Wednesday, June 10, 2009

EARTHQUAKE WARNINGS Emerging Now for AMERICA in Many Locations


-By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism from a Biblical perspective-

June 10, 2009

In Matthew 24, Jesus Christ prophesied that earthquakes, pestilences and famines would mark these end times. He also mentioned great persecution coming to His end time saints as well.

While the world has always experienced earthquakes and famines, floods and pestilences at times, He made it clear they would be increasing in number and intensity prior to His return.

In fact, the Book of Revelation speaks of major earthquakes in that very time frame of the ONE WORLD ORDER of Revelation 13. Such earthquakes would be used for judgment and to stop their murderous NWO madness worldwide. Cities of the nations will FALL! Islands will disappear! The mountains will fall! Thus saith the Word of God in Revelation.

Most of us dread the thought of earthquakes coming to America. However, many prophecies indicate that earthquakes will be coming to America indeed. Many regions are worthy of great judgement in this nation. California is truly worthy, due to much wicked darkness in that state.

The regions throughout Ohio, Indiana and Illinois is a major satanist stronghold, just like California. You would shudder to know the abominations committed there in that region by them! The mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee are equally dark, filled with the blood of the innocents shed throughout those mountains of those two states.

God has been giving various groups prophecies of earthquakes coming to AMERICA! I am not talking about "flake" groups or" glory seekers". I am talking about sober and solid Christians in America. Russian Christians tell me of coming earthquakes and visions and prophecies God has been giving them for America.

One Russian group of Christians in Asheville, NC, told me of their visions of a great earthquake coming to the mountains of Asheville and NC/TN! "Mountains FALL, mountains COLLAPSE!" they told me.

God has given other Christians visions of earthquakes coming to that region. Bill Thurmond, a mighty man of God in Asheville, NC, received a vision of such earthquakes coming to ASHEVILLE NC and the surrounding mountains of NC/TN for their great wickedness.

God told him, "the longer I wait for these people to REPENT and they do NOT, the greater their judgment will be will it comes!" When he asked God, God showed him a vision of THE BUILDINGS OF ASHEVILLE NC CRUMBLED AND COLLAPSED AS IF BY A GREAT EARTHQUAKE!

Interestingly, the ASHEVILLE CITIZEN TIMES warned of an earthquake possibility in their publication at the same time the Russian Christians told me of their prophecies!

Interesting as well is the fact that the entire region of Ohio/Illinois/Indiana is in the general location of the NEW MADRID FAULT zone where a major earthquake could come forth at any time as well.

Recently, people are claiming they are receiving prophecies of the NEW MADRID FAULT about to erupt into an EARTHQUAKE! I cannot confirm or deny this, of course. And fasting and prayer can hold back anything for a season.

Can an earthquake be a blessing to God's people in disguise? It CAN be, if it affects the major power bases of the NWO martial law agenda! The NWO is poised even now to trigger martial law and persecute unto the DEATH the Christians in this continent.

But HOW can their UN prisoner boxcars and shackles operate, IF their railroad tracks are disrupted by a massive EARTHQUAKE! How can NWO underground bases and underground detention camps operate, IF their underground tunnels/trains/highways are disrupted by a major earthquake? THINK of all the NWO agenda operations that would be plunged into chaos and delay because of major earthquakes! Do you think these planners of mass genocide against the innocents in our nation are worthy of judgment?

How can the very people secretly savoring the thought of rounding up Christians to behead them or take the to the camps, etc. , even DO so, IF they are scrambling for their very lives under such catastrophes!

Another series of prophecies centers around NEW YORK CITY, that modern day "BABYLON ON HUDSON." Both Christians and Messianic Jews have seen visions of that city going up in SMOKE AND FLAMES AND GREAT RUIN! Whether by MISSILE STRIKE or EARTHQUAKE or BOTH, that city is destined to FALL because of it's great centers of sin and darkness and wickedness.

Christian intercessors across America, fast and pray about these reports, please. What are you hearing in YOUR region of America regarding this? SEE what God is telling you! EMAIL me if you feel God is speaking to YOU or your fellowship, etc.

Personally, after much prayer nationwide about all this, God HAS been speaking to me clearly about earthquakes coming and relatively soon (I am no date setter however!) He told me they would be used for judgment for the wicked, judgment LONG OVERDUE in various regions where sin is concentrated and dark.

And He made it clear that He would disrupt the NWO agenda for a season by such means as well, in His mercy towards His saints. This becomes a blessing in disguise for those who would otherwise be targeted by the NWO martial law agenda.

-Pamela Schuffert

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