WHY I perform investigative journalism, the "news behind the news" for the American people AND the victims no one else reports on???

SO please, let's have a REALITY CHECK on "ABORTION-RELATED VIOLENCE." DO I believe in shooting abortionists to stop abortion? Obviously not. I don't even own a gun of any kind.

I simply want to point out that while the hypocritical media wants to make a major issue out of one man being deliberately killed, WHY are they under-reporting and ignoring the fact that every day in America, over 4,000 innocent CHILDREN ARE BEING MURDERED as well???

America, let's return to sanity, reality and Biblical values ON LIFE.
Let's define who the REAL TERRORISTS AND MURDERERS ARE in this nation by Bible values.

Test question (choose one answer) :

A person who is paid to murder little children by torturing them, dismembering them, burning them and destroying them is a:

A.-good person law-abiding member of society

B.-a paid murderer who terrorizes little children

America, how FAR you have fallen!

-Pamela Schuffert

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