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Powerful Prevailing Weapons Against Satan's NEW WORLD ORDER for Every Christian

Combating the NEW WORLD ORDER:What God has Made Available to EVERY CHRISTIAN WORLDWIDE

By Pamela Schuffert presenting investigative journalism with a Biblical perspective-

June 26, 2009

As a Christian investigative journalist constantly exposing the NEW WORLD ORDER, or satan's manifest kingdom on earth of REVELATION 13, I am in constant spiritual warfare against this enemy. And they have been constantly at war with me for decades now.

I have been poisoned more than once, stalked nationwide at times, set up to be abducted and sacrificed, suffered several death attempts on my life, threatened with death by more than one group,had a price of over one million dollars put on my head by one group that wanted to kill me, etc. This is the pattern of my life for many years now.

And because I am in a deadly battlefield, I have been compelled to learn so many of God's tactics from His Word to battle this kingdom of Satan on earth.

Everyday when I wake up in the morning, I begin with POWERFUL INTERCESSORY PRAYER. I also confess the powerful WORD OF GOD over my life. JESUS CHRIST is the Word of God! And His Word cannot be defeated. I spend time in worship and praise to the Living God, Who dwells in the praises of His people.

I look to Jesus Christ as my mentor against the NWO and satan's tactics daily. And it works.I would have been dead long ago, if it did not work!

As Christians in America, we need to shed the defeatist mentality as we see the NWO agenda approaching full takeover of this nation. My Bible tells me that God has given His people tremendous power and authority over satan's power and dark agendas.

“Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and overall the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.” Luke 10:19.

We need to remember: JESUS CHRIST DIED and rose again, to DEFEAT SATAN and his power over mankind. His blood was shed to forgive our sins and to defeat the power of satan .

Believing the WORD OF GOD through faith in Jesus Christ will give you POWER OVER THE DEVIL! It will give you power over every temptation of this present world, and make you victorious over all the power of the enemy.

All the NEW WORLD ORDER really is, according to Revelation 13, is satan's manifest kingdom on earth. Former satanists and Illuminati have confirmed this to me repeatedly without hesitation.

"Satan is the leader, and satanists are the backbone of the NEW WORLD ORDER..." one well known former high priestess, now Christian, remarked to me one day. And it is true.

The GOOD NEWS is, that Jesus Christ died and rose again to defeat satan and all associated with his kingdom of darkness! His blood was shed to forgive our sins, and to overcome satan's power in the earth today.That is WHY His BLOOD is such a powerful weapon against satan, his followers and all spiritual darkness related to him. AND THAT INCLUDES AGAINST THE NWO!

AND IF we as Christians will study the Word of God and learn how to apply SPIRITUAL WARFARE to this battlefield against his NWO, WE CAN and WILL SEE VICTORY AFTER VICTORY!

Yes, there are practical aspects of fighting and overcoming the NWO agenda for our nation, such as providing for our own survival food supplies, installing alternate heating, obtaining weapons and ammunition for hunting and survival, etc. The Bible commends practical actions COMBINED with FAITH. "Faith without WORKS (or appropriate corresponding ACTIONS is DEAD," declares God's Word.

When Noah was warned of God
of the flood to come, he ACTED in response. He built an ark to the saving of his entire family...not to mention the entire future of mankind! It wasn't enough that he was righteous in the sight of God! HE HAD TO ACT AS WELL to save himself and his family. And we too as Christians need to ACT in faith as well. We do OUR part (the possible) and God does His (the IMPOSSIBLE or divine.)

BUT THERE IS ALSO A CRUCIAL SPIRITUAL ASPECT OF OVERCOMING THE NWO, often overlooked by many who desire to fight this evil agenda. I feel sorry for anyone who tells me that they're against the NWO and are going to fight it under martial law, IF THEY ARE NOT YET A BORN-AGAIN CHRISTIAN.

For without the Divine power of God through Jesus Christ as your Savior, you simply will be eventually overwhelmed and ultimately defeated. I know: I come from a Pentagon military family background. The military preparations are multi-national, many pronged and incredible and they have attempted to cover every anticipated plan of civilian resistance under martial law.

The NWO planners obtain their demonic power directly from satan for their NWO agenda. The Bible reveals this, and Illuminati/satanists have confirmed this.

"And men worshipped THE DRAGON, who gave power to THE BEAST..." (from Revelation 13)The DRAGON is satan/Lucifer, and those who worship him are Illuminati/satanists. And he is primarily worshipped through rituals involving HUMAN SACRIFICE.

Annual victims of their human sacrifice rituals in America alone number in to the upper hundreds of THOUSANDS of victims, either bred or abducted for sacrifice.This is confirmed by people involved in satanic crime investigation I have worked together with, and former satanist leaders that I have interviewed personally. And you will never hear about it because of news media bias/blackout covering up 99% of all satanic and cult related crime.

There is a vast conspiracy to conceal from the America public the horrible truth about satanic/cult related crime in our nation today. This is due to such politically and financially powerful people involved in it worldwide, continually. Presidents and prime ministers, kings and world leaders, Senators and Congressmen, mayor, governors, CEO's, millionaires and billionaires...SO MANY of them all by night secret satanists or members of the Illuminati! And with dark secrets to conceal, all. And thus the major efforts to black out such crime by news media bias/blackout.

Here is one major reason why such crime is on the upswing:

"We satanists were under a mandate from satan to offer more and more acts of human sacrifice, to get power to bring down the NEW WORLD ORDER, " one formerly powerful satanist high priestess told me as I interviewed her in her home one day.

Phoebe Brown, former satanist high priestess in South America, told Americans in a series of interviews in one newspaper,the same identical thing. She admitted that the satanists were under a mandate from satan to offer up more and more acts of human sacrifice to receive power from him to get the NEW WORLD ORDER moving!

Former satanists and Illuminati I have interviewed further revealed to me that CHRISTIANS are in high demand by SATAN HIMSELF for sacrifice, and that therefore every Christian arrested under martial law and taken to boxcars or camps IS TO COUNT AS ONE MORE SACRIFICE TO SATAN to obtain power for their NWO agenda.

CHRISTIANS IN AMERICA: READ and UNDERSTAND THIS! THIS MEANS YOU! You cannot afford to remain ignorant and apathetic about this important subject!

Cisco Wheeler is a well known survivor of the NWO Illuminati cult and mind control. Her father, as mine, was a military satanist on board the NWO agenda.Although my father was not able to force my wonderful Christian mother and I into satanic rituals, poor Cisco was, as she admitted to me.

Here is what she told me over the phone one day."I used to operate with the satanists of OREGON before I became a Christian finally. We satanists decided that we would torture the Christians ARRESTED UNDER MARTIAL LAW for 13 days before we finally sacrificed them...." (Yes, she said CHRISTIANS.) Here is yet another former insider admitting fully what the NWO plans to do to CHRISTIANS under martial law as their NWO is manifested!

Satanism/Illuminism teaches that the more innocent and helpless the victim is, the more power satan will give them. It also teaches that the more pain inflicted (torture) the more power satan will give them.

This is why human sacrifice always involves infants and children and Christians. This is why it always involves brutal and horrific and demonically inspired torture of every form.

The Illuminati orchestrating the NWO agenda from the highest levels (such as Jacob and Nathan Rothschild, etc.) on down throughout their ranks worldwide, themselves operate under these demonic principles every single day!

And because of their great money, political and powerful influence over the earth, such Illuminati are untouchable by good people in law enforcement who frankly would like to see such horrors brought to a justifiable end.

Because the NWO masterminds plan to apply these principles under the NWO when martial law comes down in our nation, to use against the Christians they will order arrested tortured and murdered in the name of satan and his NWO agenda, I am putting out this kind of information in a desperate attempt to warn my fellow Christians of what is being planned against them.

KNOW THINE ENEMY! Know his tactics. The Bible tells us, that we are not to be ignorant of satan's devices or wiles.And then you are to begin to apply the mighty weapons of SPIRITUAL WARFARE that God has made available to very Christian to operate victoriously in!

I have been compelled to be in battle against actual satanists, beginning in my own home with my very own father (who 30 years later finally became a Christian!) And then later, I became embroiled in battles with the satanists of the mountains of North Carolina while assisting victims of satanic attack.

Through years of such life-threatening battles against literal satanists, I have learned what WORKS in spiritual and practical warfare. And I want to pass the principles of VICTORY to YOU, my fellow American Christians, now endangered by the madmen seeking to bring down their NWO agenda in our nation.

EVERY DAY, I SPEND HOURS IN PRAYER against satan, against spiritual darkness in our nation and the world, and their NEW WORLD ORDER agenda against me and my fellow Christians!

I pray daily AGAINST the sinful actions of the men and women that satan is using to bring forth this NWO agenda as well, and also FOR their souls' salvation as well (Jesus died for ALL.)

And IF these NOW power people become saved, they can no longer be used by satan for his NWO agenda!

We can pray for their finances to be divinely cut off. For their access and control of military, intelligence community, media/communications and political power cut off. We can bind all communication by Satan/Lucifer of the demonic power and demonic "wisdom" they need to bring this NWO agenda forth. They desperately need these tools in order to operate successfully.

We should ALL be involved in prayer on behalf of every intended victim of their abductions leading to human sacrifices as well. Well-trained Satanist abduction teams are constantly prowling in various ways across America, whether in satanist vans or trucks, or on foot.

On lone country roads, their vans pull up alongside the lone hiker/jogger, and their abduction teams jump out and overpower the hapless victim, and they become that night's sacrifice. Satanist abduction teams seek victims in the national forests as well. Their people are poised, covertly, along remote hiking trails, to abduct the unsuspecting lone hiker, make or female. They too become victims of the satanic altars of America, as former satanists I interviewed revealed to me.

Children walking home in the dark alone at night or playing unsupervised in malls or local parks....unsuspecting hitchhikers...there are so many ways in which these satanists obtain their victims. We need to understand their tactics, pray against them, and purpose to never become a victim ourselves.

And through our fasting and intercessory prayers, we can see the kingdom of darkness brought to a grinding halt! God's Divine "ways and means " committee is VAST and ETERNAL! He will never be outdone by a defeated foe called SATAN! But God chooses to WORK THROUGH HIS PEOPLE...remember this!

IN fact, God has held back their NWO agenda for America for MANY years now, because of the fasting and prayer of His people against them. Otherwise, we would be UNDER IT EVEN NOW. This very word of prophecy came forth at one place where I lectured in Oregon a few years ago. And it is TRUE.


II Corinthians 10:3-7, "For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war according to the flesh.For the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh, but mighty before God to the casting down of [satan's]strongholds..."

1 John 3:8 "...For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil."

From Ephesians 6-"Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil. For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places. Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand firm."

Revelation 12:11-"And they OVERCAME HIM [satan] by the BLOOD of the LAMB, by the word of their testimony and because they loved not their lives unto the death [were faithful unto death]."

And there are so many MORE important verses for VICTORY! Remember: it is not the hearers of the Word of God that are justified, but those who BELIEVE and ACT ON the word of God!

Christians in America (and worldwide in fact), you better take this battle seriously. YOU ARE THE MAJOR TARGETS of Satan's NWO darkness IN THIS HOUR and the times to come! The NWO satanists are coming FOR YOU under MARTIAL LAW in America. Never forget this.

Therefore, IF you have not done so previously, begin to study the Word Of God in depth on how to successfully use God's Word and the power of Jesus Christ to defeat Satan and his tactics NOW.

You can CHOOSE to be either A VICTIM, or a VICTOR. The conquered, or the CONQUEROR. Overcome by evil, or an OVERCOMER. The Word of God tells us that Jesus Christ died and rose again to make YOU MORE THAN A CONQUEROR and an OVERCOMER!

"...In ALL THESE THINGS we are MORE THAN CONQUERORS through Him that loved us..." Romans 8:37

-Pamela Schuffert


  1. There will be many Christian martyrs in the coming days of darkness. The Bible says if God Himself does not intervene, 1/3 of all life on the earth will be destroyed. Watch now as animals are disappearing en masse..and birds and bats and bees - which all play a part in the cycle of life. Watch as the oceans become polluted, the air is poison via the chemtrails, water and foods are now deadly poison..and the coming forced vaccinations that contain cancer causing agents to totally destroy the population of the earth. We are "useless feeders" to these sickies! If you become a martyr in the last days consider yourself blessed. Never renounce Jesus Christ. He will come again. And remember, the Bible says good will prevail against evil for all time, but we must walk through dark waters to taste the sweet. God bless.

  2. Now October 2013 and mass attack upon the population may well begin this Thursday, 17th..if the US gov. defaults. Martial law is imminent in anycase. Be strong. Keep the faith. Hold on to Christ and He will hold on to us....forevermore.
    Yes, Luke ch 10. v.19 is so comforting.

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